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Upper Broad Creek Explored, off the AICW on Neuse River, near New Bern, NC

Upper Broad Creek - Click for Chartview

Upper Broad Creek Northern Anchorage is 18.7 nautical miles off the waterway on Neuse River in the centerline of Upper Broad Creek’s gentle turn to the northeast, north of the charted pilings; Upper Broad Creek indents the northeastern shores of Neuse River, well northeast of Neuse River marker #19.

Cruising News:
We berth our trawler in New Bern and I was curious to see how far one could go up Upper Broad Creek in the Neuse River. If you look at chart 11552, you can see that Upper Broad Creek travels quite a ways north at some reasonable depths, so we decided to gingerly check it out.
I measure on the chart it is about 4.5 Nm from the mouth to Lee’s Landing where there is a boat ramp for small boats and the marked overhead lines. The overhead lines indicated on chart 11552 appear to be no longer there, but there is still the utility pole, on which they used to be. We went as far as the kayak docks for Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park (5.4Nm from the mouth at 35’07.000N, 76’56.515W), until it started to become almost too narrow to turn around. At that point we measured 11 feet of water. The channel is probably about 60-70 feet wide at that part and plenty deep (readings as high as 21 feet) in most places. Most of the creek is around 11 feet deep with occasional 5-foot depths. We have a full keel protecting our prop and draw 3-1/2 feet most days, so it was worth a look. It’s a very remote area, and our trawler drew a few looks from some bass boats in the little creek, but it was a nice test of skill to maneuver slowly up the way. The creek up that far is too narrow to anchor, but fun for a look for a day.
If you go, you will want to have a bit of time to take it slowly, as per the chart and our experience, it was a very narrow tributary. Our trawler is 35 feet and I would not recommend going as far as we did on a larger boat. Turning around as far as we went required a good bit of patience and attention. Still well worth the experience of doing.
Ben Matthews

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