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[EXPIRED] Update from Old Port Cove Marinas, North Palm Beach, AICW Statute Mile 1014

Old Port Cove Holdings

Our thanks to Sue Morgan for this update. A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Old Port Cove is located on the western shore of the northern Lake Worth channel, near unlighted daybeacon #7.

Post Hurricane Irma Update
Dear Boaters and Friends:
First let me say that the entire crew sincerely hopes you and yours sustained very little damaging effects from the storm. It was one for the record books and we never thought it was going to end. We are glad she is gone and we pray for our south Florida neighbors who took the full brunt of the storm.
Secondly, we have GREAT NEWS to report! Below you will find a recap of each properties status but the great news is that our marinas, commercial complex and restaurant sustained very little or no serious damage! Please follow our social sites and we will keep you updated as to the status of each marina as the week and repair work progresses.
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
You will find very little marina damage and no vessel damage to our Flagship facility since we were 100% evacuated. Mark Lavery, V.P. of Marina Operations wants to say a BIG thank you to all boaters for having your Hurricane Evacuation Plans in place and putting them into action. Our hard working, dedicated marina staff coupled with you, your Captain and crew all did a great job evacuating the marina! As for damage, currently there are a few power pedestals that need to be replaced and a small dock area in the North basin needs to be secured but that is it! We have electric, phones and wifi. It is safe to return to the marina. If you dock in the north basin, please call the marina office to get a slip assignment so you have electric when you return. Currently we are unable to accept transient boaters but we will soon so stay tuned. In the meantime, we are gearing up for a fantastic winter season! 561-626-1760
The “gem” of the Intracoastal was chock a block full as a Hurricane Hole. The marina sustained no structural damage and only minor damage to a few boats. Currently there is no power to the docks, internet or phones in the office so we are unable to pump fuel or take in any transient vessels but Jim Nester, Marina Manager assures everyone that the repairs will take just a few days and once we have power restored, we are looking forward to an “amazing” and busy winter season! 561-626-4919
The barn was also chock a block full but storm surge came no where near the shed doors so no boats were affected. There was a bit of damage to the floating docks from the high waves on the Intracoastal and several boats that moored broke anchor and drifted in causing some additional damage. Bruce Grout, General Manager tells me that they are launching the boats that took advantage of our hurricane dockage program and that you may come and get yours when you are ready to. He also wants you to know that since the marina is without electric, they are unable to pump fuel so be sure your tanks are full and to also be very careful out on the Intracoastal, there is quite a lot of debris in the water.561-844-2504
Sandpiper’s Cove Restaurant & Bar and Express
Both operations reopened yesterday and many members came out for a good time! There was no damage to the building, just to the landscape. We kicked off the opening in Express with hot coffee and breakfast at 8am, followed by lunch in the dining room at 11am. There was a nice group for happy hour with live music and dinner and one membership was even sold! Please call and make reservations for the Flavor of Palm Beach Program or just come in and enjoy yourself in our beautiful waterfront restaurant.561-626-2280.
The administrative offices which are located in Cove Plaza along with the plaza itself came through perfectly. Again, there is landscape damage but that’s just about it! All the businesses are back up and running.
As you can see, the entire crew is diligently working to correct these minor issues and put Hurricane Irma in the past! Before you know it, the winter season will be upon u s and we’ll have a full calendar of events for you to enjoy at Sandpiper’s Cove!
Sue Morgan, Marketing Director
#marinastrong #floridastrong
#boatersrock #hurculeanstaff

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