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[EXPIRED] Uncharted Marker/Shoaling on AICW/Ashepoo River (Statute Mile 512), 2/22/12

Even the latest chartplotters cannot keep up with buoys added to mark shoaling and it can be confusing to approach a marker that often just does not make sense when looking at the chart. Thanks to Capt. Long for bringing this uncharted marker to our attention!

This is easy to miss because, even when you are looking at it and the chart, it’s hard to believe you have to go way over there. The charted depths inside it look generous.
Roger Long

Ashepoo River about Mile 512
Between G 165 and R 166
N32 31.898 W80 26.125
Red to mark apparent shoaling

New red nun 166 in Ashepoo River to mark shoal and the QR168 where you make the hard turn to port for the cutoff. Also noticed a new G175 in place of the range in Rock Creek.
Karen Butler

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