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Archive For: East FL – 3 – Jacksonville Beach to Vilano Bridge

  • Good Words About Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 747)

    FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEWell, of course Eve-Marie & crew had a good experience at Palm Cove Marina. After all, these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!!!
    Palm Cove Marina flanks the AICW’s westerly shores, in heart of Jacksonville Beach, north of the new McCormick high-rise bridge.

    We stayed at Palm Cove Oct 26, 2011 and echo others in saying this is a great stop. Easy to get into the well-marked channel. Staff are helpful; Publix and Starbucks minutes away. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Marker 32 restaurant adjacent to Palm Cove as well.
    Eve-Marie & crew
    s/v Flash
    Beneteau 361 Draft 5′

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  • Great Fuel Prices and a Warm Welcome from Inlet Marina (St. Augustine, FL, near St. M. 775.5)

     904-547-2219 Inlet Marina sits on the site of the old Sea Love Marina, along the AICW/Tolomato River’s eastern shores, north of St. Augustine Inlet, and hard by the Vilano Beach Bridge, will be a full fledged marina. Inlet Marina just opened with new fuel tanks installed for unleaded 89 octane gas with no ethanol and of course diesel. They currently are just a fuel stop but they are supposed to have their new restaurant opened on May 15th, called Beaches. This marina used to be the old Sea Love marina which was closed last year sometime then bought and is now permitted for 60 slips (not yet built), but they do have two floating docks, one concrete and one wood and a fuel dock. There is also a boat rental operation already there. They have a nice beach area near the dock office also. There is a lot of area behind the marina office which is planned for development with a Publix grocery planned as part of the complex and they are supposed to have a grocery delivery operation for the marina if folks want to get provisions while fueling..that is to come. The new owners are taking it slow but are committed to the new operations success. The Marina is very close to the St. Augustine inlet and on the AICW. So it is very convenient for cruisers to stop in for fuel.Small, but super-friendly Inlet Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR), overlooks the eastern shores of the AICW, just north of St. Augustine Inlet, and only a hop, skip and a jump south of the Vilano Beach Bridge. While Captain Jay lacks transient dockage, Inlet Marina boasts some of the best fuel prices around, and when it comes to enthusiasm for welcoming cruisers, these good people are in the very top tier!

    Good Morning
    My goal is to offer cruisers the very best fuel prices in St. Augustine. Please call prior to your arrival, and we can be sure to be on hand to greet your vessel and assist in any way possible. We hope you will remember us for our old fashioned good will and a really caring attitude. Sounds soapy but it’s true.
    This is the first time since the USMC that I’ve had a boss but they let me run the marina and fuel dock as my own.
    In addition to our on-site restaurant , Beaches, we have signed a tenant that will provide live theater. I recently called the owner of a viking 65 that came thru when we first started and just said hi and thanks-he remembered us ,appreciated the call and I said If I can be of assistance on your southbound trip to give a call.
    Hope to see many of you soon as you travel south this fall on the AICW!

    Great fuel stop and a nice new restaurant.
    Friendly service with easy entry and exit right on the ICW. Best fuel prices in St. A with the noted discounts.
    Love the afternoon music at Beaches the attached restaurant.
    Jason Martin

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  • Adventure Yacht Harbor (Statute Mile 837) and Boondocks Restaurant

    The hard to find entrance to this interesting marine lies east and south of the AICW between markers #58 and #60, a short hop south of the Port Orange Bridge and Daytona Beach.
    Wow, I have never had the opportunity to try the on-site restaurant, Boondocks, which Captain Ted speaks of so lovingly below. Looks like we all need to remedy that oversight as soon as possible.

    We have become regulars at this out of the way marina with its rickety docks and funky restaurant known as Adventure Yacht Harbor. We had become friends with Jim Boren who has been nursing the marina through
    bankruptcy. This is another hard to get into marina, but we like it. Jim reported that the marina has new owners, so things are expected to improve.
    We’ve mentioned Boondocks Restaurant before, and it is at least half the reason we like to stop here. Where else can one find a restaurant and bar (wine and beer only) in a marina parking lot under a tent? The food
    is good, too, and reasonably priced. One hears boat talk around the bar, and the dining room (for want of a better name) has both conventional tables for four along the walls and long picnic tables in the center where diners mingle. The staff is cheerful, friendly, efficient, and each appears to be enjoying her job. When someone leaves a generous tip, the waitress rings a bell. Signs permit smoking only when the tent flaps are rolled up (they were not this time because it was winter and the space heaters were on). Last spring (tent flaps up) kids were along the outside walkway feeding french fries to the fish, who gobbled them up. I told the woman bartender that this was the funkiest restaurant on the ICW assuring her that this was a compliment. I challenged her to name a another restaurant in a tent on a marina parking lot. She thought about it for a long time, and could not come up with anything like it. “And we’re bikers”, she said. “We see lots of places.”
    Ted Jones

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  • Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 747, Jacksonville Beach)

    FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEThe entrance to Palm Cove Marina lies along the western banks of the AICW, south of marker #31. These good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, and are highly recommended by the SSECN bunch.
    Also, note Captain Ted’s good experience at the adjacent Marker 32 restaurant. Really have to give this place a try SOON!

    This was our third stop at Palm Cove Marina, hard to get into but well worth the bother. It has excellent facilities, good showers (maybe among the best), and a friendly staff. Richard, from the office gave us a ride
    to West Marine so Malla could buy a duffel for the upcoming trip.
    We had been rather overdoing dining out, but we couldn’t resist one more meal at Channel Marker 32 adjacent to the marina. We decided we’d not get fancy and eat at the bar and that it being a Thursday night in mid January, that shouldn’t be a problem. The place was packed, but the hostess seated us at one of several high tables near the bar. In addition to a usual evening crowd, some sort of group was dining there, which accounted, in part for the crowded bar, but people kept coming and coming. The majority of diners were young and attractive, and we had a ringside seat for people watching. And, every meal we saw going by on a waiter’s shoulder (we were seated up high) looked interesting. Malla had field greens with a Georgia peanut dressing, and a vegetable roll with a soy glaze and sweet Korean chili. I had scallops and grits. Both dinners were as outstanding as our Italian dinners at Fernandina Beach were disappointing. The service was excellent and prompt despite the crowd, and the total bill was only five bucks more. We’ve lucked out the three times we’ve dined here as walk-ins, but a reservation is definitely recommended.
    Ted Jones

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  • Two Pleasant Stops at Palm Cove Marina, AICW Statute Mile 747

    FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEA SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Palm Cove Marina is in a channel west of the Waterway departing at flashing marker #32.

    We stopped by at Palm Cove in my 38′ tug on our way down to the keys. We had no problem entering the channel and the fuel dock and pumpout were easy to get to. The staff was excellent with helping us dock and gave me a t-head on C-dock, which was very easy to leave in the morning. Clean restrooms and showers plus good food nearby. We enjoyed our stay and will definitely plan on stopping back there on our way back home.
    What you tuggin bout?

    As a new cruiser to the cruising community,I found PCM [Palm Cove Marina] a great place to stay. I have a 42 Whitby Ketch that draws 5′. I had no problem getting in to the Marina. I requested a deep slip, so the Dockmaster found me one @ slip D-14. I only wanted to stay for a day, but these people working here were throwing a Christmas party not to miss. What a blast!
    I found this place different as the Dockmaster lent me his SUV to run some errands. I needed some parts as well as I had to buy a small toy for their party. They also suggested I check out Marker 32 which they provided a nice Coupon for as well.
    I can’t wait to come back, thanks Pcm crew!

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  • Report on Palm Cove Marina, AICW Statute Mile 747

    FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEPalm Cove Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISER’S NET SPONSOR!, is in Jacksonville Beach, FL on the western side of the Waterway, south of unlighted daybeacon #31.

    Stayed at Palm Cove last night (28 OCT 10). Entered an hour after high tide with a 5’3 draft – the channel was no problem – and was docked on their “S Dock” (just past their fuel dock). Great staff and facilities – HOWEVER… from mid-to-low tide Retriever was sitting on the bottom. At low tide so much so that she actually listed slightly. Luckily today’s run was a short trip to St Augustine so I didn’t have to leave at first light (as usual) and I had to wait until 11am (low tide being at 0800) to even get off the dock. Just FYI…

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  • Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 747)

    For real AICW veterans, you may recognize Palm Cove Marina’s location as the old spot where Jacksonville Beach Marina once resided. That goes back a LOT of years though! The channel leading to this facility cuts west, a short hop north of the new B. B. McCormick high-rise span!
    The present day incarnation of Palm Cove Marina is a first class facility in every respect, AND they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Just wanted to comment about this facility [Palm Cove Marina] as this is our second time staying here. Good price with the MTOA discount $1.50 per foot + 7% tax ; $11/50 amp; eatery onsite; heads/lounge/laundry; nice pool.
    Don & Rebecca Roman

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  • Pine Island Loop Anchorage (Statute Mile

    The Pine Island Loop Anchorage lies off the eastern flank of the AICW’s run through Tolomato River. Be SURE to enter ONLY by way of this loop’s southern entrance. In spite of depths shown on the NOAA charts, the northern mouth is shoal.

    When we arrived on 4/20/10, we found 3 sailboats and a trawler already there and all the prime spots taken. We took the last spot, out near the channel. Two other trawlers came later, looked for a spot, but finally gave up and proceeded back down river looking for an anchorage.
    Some shoaling at entrance. Buggy if winds are calm and especially if you turn lights on inside. Good holding.
    Dick Litchfield

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  • Beach Marine (Jacksonville Beach, Statute Mile 748)

    Beach Marine guards the AICW’s eastern banks, immediately north of the new B. B. McCormick high-rise bridge.

    15 May 2010.
    We stopped only for the night, a Saturday, and found it to be a pleasant stay. We didn’t eat at the restaurant in the marina although there is a 10% discount for marina stayers. It had live entertainment that was not intrusive from our boat, located near the fuel dock. We came in at low water during a big spring tide – 6.2 feet! – and dragged through a soft mud bottom coming into the slip. They were aware of our 4’6” draft when assigning the slip so may have other deeper ones available further out.
    There were plenty of lights on and no evidence of rough trade in the marina. The floating docks looked new. The washrooms were clean and spacious but worn. There were at least three sets of them available at various locations.
    Overall, it was a first-class operation although I declined paying $8.00 for 30-amp service, offering to make a deal for our expected $.30 electrical usage but it wasn’t taken up. There was no manager available to talk to. Instead, we purchased our usual 30 lbs of ice for our icebox. The illogic of paying $8 for others’ refrigeration and air conditioning on top of our own refrigeration costs is not being acknowledged by marinas, unfortunately.
    Fair winds and following seas,
    Austin Whitten, s/y Discovery II

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  • Pine Island Loop Anchorage (Statute Mile 765)

    The Pine Island Loop Anchorage is about the only spot to reliably drop the hook between southern Jacksonville Beach and the Tolomato River. Even so, be SURE to check out this haven’s entry in our “Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory” BEFORE attempting first time entry. There are some navigational concerns on these waters!

    Good anchorage, but anchor farther in if your concerned about the occasional wake. Quiet, no traffic after sunset.
    Captain Sterling

    <a href=””><span style=”font-size: normal;”><strong>Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage  Directory Listing For the Pine Island Loop Anchorage</strong></span></a>

  • St. Augustine to Fernandina Beach – Captain Ted Jones Reports

    The author of the note below, Ted Jones, is the former editor and co-owner of the late, much lamented “Coastal Cruising” magazine. We are pleased that Ted is now sharing regular reports with the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net about his cruises.
    There’s a whole passel of useful cruising news in Ted’s note below. Let’s all “go to school” on what he has to share!
    Note Ted’s less than happy experiences while cruising NE Florida with water levels much thinner than usual, almost certainly the result of “wind tides.”

    We arrived here from St. Augustine late yesterday afternoon after a difficult slog through waters which were as much as two feet below normal levels. We met a tug pushing a barge at the narrowest part of that section of the ICW with two “S” turns. I called him on 13 and suggested a port to port pass and said we would stay out of his way. On the starboard edge of the channel we had a depth sounder reading of 4.5 feet (actual 6.5) and were crowded cheek by jowl with the barge. We passed within 20 feet of the barge. A few minutes later I looked back, and the wind had pushed the barge further to the south and it had run aground. When last seen, the Island Pilot (tug) was trying to pull his charge back into deeper water.
    It was a stressful day of watching depths in mid channel get down to 3.5 feet at times (we run aground at 2.5 feet), and the NW wind continued to increase to force 7. When we got to Fernandina Beach, we sought shelter in a back creek where the current is strong, but we rode okay with both anchors out.
    This morning we came into the marina, washed our laundry, and plan to leave in the late morning, heading offshore as we did in early January sailing in reverse from St. Mary’s inlet and on up to Beaufort, SC,
    which should take us 24 hours give or take. The forecast is for the NW winds to diminish tomorrow, remaining up to 10 knots, then on Thursday, the wind should go around to the south and blow us up St. Andrew’s Sound to Beaufort.
    Several of our companion reverse snowbirds have dogs aboard, so do not have the option of avoiding Georgia by sailing offshore.
    Tomorrow, we leave Florida behind with mixed feelings. It might be a great place to visit in the winter time, but we surely wouldn’t want to live here year around.
    Ted Jones

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  • Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 747)

    FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEPalm Cove Marina is found along the western flank of the AICW, just north of the new, B. B. McCormick high-rise bridge. This fine facility is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!!!! Please patronize them whenever possible.

    Last night, we stayed in Jacksonville Beach at Palm Cove Marina. We arrived at dead low tide and had about an inch under us in their channel as we very slowly approached. Our draft is 5′.
    Showers were clean and spacious. Pool looked inviting, but too chilly to try it out.
    After an invigorating walk to Publix to restock the frig, we enjoyed one of our best dinners of the entire trip at Marker 32 Restaurant next to the marina. Florida pompano and Florida shrimp and grits were great. Service was terrific too. Ask for Tiffany or Steve.
    Pete & Mary Ann

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  • Beach Marine (Jacksonville Beach, near Statute Mile 748)

    Beach Marina guards the AICW’s eastern banks, just north of the new fixed, high-rise BB McCormick Bridge in Jacksonville Beach.

    Stayed here last night, 2/25/10. Easy access, limited bath/head facilities but adequate, two restaurants short walk away.
    CAUTION: We departed when an outgoing tide was running with a 3 – 4 knot northerly flow. It caught me off guard and some difficulty turning south. Had it been flowing the other direction it could have created a hazard of being swept into pilings and bridge construction equipment.
    Capt Dave

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Beach Marine

  • Problems at Beach Marina (Statute Mile 748)

    10/16/2010 I strongly recommend against this marina, especially for sail boats. We pulled into the marina basin late yesterday and promptly ran aground (we only draw 4.5′). The dockmaster encouraged us to continue forward saying that they had 6′. Since we were cold and tired, we continued on.
    The floating docks seem fairly new but they have no rub-rail or any other protection from the bent and exposed aluminum sides. The metal lining is very sharp with exposed edges and joints. We docked in heavy current and stiff winds with no help from the marina staff. We scratched the side of the boat but were happy it wasn’t much worse.
    Unless or until they put some protection on those docks, I would recommend by-passing this marina.
    Mary & Clay

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Beach Marine

  • One And Only Anchorage (near Jacksonville Beach, Statute Mile 744)

    I call the overnight haven discussed below the, “One And Only Anchorage,” because it’s the only anchor down spot anywhere near the AICW between the Wateway’s crossing of St. Johns River and the Tolomato River. It is found along the AICW’s eastern flanks, north of the high-rise Pablo Creek bridge, BUT you MUST enter from its northern mouth.

    Dear Claiborne,
    We are back on board and moving south from Jacksonville. Tonight anchored off Pablo Creek on what you call “the one and only anchorage”. We couldn’t find those 10-15 foot depths you mention behind the three islands on the northern part of the creek. 20-35 ft was more like it close to low tide. We anchored in the northern mouth of the creek in 19 feet. There are a couple of old resident sailboats and a couple of moorings farther in behind the islands. Maybe we should have gone nearer to shore?
    Jean Thomason

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Anchorage Directory Listing For The One and ONly Anchorage

  • San Pablo/Atlantic Boulevard Bridge (Statute Mile 744.5)

    The span reported on below sits in the heart of the AICW’s passage through Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

    Try to hit this bridge at slack tide. Otherwise you will be facing a swift current (4+ kts) which will test your nerves and
    helmsmanship passing under the bridge.
    s/v MicMac

    First off, it’s the ebb current that’s the faster current, with speeds up to 4 kts. The flood is about a knot slower. Moreover, this issue exists only in the immediate vicinity of the Atlantic Boulevard bridge. Looking at the chart, the opening between the bits of land to the north of the bridge taper down, but open quickly to the south. We recently passed through the area with a 3 kt flood current and had little trouble under the bridge and only moderate turbulence south of the bridge. The St. Johns River crossing, by comparison, was harder, with strong cross current and turbulence.
    Rick Emerson

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Bridge Directory Listing For The San Pablo/Atlantic Boulevard Bridge

  • Beach Marine (Jacksonville Beach, St. M. 748)

    Cruising News: We found this marina to be less than advertised. We tied up for the night (early Nov 09) on a t-dock at the end of a pier where there were covered slip — but NO LIGHTS –NONE WHATSOEVER!!! Some friends were assigned to the same place a few nights after us and they said that they didn’t even feel safe because of the type of people around the marina restaurants.
    Stephanie DiBelardino

    We stayed there last week on our journey South, and were assigned a slip were we could fill up with Diesel, and get our tanks pumped out. Very convenient. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We found the facility had many lights all down the dock at the dockmasters building, even Christmas Lights up the walkway. We took advantage of their 3 front load washers and dryers, and were even given access to the upgraded showers. They have a basic shower bath area at the end of the dock, but we were told we could use the showers close to the laundry room. They must have added the lights since the previous post in November. This is our second stop at this marina.
    Sun & Splendour
    Catalina 375 Sailboat

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Beach Marine

  • Good Times at Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 747)

    FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEThe entrance to Palm Cove Marina lies along the AICW’s western banks, a short hop north of the B. B. McCormick Bridge. This is a well sheltered facillity, and we highly recommend a stop here. And, why not, as these good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Stopped for fuel at Palm Cove Marina just north of the bridge. We entered at low tide with a solid six foot draft. Eased over a few mud spots but really no problem. Fuel price was as promised and dock assitance was cordial and effective.
    Ed Grygent

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Palm Cove Marina

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