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No Name Harbor, Praised and Reviled! AICW Statute Mile 1096

No Name Harbor Anchorage is on the waters of the tadpole-shaped harbor which indents the westerly banks of south Key Biscayne, near Cape Florida. Few anchorages on the Waterway elicit such a range of opinions.

NO NAME HARBOR SUCKS now cause of a few local old large boats docking at the seawall the entire day even blocking the ladder for us snow birds, is charging $8.00 to tie to the seawall thank you miami river old boats for cause the park to enforce this and also pending $25.00 to moor in the middle of the harbor which sucks cause the bottom is mud and the anchors do not hold.

We stayed in No Name this past year for several days waiting out weather and enjoyed this stop’¦never saw any problems with holding in strong winds either. But did have issue with seawall being taken up which made it impossible to go and get pump out’¦don’t know why they have it if that area is not free from the local loud boaters. We had one incident where 5 local boaters were told to get off the wall well after dark, (rules are off at dark) and they proceeded to come off about 10 feet and do a 5 boat raft late evening playing loud music and forcing a sail boat who had been anchored for two days to have to pick up anchor and move to avoid being hit’¦no authourity did a thing about it nor did anyone pay to stay the I guess the locals control the area. We learned one thing, never go there on a weekend. During the week it was less problematic and a beautiful place to be. Loved walking aroung the park and going to the beach. Also enjoyed a very old large manatee that stays in that harbor.
S/V Colleen Mae

Partly it’s a cultural thing, the loud music and rafting is fun to them, `party time’!!! To those of us who like to sit reading in the cockpit while our sailboats bob gently, not so much 🙂
It’s also a money thing, it’s cheaper to go from Miami to No Name than to zoom over to Bimini or wherever. They can’t afford the gas to actually GO anywhere anymore. At least they not zooming along waking us as WE slowly go somewhere.
As to the authorities, I have never seen them there, I’ve seen people in golf carts removing garbage but that’s about it. They don’t seem to get involved, but if they did, I bet they would side with the locals after all, they are locals too!
My pet peeve is the GENERATORS and their godawful noise! People stay at home in your condo or buy a solar panel, please!
Ok, rant over!
Susan Kennedy

Awesome anchorage! We could not use the local mooring fields because of our 51 ft length & weight so No name was our only choice to avoid strong winds from ALL DIRECTIONS.Yes the bottom is soft mud however properly set hooks will hold at least to 30 mph no problem. In regards to the weekend party this is Miami’s back yard and should be expected near any large boating community. The actual fee is $20.00 per night to anchor and $8.00 to tie up to the wall until 11 P/M. Our personal comment is No Name Harbor is if not the best anchorage we have been in it comes close.
Our Lord’s Blessing to All
Ed & Bonnie S/V Almost Heaven 01/20/12

And a question:

Is there free water at No Name? I forget. Thanks!!

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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (2)

  1. Mo -  February 5, 2015 - 11:14 am

    No water. Dinner lousy to be truthful. Smoking permitted. $4.75 for a domestic beer. Menu high priced we thought. Oh well. It’s so crowded here we must leave – good stop to provision at the most expensive Winn Dixie I’ve ever been in. Had everything we needed though and only 3/4 of a mile away. Pizza at same strip mall below grocery store is outstanding. That’s my report sir!
    Maura Mulcahy s/v Mi Amante
    Sebago Sailing, Inc.

  2. anne -  January 26, 2015 - 9:21 pm

    No name harbor is for all to enjoy so snowbirds contact the park ranger or call tallahassee parks and complain about the problems.


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