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Archive For: NORTH CAROLINA – All Cruising News

  • A Good Experience at Morehead City Yacht Basin, AICW Statute Mile 203

    Morehead City Yacht BasinMorehead City Yacht Basin, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located on the southern flank of the marked channel that runs west from the AICW, just north of the Morehead-Beaufort, Newport River high-rise bridge. We heartily agree with Captain Lacroix, that this is one of the finest facilities to be found anywhere on the Southeastern USA coastline!

    Cruising News:
    Moved to Morehead City Yacht Basin which was perhaps one of the best marinas we have encountered. This is a first class facility. Rented a car for 2 hours for $10. Staff Diana and Tom were great – gave us restaurant advice which couldn’t have been better. Ruddy Duck and Beach Bumz – worth a visit.
    Eve-Marie Lacroix

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  • Question about Albemarle Sound Wind Effect

    This question is directed at the person who knows NC waters better than anyone!

    Cruising News:
    What does a 17-20 mph south wind do to Albemarle southbounders from Elizabeth City?
    Jake Smith

    And Claiborne answers:

    Captain Smith:
    Normally, we have southwesterly winds, as opposed to winds out of the dead south here on the NC coastline. A 20 knot blow will make an AICW crossing of the Albemarle into a passage that may well jar the fillings out of your teeth. If at all possible, pick a day of light airs to cross the Albemarle.
    Hope that helps. Good luck and good cruising!
    Claiborne Young

    We have experienced trying to go north from Alligator River in the face of a 25-30 nne blow and lasted about an hour before turning around. We have also ridden a 20-25 nw down the Pasquotank with little discomfort. We are planning to go through Elizabeth City next week and keep watching the everchanging forecasts since we are on a fairly tight schedule.
    Jake Smith aboard s/v Ginger’s Mercedes

    We are here at Pelican Marina, trying to hang on while getting the stuffing knocked out of us.
    Tomorrow will be a much better day for our Edenton run.
    Jim Powell

    Watch the water depths, too. A steady south wind will empty out the southern parts and deepen the northern significantly. I found that out after I booked a slip for a few months and then couldn’t get into the marina for lack of about a foot and a half of water.
    Tugs Brotzman

    Thanks to everyone for your inputs. I guess Jimmy Buffett said it best — ”take the weather with you!”. Heres to great and safe cruising.

  • Report on Pelican Marina, Dismal Swamp Route, Elizabeth City, NC

    Pelican Marina guards the Pasquotank’s northern banks, northeast of unlighted daybeacon #8, just across the river from the downtown Elizabeth City, NC waterfront.
    Cruising News:
    One of the really great things about cruising around is the consistency of friendly service we get time and time again at marinas we have found along the way. An example of this consistently friendly service is the staff at the Pelican Marina, in Elizabeth City. The manager, Josh, came in after hours on a day off, to catch our lines and make us feel welcome.
    Bring a little bag of dry cat food with you. There are a half dozen snapping turtles that will come up to the dock at the marina office, and beg for food. Talk about a marina that’s turtle friendly – and not just the MTOA turtles.
    This is another spot we will frequent, both North and South bound.

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  • Report from Mouth of the North River, Albemarle Sound, AICW Statute 65

    The Waterway channel narrows considerably at the intersection of the North River and Albemarle Sound. Shoaling from North River Point has been reported on both sides of the channel as it passes through a spoil area.

    Here is what I noted today, I didn’t look at the red side but I know from comments that it shoals up. I always favor the green there, passing about 100′ to 150′ from G169. Note that g171 is missing and that a floating R168 has been added.
    Favoring the green side gives about 12mlw. On both plotters this results in remaining just outside the dashed channel line on the green side.
    Capt. Pascal aboard Charmer 70′ MY 6+ draft

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  • A Good Experience with the “Carolina Loop”

    Click to learn more about our Carolina Loop programThe so-called “Carolina Loop” cruise consists of a journey north on the Dismal Swamp Canal, to the Norfolk, VA area. Most cruisers stay here for night or two, then cruise south via the AICW principal route, alternately known as the “North Carolina – Virginia Cut” and the “Albemarle – Chesapeake Canal.” This latter passage flows through a lock at Great Bridge, VA, then down the North Landing River, across a dredged passage bisecting northern Currituck Sound, through a canal bisecting the marina rich, but tiny village of Coinjock, NC, down the North River to a short hop west on the Albemarle Sound, and finally north on the Pasquotank River to Elizabeth City, NC. This latter community is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, and has the deserved reputation of being one of the most cruiser friendly stops anywhere.
    Of course, you can start the loop at any convenient place, and there are variations, but the account above lays out the general route. It’s a great trip!

    I did the Carolina Loop last year from up in the Chesapeake to Norfolk then to Coinjock, Elizabeth City, Great Bridge, Norfolk and home. It was a total of 245+/- miles. It is a wonderful short trip with a lot of wilderness and undeveloped river country. It was not a difficult trip from a navigation or logistical point of view but a nice introduction to canal, river, sound and swamp cruising. I recommend it as a test cruise and short adventure for anyone in the Tidewater area. There are three locks (Great Bridge, South Mills and Deep Creek), a few bridges and some open sound to traverse. The only real issue is the limited opening times of the locks. That changes from time to time based on water levels so check before you leave as to what schedule they are operationing on now. In Coinjock there are two marinas for fuel, food and lodging. There are many in Norfolk and Portsmouth and Elizabeth City has free docking at the town docks but not power. Water depth was never an issue but be alert to snags in the Dismal Swamp part and the North Landing River sections. Have a good time.
    Jim Wagner
    (Daddy’s Dream

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Elizabeth City’s Mariners Wharf Docks

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    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Coinjock Marina

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  • “Treasure Chest Provisions” Pleases in Beaufort, NC, AICW Statute Mile 201

    It’s always good to hear of a new source of supplies within walking distance of your boat. The Town Docks Ed refers to are, of course, the Beaufort Municipal Docks. Cruisers can access Treasure Coast Provisions by walking north on Craven Street.
    Another provisioning choice in Beaufort is the Coastal Community Market, located at 606 Broad St (252-728-2844, It’s a few more blocks away, but here you will discover a nice selection of local vegetables, eggs and breads, plus more than a few choices in the way of organic foods.

    For all of those cruising in the Beaufort/Morehead City, NC, area there is a new grocery/convenience store open half-a-block away from the Beaufort Town Docks.
    The new store, called Treasure Chest Provisions, is located at 129 Middle Lane. The store carries ice, packaged grocery items, some perishables (including bread and milk), plus dry goods. To reach the new store, boaters walk north on Craven Street from the Front Street town docks.
    Skipper Ed

    I Was in Beaufort N C just a day or so ago and I found Treasure Chest Provisions store on 129 Middle lane just a block from the dock master house. It was PERFECT the store had eggs, milk, cheese, yougart lettuce and just about all the supplies that we needed from being out after a month at sea. Just needed some wine but was told that it is coming. The employee was very polite and outgoing. This is a shop that will get my business each time I pull into port. I wish them great success to everything in the upcoming year.
    Alex Robinson

    Treasure Chest at 129 Middle Lane in Beaufort N C has just what most boaters are looking for. We stopped in on way to Canada and look forward to stopping in again on way back down. Love the home made baked goods.
    My crew and I were in Beaufort just a few days ago on our way back to Canada and stopped in Beaufort NC . we needed milk and eggs and found Treasure Chest Gift & Provisions. they not only had the milk & eggs that we needed we found fresh baked goods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. This is a store that has been long in coming. Make sure to stop by the owners are so friendly. Look forward to seeing them again on our way back down south.
    Mary Alice Jones

    Cruising News:
    just spent three beautiful days in beaufort, nc. i was happy to find a new store, Treasure Chest Provisions, located at 121 Craven Street. They had eggs, milk, cheese, produce, dry goods, etc. at very reasonable prices. i was happy to replenish some supplies without taking a trip to the food lion! It is a small shop located in the back of the gift store. they just opened in may. Please support them.

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Beaufort Municipal Docks

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  • A Sad Passing For the Cruising Community – Jim Flynt (Core Creek Marine) 1939 – 2011

    Yesterday afternoon (10/4/11), I was talking with the good people at Jarrett Bay Marine Industrial Park (near Beaufort, North Carolina), and was shocked to learn of the passing of Jim Flynt, founder and president of popular Core Creek Marine repair yard. Over the past ten years I had come to know Jim, and considered him a true friend. From time to time we would get together or speak over the telephone about what was going on in the boating world. Once, I’m humbled to say, Jim hosted a dinner for yours truly while I was researching a new edition of my “Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina.” We arrived at Jim’s very interesting homeplace dirty and sweaty after a long day of on-the-water research. He took one look at us, and ushered both I and my research assistant to his nearest shower. I will always remember that kindness, and what became a very special evening thereafter.
    Over the last several years, I knew Jim was struggling with Cancer. As someone whose own first-rate, first-mate is battling the same disease, from time to time I asked Jim how he was progressing. It was so typical of Jim to underplay his condition. Only a few weeks ago in a telephone conversation, he assured me that he was doing “fine.”
    After more than thirty years in the marine business, I can say with some authority that I never met anyone more passionate about quality marine service and repair than Jim Flynt. Once, as I was photographing Core Creek Marine, I noticed the staff repainting a transom that I knew had just been finished the day before. When I asked why, Jim said, “Oh, we have to fix this drip.” I had to get down on my hands and knees, put my face practically up to the gel-coat, and get the angle of the light just right before I could (sort of) see the “drip” in question. Yet, here was Jim making it right, with NO additional cost to his customer.
    That’s just the kind of person Jim was, and he WILL be missed, not just by yours truly, but by the entire cruising community. Indeed, all of us who take to the water have lost a real friend and kindred spirit with Jim’s passing. I know all cruisers will join with me in expressing our deepest sympathies to his staff, family and fiance.
    So Jim:
    May the Wind Always Be at Your Back,
    May the Road Rise to Meet You,
    And may God hold you in the palm of his hand

    Today, we received the announcements below from Karmen Fazzari at Core Creek Marine:

    To Our Friends and Customers
    Core Creek Marine regrets to announce the death of its founder and president, Jim Flynt. In the space of ten years, Jim built the boatyard from scratch into one of the most respected marine service companies on the East Coast. His vision and integrity will be sorely missed.
    Core Creek Marine will continue without interruption to provide the full range and quality of services for which it has become known. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff remains in place to serve your boating needs. If you have any questions, please contact Karmen at (252) 728-7358 or at
    Below is the obituary that will appear this week in the Carteret News-Times:

    James Rudolph Flynt, Jr.
    BEAUFORT NC James Rudolph Flynt Jr. died Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011. Mr. Flynt, 72, passed away at his home here after an extended illness.
    A memorial service will be at St. Francis-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Pine Knoll Shores on Saturday, Nov. 12, at 2 p.m.
    Mr. Flynt was born on June 20, 1939, in Garden City, N.Y. to James R. Flynt Sr. and Elizabeth Fletcher Flynt. He was an engineering graduate of Virginia Tech and attended Stanford University Graduate School of Business.
    Mr. Flynt was the founder and owner of Core Creek Marine boatyard in the Jarrett Bay Industrial Park. He began his career as an industrial engineer with R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., in Winston-Salem. He left Reynolds to form, with a partner, Famco Inc., a metal fabricating business that in its heyday employed as many as 175 people.
    After selling Famco and moving to Carteret County in 2001, Mr. Flynt was an enthusiastic supporter and board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Beaufort. He was also a founding member and vestryman of his church, St. Francis-by-the-Sea in Pine Knoll Shores. He was an enthusiastic blue water sailor.
    Mr. Flynt leaves one daughter, The Rev. Karen F. Humbert of Huntington, W.Va.; a grand-daughter, Austin A. Humbert, a student at New York University, and his fiancée and devoted companion, Dona Anastasi-Styron.
    In lieu of flowers, the family suggests a memorial gift to either the Boys and Girls Club of Beaufort or to St. Francis-by-the-Sea.

    Bummer, Jim was one of the good ones.
    Eddie Jones

    Like you I had only known Jim Flynt for a few years since moving to Beacons Reach in Pine Knoll Shores, NC. I met him through St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church and the Winston-Salem Sail & Power Squadron.
    And like you I knew him as a compassionate and exacting mariner who loved sailing and was a champion of the Boys & Girls Club organization. He is missed here.
    On a personal note, my wife Bobbie and I are both survivors, and we both hope Karen is doing well. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for her.
    Kindest personal regards,
    Harold “Cap’n H” O’Briant
    Executive Officer
    District 27
    United States Power Squadrons

  • Price Angst at Beaufort Municipal Docks, Beaufort, NC, AICW Satutue Mile 201

    We confirmed David’s prices: $2.30/ft under 50ft, $2.50 for 50ft and over, $6.00/night for 30amp, $12.00/night for 50amp. There is a $.10 per foot discount for seven days or longer. The transient rates at Charleston’s City Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, are $2.00/ft up to 69 ft and their monthly rates vary with the season. In September, the monthly rate is $20/ft. Comparing this to Harbor Town Yacht Basin, also A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, on Hilton Head where the rates are $2.00 up to 49ft, $2.50 50ft to 79ft with weekly discounts of $.25 /foot up to 49ft and $.50 /foot 50ft to 79ft. $12 for 30amp and $15 for 50amp, makes Beaufort Municipal Docks slightly more expensive than both City Marina and Harbor Town. With these prices along the AICW, one can easily understand why anchoring rights are so much in the news now.

    We loved old town Beaufort – great food, shops and friendly people. The marina is expensive (2.30/ft with a whopping 0.10 discount for > 7 days) — 2 weeks there cost almost twice what a month costs at Charleston City Marina which is much nicer. Lots of current, rude staff (except the head dockmaster who was very helpful and friendly), and old equipment. We’ll not return.
    David Fry

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  • Shoaling in Bogue Inlet Channel (Near Statute Mile 227)

    The warnings from the Local Notice to Mariners below concerns waters in the almost always shallow Bogue Inlet channel, NOT depths at the Bogue Inlet/AICW intersection. Of course, this intersection is a perennial problem stretch on the AICW, so proceed with caution here as well.

    Shoaling to a depth of 3.0 ft MLW has been reported encroaching into the channel in the vicinity of Bogue Inlet Buoy 4
    (LLNR 29510). Chart: 11541

    Shoaling to a depth of 2.0 feet MLW has been reported in approximate position 34-38.8N, 077-06.8W, extending into the channel 100 yards south of Bogue Inlet Buoy 8 (LLNR 29535). Mariners are advised to transit this waterway with caution. Chart: 11541.

    Shoaling in Bogue Inlet has been reported in the following locations:
    A. 3.7 feet MLW between Bogue Inlet Buoy 3 (LLNR 29505) and Bogue Inlet Buoy 5 (LLNR 29515).
    B. 4.5 feet MLW west of Bogue Inlet Buoy 8 (LLNR 29535) and encroaching into the channel.
    C. 3.3 feet MLW south of Bogue Inlet Buoy 15 (LLNR 29560) and encroaching into the channel.
    Chart : 11541

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For

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  • A Vote For An Overnight Stay at Mile Hammock Bay Anchorage (Statute Mile 244.5)

    Over the years, the entrance to Mile Hammock Bay has gotten infrequently shoally, but that is not the case now, and, as noted by Captain Gantt, unless the US Marines are conducting exercises, this is a great place to drop the hook and spend a quiet evening. Just don’t try dinghying ashore. All the surrounding land is military property and off limits to cruisers.

    For those heading south, Mile Hammock Bay is a very good anchoring area. It is a couple miles south of Onslow Beach Bridge and before the intersection of the ICW with the New River. The area is within the U.S. Marine Base Camp Lejeune but unless the Marines are having an exercise in the area, is available to ICW travelers. We keep our boat at Old Ferry Marina which is a couple miles up the New River, and frequently go to Mile Hammock Bay with others for rafting up, etc.
    Reid Gantt,
    Atlantic 30

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Anchorage Directory Listing For Mile Hammock Bay

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  • An Invitation to Cruise Upstream on the Cape Fear River to Wilmington, NC

    Sounds like a good time to abandon the AICW, and cruise upstream to the Wilmington Public Docks. I’m sure a good time will be had by all during Riverfest!

    If you are inclined— why not proceed up the Cape Fear River to Wilmington and dock at the City Docks with numerous restaurants nearby. Dockage is around $1.50/ foot. This weekend (Oct. 7-9, 2011) is River Fest and there will be lots going on downtown if that sort of thing suits you.
    Edmond Badham
    Wilmington, NC

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For the Wilmington City Docks

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Wilmington City Docks and the Downtown Wilmington Watefront

  • Possible Reduction of High Tide Clearance at Wrightsville Beach/S.R. 74 Bridge, AICW Statute Mile 283

    As Capt. Young expected, the Wrightsville Beach bascule bridge is charted at 20ft vertical clearance at high tide. When I spoke with the bridge tender tonight, he had 20ft and was unaware of a lessening of the high tide clearance. If you also experience a less than 20ft clearance, please let us know.

    We were very surprised to see 15′ on the signboard at Wrightsville Beach Bridge today (10/1/11) at high tide. I asked the bridge tender and she verified 15′. We clear 18′ and did not expect to wait for the hourly opening.
    Capt. Wendy Young aboard “Blue Crab” Island Gyspy 32 headed home to FL

    There should be two feet available extra at the center, the board should read low steel, so you should have had 17 feet available. I checked tide table for today and heights looked normal, was the wind blowing water in? Skipper Bobs lists bridge at 17+2 = 19 feet which may be closer to what it really is. I have cleared the bridge at lower tides and I need 21 feet, tidal range is about 4.5 feet.
    Joe Urban

    Joe –
    The reason we wrote the note was to warn MTOAers cruising south that water level in Wrightsville Beach is higher than usual and even with the 5′ tide variation and the wind blowing at that time, this bridge clearance was much less than one would expect=- 20′ minimum.
    Calvin and Wendy

    It has been my experience that this bridge only has between 17′ & 18′ clearance in the center at normal high tide
    George Grafer aboard Time Out

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Bridge Directory Listing For Wrightsville Beach Bridge

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  • A Good Report from Dismal Swamp Canal, AICW Alternate Route

    Click to learn more about our Carolina Loop programThe Great Dismal Swamp Canal route southbound departs the primary AICW – North Carolina-Virginia Cut, south of Norfolk at Statute Mile 7.2 and begins officially at Deep Creek Lock at Mile 10.6. Elizabeth City at statute mile 50.5 is A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    We traversed the Dismal Swamp canal today. We highly recommend this route as a quiet, picturesque “Lewis and Clark” channel to reach Elizabeth City. Both locks are on full schedule. The floating debris was no more than usual. Water depth was at least 6.5′ and over 7.5′ in many sections. There was no smoke in the air although the swamp fire is not fully contained. There was no excessive vegetation, as there had been earlier in September.
    We’re tied up tonight at Elizabeth City and had a great dinner at Cypress Creek Grill across the street. We’re headed across Albermarle tomorrow before the forecasted front kicks up the wind.
    Capt. Wendy Young aboard “Blue Crab” Island Gypsy 32.

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Dismal Swamp Canal

  • Highest Praise for Staff of Northwest Creek Marina, Off the AICW and Neuse River, near New Bern, NC

    Northwest Creek Marina lies off the eastern shores of Northwest Creek, north of charted McCotter Point.

    Please excuse me adding to my previous comments on Northwest Creek Marina but, with the passing of Hurricane Irene recently I really feel it’s worth adding:
    The standard of preparation and service at this marina went WAY beyond anything we have experienced in any other marina. During the storm (“during”,mind you) the staff were OUT ON THE DOCKS checking and adjusting the boats’ lines and hauling boats when needed. Carol & I were safely tucked into the hotel overlooking the marina throughout the storm and took videos (which can be seen at http://www.HurricaneIrene.Muttlets.Com) of the staff working in 60mph winds and water up to their chests. Several owners had left headsails up and the staff went round removing them and stowing them safely (remember, Irene was expected to be a cat2+ hurricane on arrival). They had lines strung across the marina channels to reduce any damage which might be caused if a boat did break away. They dismantled all the mains power units.
    After the storm, we had power back on the docks just as soon as the power company had returned power to the Fairfield Harbour area and all the cross channel lines cleared ready for the next weekend.
    I can’t say enough good things about this marina. It just keeps getting better!
    They really earned the money we pay there and more (although I won’t tell them that, just in case!).
    Fergus & CarolMcLean

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Northwest Creek Marina and Fairfield Harbor

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  • Shoaling Surveyed at Channel to Beaufort, NC AICW Statute Mile 204

    This shoaling is occurring at the mouth of the Beaufort Harbor Channel south of the Waterway and should not affect most cruisers unless the shoaling increases significantly. Caution is still recommended as you enter the harbor channel.

    A ACOE survey indicates shoaling to a depth of 7.9 feet MLE between Beaufort Harbor Channel Lighted Buoy 2 (LLNR 34805) and Beaufort Harbor Channel Lighted Buoy 1BH (LLNR 34810). The shoal extends across the width of the channel.
    Chart: 11547

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Beaufort Harbor Channel

  • River Dunes Marina, Recommended Hurricane Hole, AICW Statute Mile 173.5

    River DunesRiver Dunes Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located off the AICW’s run along Neuse River, in Broad Creek between unlighted daybeacons #1 and #2.

    Cruising News:
    River Dunes, the safest Marina to dock your boat in a hurricane. No damage from Irene and when electric went off we had a generator for the fuel pumps. Just installed more floating docks with a few slips left to rent. What a great place.
    Clifford Kisby

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For River Dunes Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of River Dunes Marina

  • Good Words for Staff at New Bern Grand Marina off the Neuse River in New Bern, NC

    The New Bern Grand Marina lies just inside the intersection of the Trent and Neuse Rivers, along the Trent’s northern banks between the low-level Trent River highway and railroad bridges.

    Many thanks to Durl, Allen and the many volunteers who helped prepare the boats and docks for hurricane Irene. During the storm, Allen and the volunteers stayed outside going up and down the floating docks checking the lines and boats to make sure that everything was as secure as possible.Thanks to them, no boats were lost and all damage was minor.
    During the storm we stayed inside in the hotel. In spite of the storm damage the building was taking, the staff and manager Michael McMahon worked around the clock to make us as comfortable as possible.
    I can’t say enough good things about this place, but I will mention that the Coast Guard Station Fort Macon put their boat and people that were not working during the storm here because they knew it was the best and safest place to be. Enough said.
    Mike And Kim, Ms. Kimberly

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For New Bern Grand Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of New Bern Grand Marina

  • More on Winter “Dockage in North Carolina” Discussion

    There has been an ongoing, lively discussion on the MTOA List-Seriver about winter dockage and boat storage in North Carolina waters. I’ve copied most of these messages below. As I’ve said before, but let me say it again, all of us at the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net HIGHLY recommend membership in the MTOA. If your nautical interest lies in trawlers, you simply can’t join a better orgainization.
    As you will see, one of the BIG winners in the discussion below is River Dunes Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR), off the Neuse River on Broad Creek. We have provided links to River Dunes and several other marinas that appear in the various messages below at the end of this posting!

    I also wintered my Grand Banks 42 in New Bern in 2009 for the winter. Liberator stayed at the Bridgeport Inn. Service was very friendly. Access to the Craven County Airport was even better. I did worry for a week about the weather. However, I paid a local boat sitter to look after the boat.
    Martin Conway

    We have just purchased a 40 ft Albin trawler which is located in Annapolis MD. We want to move it to No Carolina before winter and must leave it until February 2011 until our retirement commences. Any
    suggestions RE: a reasonable, safe and secure site, whether on the hard or in the water? We live in northern MN and want a trustworthy provider but need no amenities.

    On the hard, try Bock Marine in Beaufort, NC. I can’t comment on in the water except to recommend that you call Town Creek Marina in Beaufort. Others will have different recommendations. You might even call Grand Strand marina at Myrtle Beach. They are well protected and south of the freeze line.

    Try Cape Lookout Yachts in Oriental

    We have been keeping our 34T at Spooners Creek Marina in Morehead City and are very satisfied. It has modern floating docks and is well protected if you are in close to the bulkhead. We did not have to leave when hurricane Earl came by and their policy is you can stay up to a Cat 2 and possibly more depending on the track. Boats at Morehead Yacht basin had to leave the Marina.
    I would suggest checking out the Hurricane procedures no matter where you choose to keep your boat.

    We wintered over in New Bern, NC in ’06-’07. We stayed at the Sheraton Marina, now called Grand (I think). Bridgepointe, on the other side of the river, was about $20/mo. cheaper. I think either would be good but we preferred the Sheraton because everything in the old town was a short walk away. The only thin you need to be mindful of is the State tax that is assessed on all boats residing there on Jan. 1. We were able to easily exempt because our stay didn’t exceed the six month limit. However, be aware of the tax and keep your documentation after you leave. We were forewarned by the dockmaster so we took a walk to visit the Tax Collector’s office. We talked to a nice lady who took down all the information she needed. Just prior to leaving, we visited again and showed them our final bill. Thought that would be the end of it but not so. We got a tax bill from them later in the year. I was able to make the problem go away with a phone call
    and a quick fax. But if I hadn’t kept copies of the billing I would have been screwed.
    In retrospect, although we thoroughly enjoyed our time in New Bern, we should have gone farther south, below the freezing zone. We didn’t have any problems but it was too cold to cruise the boat.
    Morning Star

    Funny thing… I just posted on a related item on the T&T list about this very topic… Here’s the scoop.
    Have you decided the state and county in which you plan to “register”/”record” the boat? If not, do that before you do anything else. With boats, the general rule is that the boat is “registered” or “recorded” in the jurisdiction of it’s “principal use.” You, the owner, get to decide where that is. There is nothing morally or legally wrong with using the boat principally in jurisdictions with low/no excise taxes and low/no personal property taxes. There is no legal obligation to “register” or “record” or pay taxes on the boat in the jurisdiction where you maintain your domicile if that is not the area of “principal use.”
    In case you weren’t aware, North Carolina has a personal property tax system on boats that is levied by individual NC counties. Additionally, some but not all cities in NC impose their own PPTs. While New Bern is a very nice location to winter, it does have a very significant local PPT on top of the county PPT, but across the Trent River, outside the city, there isn’t one. Liability for the PPT in NC occurs on January 1st of each year. As of recent changes, I understand that it may also occur if the boat is in that jurisdiction for 90 consecutive days. Plan accordingly. The plan that you mentioned in your post appears to bring you into a PPT taxable case in NC. Check with the marina where you ultimately settle to see if they are in a city with a PPT on top of the county PPT.
    A poster on the T&T list implied that there is no excise tax on used boats in NC. I *do not* know if that is correct; it was new to me. If true, that could benefit you if you plan to take the boat to NC. Again, verify it with the county tax office where you decide to locate the boat.
    Consider hauling the boat. In most states, if the boat is hauled it is not “in the water and available for use.” That stops the 90 day “register”/”record” clock, but I don’t know about the NC PPT.
    South Carolina is similar to NC, but I think involves lower tax rates. Most eastern shore counties in SC allow 180 days before the PPT/registration obligation attaches. If you plan to winter there, check with the marina or the county where the marina is located. The better marinas will know what the local rules are.
    Most states will allow you 30 days to get the boat registered and any applicable excise taxes paid. Wherever you do that, decide now. Maryland allows 30 days from the time the boat enters Maryland waters to pay the excise tax and register or record the boat. If the boat was in the water in Maryland, the clock started at closing. Plan accordingly. If you do not plan to “register”/”record” in Maryland, get out within 30 days. You could bounce back and forth from Solomons to Deltaville every 29 days to run out the clocks… Hey, that’s the rules, and you’re just playing their game by their rules… There is no legal or moral obligation to arrange your affairs to maximize your tax obligation! Thus declareth the US Supremes…
    All of the states are desperate for “income” these days. If you trigger any of the time criteria anywhere along the way, the locals will vigorously come after you. So, plan carefully; this decision is worth a lot of money.
    Good luck!

    Morning Gary,
    Give J.C. Cappelmann a call at River Dunes Marina, 252-670-5987. River Dunes is a beautiful marina in a very protected basin. River Dunes is located at m.m 174 just off the ICW up Broad Creek. I would also suggest River Dunes to all the MTOA folks who are headed south for the winter, I promise you won’t be disappointed with your visit.
    Call J.C. for rates and info on the marina,
    Todd & Brenda

    We stayed at River Dunes for several days on our way north in the spring and also highly recommend it. It is a wonderful marina, excellent docks, protected basin, friendly and helpful staff, and free courtesy car.
    Barbara and Jim and Golden Retriever, Lily
    Golden Lily – Nordic Tug 42-092

    We too enjoyed River Dunes. Do note however there is a lack of AT&T cell coverage in the area and the restaurant is only open on the weekends. Call ahead.
    Bob and Kemba
    Aboard M/V Spirit Dancer

    Palmetto Moon with Jim, Su and lazy cat Alex are from SC and have our our boat hauled in NC. Not because the yard is better, it is the yard we know best. Sailcraft in Oriental, NC (MM-180) has done all our work for the past 5 1/2 years. All of our visits, the employees have been very professional and competent. Owned by Allen Arnfast who is always there. Phone 252-249-0522 We stop in on our North and South trips to receive excellent service that is priced reasonably and has always come in, at or under the quoted figures. In the North bound stay the boat is hauled for 30 days and we stay aboard, climbing a 16 foot ladder. You can perform any work yourself, but they will assist at the normal labor rates for that job. Sailcraft is a working yard and you would need to haul your boat for that extended time.
    On the other hand if you just want water storage; Marina [at] Grande Dunes (MM-257) in Myrtle Beach, SC is a marina I recommend. Phone 843-315-7777 We use this marina for our North and South bound stops for about 30 days each way. Boat is safe, we can visit our families, doctors, tax stuff and get ready for the next six months of travel. They are a quality run marina with very attractive rates for long term stays. Very well protected in a basin with floating docks with fingers on BOTH sides, locking gates, and security. Last year Horry County passed a change in length of stays before becoming taxable. From a total of 90 days to total of 180 days. (not sure if this is calendar or any 12 month period) Leave the keys with the office and they will check on your boat for you.
    If you decide on either one tell them that Palmetto Moon recommended you. Sometimes it has made a big difference in your rates GOING DOWN!!!!!!
    Palmetto Moon

    We have docked our trawler at River Dunes for the months of July thru September and December thru March for the last two years. Check the web site. Call JC for long term rates.
    The marina is well protected from storms and the only tide is wind created. The facility cannot be matched in NC. RD is a ten minute ride from the village of Oriental. The village has a West Marine and a hardware store and good restaurants
    If I can help please call.
    Ode to Joy

    I know that many boaters leave their vessels in the water in New Bern, NC at the New Bern Grand Marina (part of the local Hilton Hotel) for the winter. I talked to Nancy, the marina office manager who said that customers boat year around there. The region experiences a mild winter climate, where a small heater or even a 100 watt light bulb in the engine room maintains temperature on the few days the temperature dips below freezing. The marina is in the heart of downtown New Bern with its many shops and restaurants, has floating docks and a full time staff that will look after your vessel while you are away. It’s one of only two NC coastal communities with a nearby airport served by a commercial airline (US Airways). Being part of the Hilton Hotel chain, marina customers have use of the hotel amenities including on-site restaurant, entertainment deck, free morning newspaper and coffee and perhaps most helpful of all – hotel shuttle service to the airport and to local stores for groceries & supplies. But the best part is the monthly dockage rates of $6.25/ft/mo plus metered power (at the standard NC residential rate), which will be offered for up to six month to winter residents; that’s less than $300/mo for a 40 foot boat.
    I have no affiliation with the marina except for being a satisfied customer this summer when we spent half the season away from the boat. For more information call Nancy at 252/638-0318.

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  • Praise for Carolina Wind Yachting Center, upstream on the Pamlico River off the AICW in Washington, NC

    Carolina Wind Yachting Center is located on the north banks of the Pamlico River just upstream of the Washington City Docks.

    I was a live-aboard at Carolina Winds (Haven’s Warf) in 1995-1996. Wonderful town and great people. The staff at Carolina Winds are fantastic and know their stuff. Your only major challenges to the town are the railroad bridge. When I lived there, the bridge was “hand cranked”, so if the wind was blowing, they could not get it open.
    Line Dempsey

    Editor’s Note – Carolina Wind Yachting Center suffered damage from Hurricane Irene. Be sure to call ahead and check on services availability before committing to a plan which call for coiling your lines here!

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Carolina Wind Yachting Center

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Carolina Wind Yachting Center

  • Dock Is Ready for Use at Sanitary Fish Market (Morehead City, NC, near Statute Mile 205)

    Sanitary Fish Market (Restaurant) has been a fixture on the Morehead Waterfront since my family first began coming here in the 1950′s. They are kings of fried seafood. For many, many years Sanitary has featured a dock for its patrons along the town waterfront just behind the restaurant The new, updated dock is now open to boaters.

    As per 17 August 11, water at the new floating dock is 15ft deep at low tide. Tide runs 4 to 5 feet. Tie up at the floating dock is unassisted on a first come, first served basis (Grab it and Growl). $25.00/night if you eat dinner there. $1.00/foot if you do not eat there. The $1.00/foot applies when they are closed, the Sunday after Thanksgiving until the first Friday in February.
    Jim Powell

    Ted Garner, owner of Sanitary Seafood is a friend of ours and an MTOA port capt. He has made some renovations including putting a full service bar at the restaurant in addition to the outside deck. He is just waiting for the permits to put in a new floating dock at the restaurant which he hopes will be in by the end of June. So be patient it will come. In addition, he is a very accommodating port capt. for those who plan to be in the area a need any assistance.

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Downtown Morehead City Waterfront

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