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Town Creek Inner Anchorage

Statute Mile: 201
Lat/Lon: near 34 43.467 North/076 39.784 West
Location: on the rear portion of Town Creek, north of the charted south side shoal
Minimum Depth: 5 ½ foot depths
Special Comment: cruisers must negotiate the confusing Gallants Channel, or cruise through the restricted Grayden Paul Bridge to access this anchorage.
Swing Room: sufficient room for vessels as large as 40 feet; swing room restricted by resident vessels on permanent moorings
Foul Weather Shelter: Excellent


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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (2)

  1. Galen -  November 25, 2013 - 12:14 pm

    I anchored in town creek. It is a nice location. It is crowded and there are some long term boats there (and some sunken boats). They are on multiple anchors. When I pull my anchor I had picked up someone’s rode. I was able to easily free it with the boathook.

  2. Ben Matthews -  September 17, 2012 - 10:25 am

    We anchored here in the Summer of 2012. Good hold and swinging room, about 7 feet deep that I remember. Nothing spectacular because there’s town and other activity in the vicinity. Don’t go too far to the southern side of Town Creek, it’s awfully shallow. We wandered too far that way coming in at night and found bottom but were able to get off of it reasonably easily. Mostly black pudding mud on the bottom all around.
    Ben Matthews


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