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Inlet Marina has the cheapest fuel prices in St. Augustine Florida
  • The Bad, then the Good from Hollywood Municipal Marina, AICW Statute Mile 1071.5

    Thank you Skipper Clueless for sending what amounts to a retraction to your earlier report. SSECN is glad to hear of the needed improvements to be made. Hollywood Municipal Marina lies south of AICW marker #40, on the southern shores of North Lake.

    I’ll start by saying, this is beyond “you get what you pay for!” Spend the money, and go somewhere else! When we made the reservation, we were told that they had 50 amp electric. NOT! We pulled in late (at dusk), and there was know one to answer the radio. I had called ahead, and was given our slip assignment. Once in the slip, we discovered that they only had 30 amp. We found the “security” guard that checked us in, and asked about moving to where they had 50 amp service. He laughed and said: “don’t know what to tell ya, except you won’t use much fuel to run your generator!” Since it was dark at this point, we had no choice than to stay in the slip, and run the generator for power. This place is ridiculous! They also would not take cash! LEGAL TENDER!! Had to use a credit card!! Also, had to fill out 3 pages of legal mumbo jumbo! They insisted on a copy of our insurance! All this, and NO POWER! Ugh! Never again.
    Still Clueless

    Happy Ending!

    I would like to add (or subtract) from my previous post:
    Since writing this review, I was contacted by the NEW dock master who explained and addressed each and everyone of my issues. Has also provided a full refund for the stay. This marina is in dire need of several upgrades, and he has assured me that everything addressed will be in the works (if not already) for updating and change. They will immediately start taking cash! I promised, I would return once I have heard of the changes. They are a very inexpensive marina, and in a wonderful location. If you want to give them a try, just ASK about power prior to booking :)
    Still Clueless

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  • Florida Anchoring Rights Flip Flop

    This essay on anchoring and the “apartment yacht” comes from our good friend and longtime cruiser, Dick Mills.

    I read something in the news that made me sit up straight and think, “OMG it’s time to flip flop on the anchoring rights issue.”

    The news item said that entrepreneurs in the Miami-Lauderdale area were buying up old boats, anchoring them, and then renting them out to all comers as a very affordable kind of apartment. Considering the high rents for apartments in those areas, those apartment yachts should be very popular.

    Today, the apartment yacht story is merely an amusement. But then I thought back to the 2004/2005 hurricanes in Florida. Those storms left behind tens of thousands of damaged vessels that the insurance companies were in a hurry to declare totaled. Many could still float fine, and could be bought as salvage for pennies on the dollar.

    I envision the years following the next big Florida hurricane when these apartment yachts by the thousands fill up all available spaces in all our favorite anchorages. (Where would they land their dinghies? The landlord may become wealthy enough to provide a launch service for his tenants.) If that happens, then I expect that it is we boaters who will be leading the charge for legal restrictions on anchoring. If we are smart, we’ll start now before the fact.

    Of all the things I’ve read, one proposal seems to address the anchoring problem while making the least intrusion on cruisers. That is simply restricting the time a vessel can be anchored in one place to one week. Starting now, I am going to begin supporting that proposal.

    Dick Mills

  • A Report from AICW/Lockwoods Folly Intersection, Statute Mile 321

    The intersection of the ICW and Lockwoods Folly has been a Problem Stretch for years and requires almost annual dredging. Recent reports like this one confirm shoaling here, SSECN stills recommends Mid to high tide for passage through Lockwoods Folly.

    The next day, Tuesday 11/24/15 I approached the intersection of the AICW and the Lockwood Folly Inlet. A southbound tug was attempting to go through, but was too close to G47 and hit the shoal several times, but was able to power its way through. The next boat through was a northbound sailboat that went aground, but after approximately a half hour was able to free itself and get through. The sailboat also was too close to G47. I passed through keeping well to the right of G47 and had 16 Ft of water. After passing G47, I turned to port and headed directly to R48, however the depth dropped down to as low as 4.5 ft. Consequently use caution in this area. It was almost low tide when I went through. I have a Mainship390 Trawler with a 4 ft draft.
    Capt Bill Favro

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  • Another Report from the AICW/Browns Inlet Intersection, Statute Mile 237

    With the reported groundings and marker confusion at this intersection (, it is definitely wise to follow the advice SSECN has been giving for some time: do not follow the Magenta Line in this stretch of the ICW!

    I went through the intersection of the AICW and Brown’s inlet southbound on Monday 11/23/15 at approximately low tide. A sailboat that had gone aground was being assisted by TowBoatUS. I waited until the sailboat was towed off the shoal before attempting our way through following the instructions that were posted by previous boaters. Markers R60 and G61 are in a straight line and look as if they are out of place. G61 is fairly close to shore. However by leaving R60 to starboard and zig zagging around G61 leaving it to port we got through without a problem. I went past G61 by keeping the boat in the center between the shore and G61. There was about 9 ft of water. I have a Mainship390 Trawler with a 4 ft draft.
    Capt Bill Favro

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  • FEC Railroad Bridge Comment Period and Proposed Regulations

    Our thanks to Dave Legrow for sending this information on porposed FEC RR bridge regulations. Note that the comment period ends December 3!

    Dave is responding to the posting of Jim Healy’s letter of protest to the USCG:

    FEC Railroad Bridge Comment Period and Proposed Regulations

    Unfortunately, only the FEC bridge on the New River is being addressed during this comment period. You can add comments until December 3rd at:!docketDetail;D=USCG-2015-0271

    Proposed regulations:

    2. In § 117.313, revise paragraphs (c), (d) and (e) to read as follows:

    (c) The following requirements apply to the Florida East Coast Railway Railroad Bridge across the New River, mile 2.5, at Fort Lauderdale, FL:

    1. The bridge shall be constantly tended.

    2. The bridge tender will utilize a VHF-FM radio to communicate on channels 9 and 16 and may be contacted by telephone at 305-889-5572.

    3. Signs will be posted displaying VHF radio contact information and telephone numbers for the bridge tender and dispatch. A countdown clock giving notice of time remaining before bridge closure shall remain at the bridge site and must be visible for maritime traffic.

    4. A bridge log will be maintained including, at a minimum, bridge opening and closing times.

    5. When the draw is in the fully open position, green lights will be displayed to indicate that vessels may pass.

    6. When a train approaches, the lights go to flashing red and a horn starts four blasts, pauses, and then continues four blasts then the draw lowers and locks.

    7. After the train has cleared the bridge, the draw opens and the lights return to green.

    8. The bridge shall not be closed more than 60 minutes combined for any 120 minute time period beginning at 12:01 a.m. each day.

    9. The bridge shall remain open to maritime traffic when trains are not crossing.

  • Removing Derelict Vessels from Boca Ciega Bay, Gulfport, FL

    Gulfport Marina includes dry boat storage, ship store, bathroom, public boat ramp, parking, fueling stations, lighted range markers and guest docking facility.Our thanks to faithful contributor David Burnham for sending us this Facebook video by Dan Liedtke of a derelict vessel being removed from Boca Ciega Bay, which is home to SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Gulfport Municipal Marina. The marina and harbor are found on the northern shores of Boca Ciega Bay and are easily accessible from the Western Florida ICW, just north of Tampa Bay.

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  • Old Port Cove Marina Beckons, North Palm Beach, AICW Statute Mile 1014

    Old Port CoveA SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Old Port Cove is located on the western shore of the northern Lake Worth channel, near unlighted daybeacon #7.

    Thanks to our tropical weather, boating and beaching opportunities never end here in the Palm Beaches. Take advantage of these handy links and enjoy all that our local waters have to offer whether on or off your boat.

    da840ea7-a934-4070-98cb-32e1982797bcDive Palm Beach! What is an Artificial Reef? Palm Beach County has sunk 54 ships, about 105,000 tons of lime rock and about 77,000 tons of concrete to build about 100 reefs. Deep-water reefs several miles offshore are for certified divers, while snorkelers can see all kinds of sea life at underwater sheltered parks recently built at Phil Foster Park and Peanut Island. Artificial Reef Map


    9b886f44-5562-47aa-8e3a-d43508b4ebd0How did Peanut Island get it’s name? Learn more below and explore all things “Peanut.” Download the PDF at our link.

    Explore All Things Peanut Island
    The park is a favorite destination for boaters and provides numerous recreational opportunities for visitors. Fishing and snorkeling are popular activities in the beautiful clear waters that surround the island.



    Woman's Foot With Sun-shaped Sun Cream In The Tropical Beach Conceptual Image Of VacationAre your Kids or Grandkids visiting? Beaches and State Parks are a great way to spend the day if you’re not taking the boat out. Check the handy links including web cams.


    Know before you go! Check in with Cam! Play in the waters and the waves! Our beaches offer a little bit of everything for everyone.

    A Little Bit of Everything Beaches

    Beaches & Web Cams
    Enjoy the Beautiful Palm Beaches!

    Brought to you by:
    Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc. M A R I N A S
    Proudly Serving the Boating Public Since 1973
    Old Port Cove Marina– 561-626-1760
    Sandpiper’s Cove Restaurant & Bar 561-626-2280
    North Palm Beach Marina – 561-626-4919
    New Port Cove Marine Center – 561-844-2504

    Share Your Pics to our Facebook Pages !



    MARKETING CONTACT: Sue Morgan, Marketing & PR Director

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Old Port Cove Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Old Port Cove Marina

  • Bahamas Chatter: New Fuel and Dockage Survey, Explorer Chartbooks, Bahamas

    Explorer Charts - the best charts for the Bahamas and ExumasExplorer Chartbooks, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET PARTNER, has long been the standard navigational supplement for enjoyable, informative, and safe cruising through the beautiful Bahamian waters and island visits. Monty and Sara Lewis are well known in this area for their personal research and reporting. Their launch of “Bahamas Chatter” and real time cruising information via their web site, is extremely valuable.

    New Fuel and Dockage Survey November 25, 2015
    Posted: 26 Nov 2015 04:13 AM PST
    A new survey conducted on November 25th found most fuel prices down. Only two marinas (Sea Spray and Treasure Cay) reported higher diesel prices. The marinas reporting no change in fuel prices since October are believed to be sitting on old inventory. The VAT of 7.5% is included in FUEL PRICES ONLY.

    Here’s a link to the survey on the website:

    If you have purchased fuel recently or stayed at a marina, would you send us information on the prices and whether they include VAT or not.
    Monty and Sara Lewis

  • High Praise for Crew at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo, FL

    The entrance channel to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park Marina is found off Hawk Channel, on the east side of Key Largo, at flashing red marker #2 which lies west, northwest of Hawk Channel marker #35 off Mosquito Bank.

    I needed desperately to get to the pump out at the marina. I called ahead and told them I did not have a lot of experience running the 44 ft catamaran I was sailing thru keys with my family. They told me where to find the pump out dock. I asked about the wind and they informed me it was blowing hard onto the dock. Tough conditions. When I got in they had three captains at the dock to lend a hand. After one aborted attempt we docked well and safely in very challenging conditions. I sat and talked with them all about the exit off the dock and got some great advice. Got off safe and well. They are truly a fantastic group.
    Cat Hopeful

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