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    • ARGUS Data Updated

      On 5/11/12, the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net proudly announced a tri-partnership with Survice Engineering and EarthNC, which resulted in our web site being the first readily available web portal to display ARGUS sounding data. Suddenly, SSECN users could click a simple checkbox, thereby opening a new ARGUS layer, set over up-to-date images of the NOAA nautical charts. Once selected, the ARGUS layer displays color coded markers which depict the tide corrected solution of soundings gathered by ARGUS cooperative research vessels. ARGUS is another invaluable resource for the Southeastern USA cruising community, helping to make all mariner’s time on the water a safer and more enjoyable experience.

      Now, we are also very pleased to announce that Survice Engineering has just provided us with a new “solution set,” bringing fresher and even more numerous sounding data to our ARGUS chart layer. Our good friend, and EarthNC co-founder, Virgil Zetterlind, has worked through the weekend to implement the new Survice Engineering sounding data, and, as of this morning, 6/4/12, all new information is fully integrated into our system.

      If you have not yet tried our new ARGUS layer, or just need a refresher on how to take advantage of this wonderful new capability, please follow this link:


      Everyone please take advantage of and enjoy the safer cruising experience that ARGUS brings to all of us!

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    • Beach House Marina to Close, Surf City, NC, AICW Statute Mile 260.5

      The approach channel to Beach House Marina cuts southeast from the Waterway, southwest of unlighted marker #69, and just northeast of the Surf City swing bridge.

      Cruising News:
      Check for closing news on Beach House Marina, Surf City NC.
      Capt Mike Wilmington NC

      And this from the Pender-Topsail News and Voice and WWAY:

      SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — A marina in Surf City is closing, but the tenants are not the only ones affected. As the Pender-Topsail News & Voice was first to report, Wells Fargo, which owns Surf City Beach House Marina, delivered the news to people who keep their boat there yesterday.
      “It’s been a pleasure being able to promote our entire village,” business owner Capt. David Luther said. “That’s gone now.”
      For Luther and other tenants of the Beach House Marina, the past few days have been a whirlwind. Luther found out Tuesday he has to move his boats, one of which he lives on, by June 19. It’s a tough situation for him as he runs entertainment cruises from the Belle of Topsail and the pirate ship Raven.
      “We’ve gotten very involved with all the businesses around here, because surprisingly enough, this marina feeds business,” Luther said. “We get back in at 8 p.m. because we do a sunset cruise, and at 8 p.m. you have been out having a good time, what do you want to do? Go somewhere else.”
      Capt. Luther and his business are not the only ones affected by the closure of the marina. There are also those who own and live on boats here that will have to relocate.
      “I really don’t have any plans,” tenant David Avery said. “We’re looking and trying to find out. We’ll probably have to moor here for a while until we find another place to go or figure out what’s going on… at least till my daughter gets done with school.”
      Tenants have signed leases, and Capt. Luther even bought $30,000 worth of advertising promoting the location. They say it’s a nightmare they wish was not happening.
      “I put everything I had into this, and then for them to come and give me 20 days to get the hell out, that’s painful,” Luther said.
      Surf City Mayor Zander Guy says he does not want to see this happen. He says the town is looking into alternate options for the boats.

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Beachhouse Marina

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Beachhouse Marina

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    • Good Words for Inlet Marina (Statute Mile 775.5)

      Small, but super-friendly Inlet Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR), overlooks the eastern shores of the AICW, just north of St. Augustine Inlet, and only a hop, skip and a jump south of the Vilano Beach Bridge. While Captain Jay lacks transient dockage, Inlet Marina boasts some of the best fuel prices around, and when it comes to enthusiasm for welcoming cruisers, these good people are in the very top tier!
      Don’t forget, you also can restock your galley while the tanks are being filled at a nearby (within walking distance), newly opened Publix Supermarket, only two blocks away. What’s not to love!

      Great fuel stop and a nice new restaurant.
      Friendly service with easy entry and exit right on the ICW. Best fuel prices in St. A with the noted discounts.
      Love the afternoon music at Beaches the attached restaurant.
      Jason Martin

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Inlet Marina

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Inlet Marina

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    • Interesting Strategy When Your Vessel Is Being Boarded by Law Enforcement Personnel

      Captain Robert Lucas, aboard S/V Aquitaine, has sent us a very interesting idea about a strategy that cruisers might employ when their vessel is boarded by Law Enforcement. The Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net neither endorses nor takes issue with the strategy set out by Captain Lucas. All we will say is that it’s certainly interesting!
      I’m linking to the full article below, as it is lengthy.

      I tried this and it worked.
      Took about fifteen minutes of discussion, but the officer, after making three phone calls, said he was not authorized to sign any document. He wished me a “good day” and left.
      Captain Robert Lucas
      S/V Aquitaine
      Bradenton, FL

      Click Here To Learn about Captain Lucas’ Novel Approach to Being Boarded

      BRAVO! and bravo again! I always wondered just which bureaucrat or politician gave up our Fourth Amendment rights regarding unreasonable search. My guess is that printers are humming already (if you’ve got one aboard). I hope we can find some more results of this tactic!
      Capt Mike
      S/V Blue Skye

      Captain Lucas:
      In checking the regs, I found:
      Coast Guard may go aboard any United States vessel at any time, anywhere to conduct a documentation and safety inspection.
      A search of a U.S. vessel beyond this type of inspection is subject to limitations under the United States Constitution. If a search extends beyond this narrowly defined scope, a court may be asked to evaluate the legality of the search by balancing the individual’s right to privacy in the specific circumstances of the search against society’s interest in detecting criminal conduct.
      Captain Whitney

      Cpt. Lucas does not state which authority he is re. to’¦
      USCG, FMP, county?? Presumably it’s th CG but’¦ I am reasonably sure that Cpt. Whitney is correct in his assessment. Still, just the novelty of being presented with such a doc. might cause enough confusion w/ officer on the scene and higher-ups to make them pause. I do think, though, that this would certainly be useful in the case of boarding by auth. other than CG. No lawyer I, but seems reasonable. Imagine what would happen if everyone demanded the signing of such a doc. every time some auth. wanted to board a vessel.
      Gov’t. of the people’¦by the people!!!!
      Dr. W. W. Waldrope

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    • Photos of Roanoke Lighthouse Being Moved to Its New Home in Edenton Harbor

      Earlier, we ran a series of photos showing the historic Roanoke River Screw Pile Lighthouse, freshly perched atop its new home overlooking Edenton Harbor and Town Docks (see /?p=87872). Then, just today, we received a fresh set of photos from Captain Greg Han, showing the lighthouse being moved to its new resting place. Excellent pics!

      Cruising News:
      Recently the Roanoke River lighthouse was installed in its permanent home at Edenton harbor. A party atmosphere took over the town park while the crews readied for the transfer from land to a platform over the harbor waters. House moving is a slow and careful business so the crowd thinned considerably by the time the crew was ready. The house was rolled across the divide inch by inch on a study network of girders.
      Allegria had a front row seat in Edenton’s terrific town harbor (first two nights free).
      Gregory Han

      Follow the Photo Gallery link below to check out these images for yourself!

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    • Update on Bradenton Beach Anchorage (Western Florida ICW, Statute Mile 87)

       The anchorage under discussion below lies just south of the Cortez Bridge, west of the ICW.
      Two important notes need to be considered when evaluating this anchor down spot. First, successful entry can be very tricky for first-timers, AND the city of Bradenton Beach has twice tried to regulate this anchorage, first by creating a mooring field, and later by city registration of boats. Both attempts failed, but who knows what may happen here in the future!

      Bradenton Beach anchorage update: As of 5/12, the city has made no further blatant efforts to harass boaters. As a member of the `Mooring Committee’ I can say that the city has no interest in really developing a boater friendly community.
      Still, I recommend to everyone that, rather than avoid areas of `conflict ie. St Pete, St. Augustine, etc., they use these areas and RESIST (nicely, of course) the erosion of navigation rights.
      As for the notion of the city `noticing the reduction of boating visitors and responding accordingly’, the city of B.B. would be quite happy if no one EVER anchored a boat in `their’ waters.

      I respectfully disagree with this assessment of Bradenton Beach. I kept two boats there for the better part of a year’¦the first a 24-foot sloop’¦then a 29-footer’¦A friend of mine protested the 15 dollar/year fee for using the mooring field.The mooring field was illegal but I think that the reason he fought it is the slow erosion of rights and I am glad now that he did. They backed down on advice from their lawyer and I think that even though 15 dollars/year for showers and dinghy dock is a small price to pay for a decent facility with access to free trolley up and down the whole island’¦I think that the costs would slowly have risen over time and a bad precedent set. Having said all that’¦I DO NOT think that they hate boaters and liveaboards here’¦especially now that some of the riff raff has cleared out. The depths are overall poor for bigger boats’¦the approach in front of the fishing pier is a sad joke’¦but there is a back door further south beyond the sand shoals you can come in from if you keep going south after coming thru the bridge from the north about 3/4 mile and then come back in’¦at a NW angle’¦All in all’¦this is a decent area to keep your boat for awhile’¦amenity-speaking’¦but not for more than a few months IMHO’¦ case it wasn’t was BB city comission that backed down’¦on advice of their attorney and they dropped the $15/YEAR sticker fee’¦
      Morgan R

      Hi Morgan and all,
      I did not say that B.B. `hates’ boaters and liveaboards. I said that the city has no real interest in developing a boater friendly community. I base this on my own experience with the mooring committee and the council. My belief is that this is due to a lack of familiarity with the subject as well as a lack of funds to promote the area.
      I approached the city about a year and a half ago with the idea of establishing a yacht club for the purpose of promoting the area to boaters and managing the amenities and dinghy dock and to provide assistance/info to visitors re. anchoring, sanitation, etc.
      The city seemed receptive to the idea. They have strongly indicated that they would like the `anchorage community’ to self regulate. This indicates, to me at least, that city has no real interest in reaching out’¦ they would prefer that `we’ do it.
      As I could not find two other qualified people to willing hold the required offices to charter a legit club, as well as volunteer time to such, I abandoned the idea. I would be most happy to revisit the subject with the city if there is enough interest.
      If the CITY were truly interested in reaching out to the boating community, I feel they would have made more/better effort to do so to date.
      I urge any and all to visit B.B. as Anna Maria IS. has some nice things to offer cruisers.
      Note: riff raff is in the eye of the beholder.
      There are still a few boats that are derelict or nearly so.
      If anyone in the local area is interested in organizing a fully chartered club, please contact me. My # is 512 903 4498
      Very Sincerely,
      Dr. W. W. Waldrope

      Thank you for the info. Last time we came through we anchored on the East side of the ICW because we could not figure out how to get into the anchorage. We anchored without problem in about 10 feet of water. The ride to the dinghy dock was a little long and there were boat wakes to crash through. BB was a great place to visit and would gladly paid a fee for the shower and/or dinghy dock but free was good.
      Frank Cushing

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Western Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For the Bradenton Beach Anchorage

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Bradenton Beach Anchorage

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Jeremy -  December 4, 2015 - 8:00 pm

        They are harassing boaters again. Not cool. They let it go for years and then ppl come in who don’t know how to boat or act in society. They just expect to snap fingers and all is good. You don’t harass good ppl to get the bad ones to leave. But as always it’s easier and safer to go after the ppl that aren’t a threat.

        Reply to Jeremy
    • Shifting Sands In St. Augustine Mooring Field, AICW Statute Mile 778

      Recent reports of shoaling at some of the moorings in the St. Augustine Mooring Field were confirmed by phone today, but according to the City Marina spokesperson, the shoaling is continuous and constantly changing. Currently there are moorings with as much as 15ft and some with 0ft. However, the moorings are always assigned and you would be assigned a mooring according to your draft. Thus the necessity to contact the City Marina at 904-825-1026 before picking up a mooring pendant.

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For St. Augustine City Marina

      We used the south mooring field at St.Augustine the weekend of April 1, 2012. We approached from the south, hailing the City Marina as we came under the high bridge just south of the San Sebastion River. The marina advised to stay in the ICW channel until abeam of specific day beacon due to shoaling and then gave precise guidance to our mooring ball. We had two very pleasant,secure, nights on the ball as a front passed through with severe thunderstorms, and were able to observe close up the ‘ Blessing of the Fleet’.
      The mooring field to the north of Bridge of Lions did not have any observable shoaling problems.
      We topped off diesel at the Inlet Marina and visited the Publix grocery.
      Steve Kamp, S/V Carolina

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For St. Augustine Northern Anchorage

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For St. Augustine Southern Anchorage

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of St. Augustine Mooring Fields

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    • Report on Conditions in the Great Dismal Swamp Canal, AICW Alternate Route

      Set in beautiful Camden Count, NC, the Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center provides free dockage for cruisers' on the Dismal Swamp AICW Alternate RouteNavigation in the Canal was halted two days ago by storm damage, but rapid-within-hours response by the Army Corp of Engineers soon cleared the debris. Now our good friend, Donna Stewart, Director of the Welcome Center, brings us up to date on the water conditions of the Canal. The Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center is A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

      As you know, we had a large downed oak tree at MM 21 on May 22nd. I understand there was a tree leaning into the canal at MM18 as well. My ACOE contact, Joel Scussel-Operations Manager, told me both of these obstacles have been cleared. They are patrolling the canal for other obstructions. We had another boater report a few dead heads yesterday which we passed on as well. Joel shared with me today that it would be great, for future reference, to instruct boaters to report any problems encountered by nearest Mile Marker location as well as coordinates to the lock operator. This could facilitate speed in response time. We are also glad to relay any problems as well. Sometimes our area reflects distorted GPS coordinates. I’m not sure if this is from the legend of the meteor hit which created Lake Drummond or the mystical qualities of the Dismal Swamp…….alas, it is a problem sometimes.
      The beauty and bane of our beloved Dismal Swamp Canal is the fact these tall lush trees forming a tunnel of green for the passage through our dark mirrored waters, also prove a liability if a storm blows them into those same dark, mirrored waters. The ACOE also does a delicate dance with the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge to maintain balance in Lake Drummond and the Dismal Swamp, (and outer lying waterways) as well as the Dismal Swamp State Park, whose bridge will not operate when water levels are off. When anticipated waters are expected from excess rainfall, they also try to manage the waterway to prevent major flooding with release from their spillways into the local outer creeks and rivers. Again, this is not an exact science, but a sophisticated chess match with moves and checks. All of this creates our Dismal Swamp experience.
      Unfortunately, we cannot control Mother Nature and the ACOE does a wonderful job in assisting with quick response times when made aware of any problems. We also all operate within budget constraints which can limit the ability to fulfill our wish list of improvements. I am grateful for the good working relationship we have with the ACOE in trying to manage problems as quickly as possible. It is our hope to have each visitor has a wonderful, enjoyable, safe passage through our waters.
      I appreciate your passing any of this information to your readers. We all want the most correct information to our boating public.
      Donna Stewart, Director
      Dismal Swamp Welcome Center
      2356 US Hwy 17 N
      South Mills, NC 27976
      Phone ~ 252-771-8333

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For the Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center

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    • Beaufort SC to Install Mooring Field and Upgrade Downtown Marina Docks, AICW Statute Mile 536.5

      The Downtown Marina Of Beaufort, SC, 1006 Bay Street Beaufort, SC 29902 (843) 524-4422 or Marker #239 on ICWThe Downtown Marina of Beaufort – A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! – lies north of unlighted daybeacon #239, a short distance west of the Lady’s Island swing bridge, in the heart of beautiful downtown Beaufort, SC. The article below is reprinted from the May 17th Beaufort Tribune.

      An improved mooring area in the Beaufort River and upgraded electrical connections will make Beaufort more appealing to visiting boaters through a $100,000 federal grant received by the City of Beaufort and the Downtown Beaufort Marina.
      `For boaters who travel up and down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Beaufort will be a much more appealing place to stop for a night or two or three,’ Beaufort City Manager Scott Dadson said of the marina upgrades and new mooring field. `For too many years we’ve overlooked this important part of marketing our city to the boating community.’
      Work is expected to run from July 1 through December. The U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Services are the federal funding agency for this Boating Infrastructure Grant. Key elements in the project include:
      · Installing two step-up transformers to increase the electrical voltage from 208 to 240 volts on the marina’s outermost dock which serves visiting vessels. The improvement will provide better customer service and make the marina more attractive to larger vessels traveling the Intracoastal Waterway
      · Installing 16 professionally-managed moorings for transient boats in an approved area of the Beaufort River, in the area already used as the city’s `harbor.’ Such mooring space isn’t available between Charleston and St. Augustine, FL. The new moorings will replace the approximately 12 randomly placed anchoring and also will involve removal of dilapidated boats which will improve water quality
      · Replacing two existing but rusting electrical disconnect systems at the marina and installing new disconnects in stainless steel housings.
      The mooring buoys will either be fabricated by a marine contractor or purchased through a vendor. The most cost effective approach will be the one selected. The buoys will be installed by a licensed marine contractor under the supervision of an engineer, said Libby Anderson, Beaufort’s planning director.
      The project is part of the capitalization of the Downtown Marina, which is City-owned but managed by Griffin Enterprises. Capital costs are part of the lease agreement with Griffin Enterprises.
      The mooring field and electrical upgrade project received endorsements from the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce, Beaufort Sail & Power Squadron and local boaters.
      Because of its location within the historic downtown area and proximity to historic and tourism amenities, the Downtown Marina attracts a significant number of transient boaters. During the spring and fall, the major seasons for transient boaters in South Carolina, the marina typically hosts 10 to 20 boats per night, according to the marina management company.
      The Downtown Marina has approximately 1,140 feet of pier devoted to transient boats and can accommodate 38-40 boats of 26′ in length. Currently, there are no mooring facilities in the Beaufort area.
      Transient boats desiring a mooring must either dock at the Marina’s transient piers, if room is available, or continue to 65 miles north to Charleston, or 240 miles south to St. Augustine, Florida. A mooring field with associated professional management will increase the opportunities for boaters moving through the area.
      While some boaters prefer moorings, many desire the conveniences offered by dockage at the transient pier. The Downtown Marina falls short is satisfying the electrical needs of large, modern, well-equipped vessels ‘“ largely because the electrical service at the marina was installed in the 1970s.
      `This grant will help make our marina, and downtown Beaufort, a better choice for boaters as they travel the Intracoastal Waterway. They are a tight-knit community and word spreads fast about marinas with good, or bad, service,’ Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling said.
      `When these boaters enjoy our restaurants and shops, when they enjoy our Waterfront Park, we want them to share their experience and to come back frequently. Some of them may even decide to relocate here. This is another investment in our future,’ he said.
      Submitted by John C. Williams, APR, City of Beaufort.

      Please note that there is also a mooring field in Fernandina Beach, which is closer than St. Augustine.
      Paula Spence
      M/Y Sea Eagle

      I prefer anchoring. I have excellent, well maintained gear and I am very professional in how I use it.
      I may as well sell it all, the way things are going’¦anchoring will be about as useful as knowing how to use a sextant on the ICW ‘“ useful only in the most unforeseen emergency.
      It seems every municipality has their hands out to take what they can from the transient boaters. Am I the only one getting sick of this?
      Wally Moran

      Wally from WallyWorld!
      Keven R. Quinn

      I agree with you Wally,
      A key difference is that I’m a fulltime resident here in Beaufort. I pay tax here, State, county and city. I have to pay to park downtown, what next will the city have a walking tax for foot traffic in the city limits? I have been sailing for quite some time. I had rather anchor out over a paid slip. The ICW should not be fare game for any city or county to levy tax in the name of whatever they want to in the betterment of the community. Bill the viewer of the great esthetic view our sailboats give, Hell you don’t tax the painter you charge the art center participant, right? Do you really think all sailors are rich? Most of us gave up the rat race in life to get away from this kind on force. Most of us spent all of our money on the vessel and good ground tackle so we could anchor out and hold well to the bottom as we go to town and spend our money in your towns. Early estimates I read in the Beaufort Gazette were as much as $200 a week. The average `hook sailors’ annual budget is only $15 to $18,000 a year. You put another $2500.00? Add 10% to your budget all at once. Can you still have the car payment? The trip to the mountains? The river is not yours Beaufort, its ours.
      Good day, Cpt. Curt

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Downtown Marina of Beaufort

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Downtown Marina of Beaufort

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Ron -  July 3, 2015 - 7:37 pm

        I see some pretty absurd comments here. Any cruising or anchoring guide will show dozens, perhaps hundreds of anchorages along the AICW. And of course there are many more not listed in books Even in Beaufort, there are decent anchorages both north and south of the mooring field. We often anchor south of the marina and mooring field just past the sandbar.

        Perhaps one of the reasons for establishing a mooring field is to get rid of derelict boats or boats whose owners “store” them for free on the public waterways.

        If your budget cannot accommodate mooring fees, that’s understandable but it’s not the town or city’s responsibility to provide free storage for your boat.

        Reply to Ron
    • Wisteria Island (Christmas Tree Island) Anchorages

      The discussion below is copied from the Cruisers’ Forum, and relates to the several anchorage opportunities adjoining an island which lies withing dinghy distance of Key West Bight. The charts name this isle, Wisteria Island, but all the locals refer to it as Christmas Tree Island.

      We are currently behind Wisteria Island. The whole area is surrounded with boats. North of the Island east and west. The cityKWB marina maintains dinghy dock for 26 a week or 80 a month. Just pick a spot with enough swing, lotta boats.

      Anchoring on the south side of wisteria (christmas tree) island will give you some shelter from the north but it’s rolly from wakes (especially in the early morn. when the charter boats go out). Holding is fair but use caution. It’s a short dink ride across the channel to the harbor where the dink dock is (payment enforcement haphazard… meaning you never know so just pay). note: going back across the channel in a northerly blow can be extremely rough and wet.
      Also remember that K.W. has been pirate country for centuries… and still is. Use common sense and you will have a great time.

      Just off of Christmas tree is the place to be. It’s convenient to the municipal docks & out of the way. There are areas where there is 8-10 inches of sand over limestone, and you will think you are dug in well but will drag like a mother in the first squall, so make certain you’re dug in.
      Also, an open hatch is considered an invitation. A closed hatch with a big lock will generally be left alone.

      Just take care that your anchor does not get stuck in the many custom made moorings around the island. I picked up an engine block once trying to haul anchor. Many derelict boats with questionable ground tackle all over.
      Be careful of the shoal in the middle that looks like a great empty anchor spot.
      However once you navigate all the above it is a great spot very close to KW and a much better location than the city mooring field. Never had issues with `piracy’ in the many years I have gone there. Might be dumb luck though but I do lock up when I leave the boat.

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Florida Keys Anchorage Directory Listing For the Wisteria Island (Christmas Tree Island) Eastern Anchorage

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Florida Keys Anchorage Directory Listing For the Wisteria Island (Christmas Tree Island) Northwesterly Anchorage

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Wisteria/Christmas Tree Island

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