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    • Wahoo River Anchorage (Statute Mile 630) May Not Be Isolated Much Longer

      I’m sorry to hear Captain Fred’s inflo below. Wahoo River has always been such a wonderful, backwater haven. Looks like the ugly arm of development is about to pay a visit to its shores!

      Subject: Georgia and south to Florida
      Cruising News: Hello Claiborne;
      We just returnied to Fort Lauderdale having stayed in Thunderbolt until our November 1 insurance date. We never saw less than 8 feet anywhere on theway through Georgia.We rae a slow boat and your uides make great reading while watching the boat go along.Here\’s a small update:Following your advice we anchored up Wahoo Creek and found it to be as advertised being as you promised beautiful, idyllic and possessing tangible isolation. This may not last long, however, for WAhoo Island has been wired for electrical service and the boxes can be seen in clearings just a couple hundred yards from where you show an anchor on page 420 of the sixth edition. It’s time to visit this lovely anchorage before the McMansions go up.
      Best regards,
      Fred SorensenOA 43

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