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Archive For: NORTH CAROLINA – All Cruising News

  • No Free Pumpout at Jarrett Bay Marine Industrial Park, AICW Statute Mile 197

    Jarrett Bay Marine is located on the eastern shores of ICW-Core Creek passage, south of flashing daybeacon #19.

    Cruising News:
    Buyers beware! We were in need of fuel, water & a pump out on our way south on the ICW. We checked our BoutUS Member Services Guide for a convient location our our way to Beaufort, NC. We found that the Jarrett Bay Boatworks offered a free pump out and it was right on the way. Since we had been there several time on our way north & south, we decided to pull in for the works. Well, the works is what we got! They were busy hauling a large yacht and were told we wanted to pump it out ourself, that would be OK. We did and went to the fuel dock for diesel and water. When I went into the office to pay, I then found out that the charge for a pump out is $30.00!!!!! When my wife called them they said they never offered a free pump out and the book is incorrect. Needless to say, I got the “works” that day. But, they have also lost me as a fuel customer. Buyers Beware!
    Capt. Mike

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  • Morehead City – Beaufort Info (Statute Mile 201 to 205)

    Morehead City Yacht BasinCaptain Han’s short but incredibly newsy note below contains some real gems when it comes to a visit to the Morehead City – Beaufort region. Note this dynamic cruising duo had a good meal at Morehead’s Ruddy Duck Tavern (252-726-7500), and then moved on to anchor in Beaufort’s Taylor Creek. And, they found additional swing room by cruising just a bit farther to the east on this body of water.
    Good advice all the way around. I would only add that two more excellent dockage alternatives on the Morehead City side are Morehead City Yacht Basin, one of the finest marinas you will find anywhere (and a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR) and the new Morehead City Public/City Docks, found at the western end of the downtown waterfront. Both are linked below.

    Typically we stay at Morehead and eat at the Ruddy Duck. This trip it was Saturday and we arrived at lunch so we were asked not to stay at Ruddy Duck beyond lunch and monopolize the dock. The point is that we ended up anchoring in Taylor Creek. I have always been put off by the crowded anchorage but we just meandered eastward up the creek and found lots of swinging room a short way up.
    The new Sanitary Restaurant docks are great even if you have to pay.
    Gregory Han

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  • Good Words for Dudley’s Marina, AICW Statute Mile 229

    Dudley’s Marina lies northeast of the Waterway near unlighted daybeacon #46A, and just a hop, skip and jump from downtown Swansboro, NC. Those cruisers who are willing to hike or take the Dudley’s courtesy car across the bridge and causeway can find some of the best FRIED (NOT broiled) seafood in the world at Captain Charley’s Seafood Paradise!

    Make no mistake about it, Dudley’s is a great local sport fisherman’s marina with dockage for cruisers. We love the service and the helpfullness of the staff and it’s working boat yard atmosphere. It’s a great value for the cruiser at 75 cents a ft., electric, water and courtesy van included. Their facilities are “seasoned” and more than adequate.
    Bob & Lynne aboard Traveller

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  • Recommendation of Goat Island Anchorage, AICW Dismal Swamp Alternate Route, Statute Mile 43.5

    Goat Island Anchorage will be discovered on the waters of Pasquotank River north of Elizabeth City. Be sure the enter the anchorage behind Goat Island from the southeastern end of the cut.

    10/31/2011 Stayed at this anchorage during gale force winds from the NNE. Very good holding. Good protection.
    Patty Tate

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  • A Vote For a Stay at Portside Marina (Morehead City, NC – Statute Mile 205)

    When entering the Morehead City waterfront from the “Turning Basin,” Portside Marina is the first facility that will come abeam to the north.

    We would like to suggest that the Portside Marina in Morehead City is an excellent stop in the Beaufort, NC area. It is family-owned marina and they take care of transient boaters very well. It is the first marina after you pass the ship terminal. Their cost is $1.50 a foot with $10 off the second and third nights. The dockmaster has his PHD but he loves owning the marina and taking care of boaters. Give them a try.
    Flint and Leslie Firestone
    aboard Grace Full

    Last night we stayed at Portside Marina in Morehead City. The Marina is very close to the inlet and we had planned to go out this morning. Great people, very helpful, $1.50/foot electric included, great location. Nice restaurants within walking distance.
    Claudia Young

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  • Confirmation Received of Marker # Change At AICW/Bogue Inlet Intersection (Statute Mile 227)

    On 11/20/11, I asked for help from the cruising community concerning the report below by Captain Jerry, that the Bogue Inlet channel aid to navigation, hard by the AICW/Bogue Inlet intersection, has changed its numbering from #21 to #20. I’m glad to report that Captain Eilenn has responded!
    This is a BIG DEAL, as the Bogue Inlet/AICW intersection has long been an “AICW Problem Stretch.” Not only is perennial shoaling a problem here, but the inland-most marker on the Bogue Inlet channel is often mistaken for an AICW aid to navigation. This mis-identification often leads to groundings.
    And, the important point is that this newly numbered marker #20 is NOT an AICW navigational marker. Ignore it, and follow ONLY the Waterway buoys and daybeacons!

    The mark to be ignored at Bogue inlet is “20″, not “21″. It floats between “45″ and “45A”.
    Jerry on Suncatcher

    Cruising News:
    Definitely a red nun #20 between 45 and 45A
    Admiral Eileen

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  • Good Words, Past and Present, for River Dunes Marina, AICW Statute Mile 173.5

    River DunesRiver Dunes Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located off the AICW’s run along Neuse River, in Broad Creek between unlighted daybeacons #1 and #2.

    Cruising News:
    Oct 2008 – Dockmaster JC Cappleman and his staff make this beautiful facility feel like home. Pool, spa, exercise room, clean and modern steam showers, loaner cars, new floating docks and friendly boaters’ gatherings in front of the clubhouse fireplace . . . all combine to make River Dunes an unforgettable gem on the ICW.
    Oct 2011 – We’ve visited River Dunes five times now on our way north or south. If you haven’t stopped by yet in favor of another marina or anchorage, you’re missing one of the best spots on the waterway.
    Bob Fulton

    Stayed at River Dunes twice in 2011. Both visits absolutely wonderful. JC and his staff are first rate, facility beautiful, protected, great food … a must stop north and south.
    Doug Jacoby..m/v CHANGER

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  • Upper Dowry Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 131.5)

    The anchorage referred to below by Captain Anderson lies upstream of Dowry Creek Marina, a facility that many other cruisers have reported favorably upon.

    While I agree that this anchorage is a very solid location to get out of strong winds, our experience at Dowry Creek Marina was an eye opening!
    When I went in and spent money for fuel and ice I even asked if they wanted a fee for trash and water and was told no thanks. Later in the day, after we bought more fuel, (again by our dinghy) we were befriended by a fellow cruiser on the dock and were invited to the happy hour that night by him. When we showed up we were told by the marina that only docked boats could participate. Further they said they did not have dinghy facilities and that we would have to leave the premises! Next time the gentleman said, “take one or our docks!”.
    Note that we sail a very low freeboard trimaran and the docks at the marina were not even considered by us. Too high to reach and facing the wrong way for the forecasted bag weather. Why would we want our boat pinned to rough pilings during the big wind when we can swing with the weather that was forecasted??
    Right now we are at a dock (a beautiful floater) so we do spend money! I’ll anchor in Upper Dowry Creek perhaps again but will NEVER set foot at the marina. It has easily been the low point of our cruise south to date!!
    Dick Anderson

    Why would you expect to benefit and enjoy the amenities of the marina while anchored. It just makes sense to me that if you want to participate then pay the slip rate. I would resent you getting the same treatment as a paying customer.
    Rick Bearden

    Sorry You had a bad experience there, it has been one of our favorite stops, and always been friendly, of course we did pay for dockage, so I guess that’s why. I know the Lady lost her husband and is having a hard time keeping the place going. I am still a bit surprised that they treated You that way, and understand Your post. They seemed to be real sail friendly when we were there, did the marina change hands? Do You know?
    Captain Clay

    We’ve stayed at Dowry Creek marina at least four times, the most recently 11-3-11. They are the most friendly and accommodating people we’ve had the pleasure to meet. They have very nice facilities (restrooms, showers, pool, boaters lounge.) They go out of their way to assist anyone paying for a slip, with hands always ready to help with lines. I saw them out in driving rain and winds on 11-4-11 assisting boaters dock. Later that evening, well after dark they stayed after hours to assisted a small sailboat dock in nearly 30kts winds.
    No they don’t have floating docks or a dingy dock for boaters that don’t want to pay for a slip. If you chose to anchor do so just don’t expect to use a nearby marina’s facilities.

    I bought a boat from a man who owned a slip at Dowry Creek Marina a couple of years ago. I stayed on the boat for about 3 days getting it ready to move. She knew she would not be getting any slip fees from me. Mary was nice and accommodating. Not overly friendly, but it was a good experience over all. But, while I was there, I was buying ice, chips, candy, soda, a couple extra things from the store. I don’t know her or her business plan, and I can understand her frustration of people sailing by and anchoring within sight of the marina. But if she would have let him stay, he might have spent some more money. (I know I would have probably bought more!) I own a retail store, and ANY customer is a good customer.
    Mark s/v Windbag

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  • Unhappy Times at Alligator River Marina (Statute Mile 84)

    We present the report below without prejudice or further comment, except to say that over the years many cruisers have written to praise Alligator River Marina and its proprietor, while others have reported just the opposite. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground in regards to cruisers’ feelings towards this facility.

    Well, I’ve never before posted negative comments concerning a marina… but after 40 odd years of cruising, Captaining and being in the marine industry, our experience at the Alligator River Marina merits commenting…
    We were heading North during Mid/late August 2011, called ahead during the late afternoon to see if a slip was available. A very pleasant young lady advised that there would be space available and to tie up on the south dock and come inside to register. We called again just prior to arrival and ordered food, as the store/restaurant closes at 1930.
    Upon arrival we found the staff (gas station attendant and grill cook) to be pleasant, accommodating and rather friendly for being at the end of a days work. Our food was ready, we filled out the dockage form- paid for the slip and food and tipped the clerk and cook well for their kindness.
    There was only one other transient boat at the marina, the place was essentially empty.
    In the morning we took on almost $1,400.00 in fuel and bought breakfast for our crew of three. Between the prior night’s dinner, dockage, breakfast, and some odds and ends from the store, we spent near $1,700.00.
    Our main concern was staying ahead of Hurricane Irene, as she was about 4 days behind us when we arrived. Our destination was Long Island.
    In fairness, the marina is an adequate, no frills facility, with clean hot showers, laundry, a lounge with TV and internet access, all in a good location. The owner, Ms. Wanda on the other hand is someone we won’t soon forget…
    Shortly after departing, we had a minor mishap and damaged one propeller. We telephoned the marina and asked (as their welcome package indicated) if they could arrange for a diver to change the prop. Ms. Wanda indicated that she would arrange for a diver to come to the marina, took our phone number, and said to come back.
    Upon returning to the marina, she advised (with a smile) that the diver would not be available until the following afternoon. I explained that we would explore other options, as we wanted to stay ahead of the Hurricane, and that I wished we had known about the diver’s availability prior to returning.
    Her displeasure (actually anger to near the point of rage) over our electing to explore our options was evident in her tone of voice, facial expressions and posture….
    She simply said, “I doubt you’ll find another diver”. We telephoned a local marine surveyor friend and were able to arrange for a diver who could have been there in two hours. I advised Ms. Wanda that we had located a diver who would be there by late morning, thanked her for calling her diver, and asked that she please cancel his appointment for the following day.
    A short while later she came to the boat… banged on the hull and said, “Make sure your diver gives me a certificate of insurance naming me and my marina”…. I called the diver and relayed her message… he said it was not a problem, and that he had dealt with “Wicked Wanda”(His characterization…not mine!) in the past. He then asked that I give her the phone…
    This is where it got rather interesting… Ms. Wanda repeated the issue about the insurance and then told the diver that he would have to see her upon arrival, and pay her $30 “for the pleasure of diving from her dock”… an argument ensued between the diver and Ms. Wanda…she returned my phone and said, “I told you you wouldn’t find another diver”
    I would have gladly paid the additional $30 to be on our way and ahead of the hurricane.
    As I walked back to the boat she turned and said, “I guess you’ve got a real problem now”…
    Throughout this situation I chose to maintain my self on the high road and was nothing less than polite… I simply responded, “Well Ms. Wanda, I must tell you, never will I spend $1,700.00 at anyone’s establishment to be treated this way… you have a nice day, we’ll be leaving shortly”
    Before I could hit the start button she had us untied and free of the dock….simply unbelievable!
    We got underway and arranged for the diver to meet us at Coinjock later that evening. Upon arriving at Coinjock we learned that she had called ahead… we assume in an effort to get us shut out. As always, Coinjock was a pleasure with Louis’ pleasant staff, excellent food, and live music.
    Unfortunately, the diver was unable to remove the prop… we limped up to Portsmouth, VA where we were hauled by Full Throttle Marine at Tidewater Marina. It is without reservation that I recommend Full Throttle. They were prompt, friendly, courteous, and quite reasonable for the short haul and changing of both propellers.
    Later we were told (but could not confirm) that Ms. Wanda had actually requested the diver to come the following day… If that is true I find it unconscionable that she would attempt to delay us by more than a day in the face of a hurricane for a few paltry dollars in dock fees and food from her store.
    Would I stay there again?…Likely not, but anything is possible while on the water! Granted her fuel prices are as good as you’ll find in NC… but whoever you buy fuel from, she gets a piece of the pie… she is the local marine fuel fuel distributor!
    Capt. Jerry

    We, too, have had a very bad experience with the Alligator River Marina. It was several years ago, we were traveling south and needed fuel. We, of course, did the usual callings and everyone was polite and nice.
    Upon arrival at the fuel dock, the wind was blowing very hard (~25k) directly away from the pier. We tried to approach normally but could not. So I called to the dock attendant that we would approach nose on and asked if he could take a line from us and tie it off so we could then use the prop wash on the rudder to force the stern in. He used some choice words about my bad seamanship and told me if I didn’t know how to bring a boat in properly I shouldn’t be boating. He started to walk away. I called to him that I really needed his help and he turned back to us. When we got the bow of the boat near the pier, Suzi tossed him a line and indicated the cleat where we would like him to tie it. He ignored her and short tied the bow to the pier so tightly that there was no way we could bring the stern in. And again he walked away, ignoring our protests. Another boater volunteered to help and we got tied up.
    Then, the dock attendant came up to us carrying the fuel pump nozzle and laid it next to our boat, gave me what I would consider a dirty look and walked away. A few moments later I picked up the nozzle and started to fuel our boat. After pumping several gallons the dock attendant came back cursing at me and saying he had not told me to pump yet, and that he was in charge and I wasn’t to do anything until he told me to. I apologized (probably not too sincerely) and he said that he wasn’t finished taking the reading from the last boat which had taken on fuel and that since I had pumped before he zeroed it out, I was going to have to pay what the pump showed was owed and that the previous boat had taken on over a thousand gallons. I explained to him that that was simply not going to happen. We were quite low on fuel or I would have paid for the 3 gallons which I pumped and left. We had intended on taking on over 100 gallons. As it was, we took 30 and went in to pay.
    I told the lady inside that her dock attendant was extremely rude. She said, rather coldly, “That’s my husband.” I said, “I’m sorry.”
    We will never go back there.
    Larry MacDonald

    Your timely posting is appreciated. We have not “done the ditch” in about 3 years and will be in that vicinity this weekend. We were discussing whether we should stop in the event that there was new management, but now that we know that WWW is still there, we will–as has been our custom–plan our stops accordingly.

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  • Report on Passage of the Dismal Swamp AICW Canal Alternate (North Carolina AICW)

    Click to learn more about our Carolina Loop programEven though Captain Jim’s account below is taken from a June, 2011 passage of the Dismal Swamp Canal, we thought it contained so MUCH good info, that it deserved a November posting here on the Cruisers’ Net!
    Jim is quite correct about the danger of submerged and semi-submerged debris on the canal. It’s best to go slow and take in the sights. Those who are in a hurry would be better served by the North Carolina – Virginia Cut route (a. k. a. Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal).

    I took the Dismal Swamp in June form the south and it was beautiful but you need to know a few things first. The locks were on a limited opening schedule of twice a day which I think has changed but you need to confirm that. Second I struck a submerged obstruction and bent my starboard prop about 1.5 miles north of the VA/NC state line. I never saw anything even after we hit it so be very careful. As a side note there was plenty of water depth and it did not go below 7 feet. Thankfully we were at idle speed so the damage was minor. BE careful but even saying that I do not know how I would have avoided it. If your props are more protected than my you might not need to worry. There is a great free dock at the welcome center near the state line with a very good park of hikes into the swamp. If you are interested in nature you can not go wrong. You will likely see wood ducks, many types of wood peckers and as well as other mammals. They have a very nice nature center across form the welcome center docks. When you get to Elizabeth City There are also free dock at the town docks. Enjoy the trip.
    Jim Wagner

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  • Cruisers Voyaging Through Beaufort, NC – Don’t Miss the Latest Artifacts from Blackbeard the Pirate’s Ship (St. M. 201)

    Be sure to follow the link below and read the article which appeared in the “Jacksonville Daily News.” This will clue one and all into why this is an exciting prospect, and how to view the artifacts!

    For those of you heading south still – stop in Beaufort, NC and see the artifacts from Blackbeards ship – salvage underway!!! Check out:

    Frank Erwin

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Beaufort, NC

  • Good Words for Albemarle Plantation Marina (Northern Shore of Albemarle Sound)

    Our marina  is your boating access to Albemarle Sound, the largest freshwater sound in the country—55 miles long and 15 miles at its widest point. Placed strategically at the mouth of Yeopim Creek, the marina is just beyond the high insurance line saving boaters significantly on their insurance rates.I had the good fortune to visit with both Albemarle Plantation Marina and Yacht Club earlier this year, and I can tell you from personal experience that this is an excellent facility for all cruising craft. And, these good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!
    Albemarle Plantation Marina is located off the AICW, off the northern shores of Albemarle Sound, on Yeopim River/Creek. Click the link below to this facility’s entry in our North Carolina Marina Directory to learn more!

    Things have further changed, [and] management has changed the hands running this [facility] for the better. The new management now has a bistro (Bar & Resturant) at the dock (Called Docksides) along with the mentioned park and outdood grills. Extremely attactive, worth a visit for any traveling boater.
    Proctor Baker

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  • More Good Words for Dowry Creek Marina, AICW Statute Mile 131.5

    Dowry Creek Marina is a fine family owned and family run marina. Off the AICW/Pungo River, north of Belhaven, NC, Dowry Creek Marina has long been a favorite among cruisers.

    Cruising News:
    What can be said after everyone has already sung the praises of Dowry Creek Marina? Only that this is the nicest facility we have ever been to. This isn’t just a bunch of cruisers. It’s family. Every evening you miss the ones that sailed on, and welcome the ones that just came in. You search the room for familiar faces, and always smile when you see Mary.
    Jim and Talley Powell

    Made our first visit to Dowry in early Nov 2011. Will be back. Mary is a great host, the folks around the marina are a good group of cruisers who enjoy what we are all doing. Clean facilities, good staff and a very nice daily social gathering each evening…quick easy on / off the AICW.
    Doug Jacoby..m/v CHANGER

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Dowry Creek Marina

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  • Alligator River Marina Discussion, AICW Statute Mile 84

    There has been a lively discussion about Alligator River Marina taking place on the MTOA List-Serve. We have secured permission from the authors to copy several of their messages below. Capatins Jim and Talley’s missive was sent directly to the SSECN.
    Alligator River Marina lies on the western shore of the Alligator River/AICW, just north of the swing bridge and southwest of flashing daybeacon #12.

    Cruising News:
    Alligator River Marina is just in the right place, 42.5 miles from Dowry Creek Marina and 32 miles to Elizabeth City or 31 miles to Coinjock. Good dock hands. Nice store and personnel. The Grill closes PROMPTLY at 7:30pm, so they encourage you to be in no later than 7pm. They give you an informative handout with souvenir pen in a baggie. Nice touch. Nice place. Week Verizon coverage, but it works. We’ll make this a regular stop on the ICW north and south.
    Jim and Talley Powell

    What y’all may not know is the Alligator Marina restaurant is “Known” for its N. C. BBQ. I know boaters that call there by VHF to order some BBQ and then just do a touch and go to pick up the food. Also, the diesel fuel prices are very competitive and sometimes even better than in Coinjock.
    Don R,
    m/v Andante

    Hi, would love to try Alligator marina…it all sounds so great… passed by it twice because I was worried about ‘skinny’ water. We draw 5’6”… any issue?
    Michelle and Doug Jacoby

    Changer… you parallel the bridge to the west to enter the marina. I don’t believe that 5’6” would be a problem, but the area is very influenced by wind/weather. You would need to ask the marina about depth in the approach.
    Don R, m/v Andante

    Glad to hear that things have changed so dramatically at this marina when we experienced some of the worst customer service…no, make that THE worst service we have encountered up and down the east coast….that is in 5 years of cruising. There were no dock hands because “it was raining” the service was curt and definitely not helpful. We felt unwelcome and could not leave fast enough the next day when things were no better. We are polite, nice people and easy to deal with. We took the high road with our manners but left as soon as we could.
    I suppose in a fix we would stay there again, but it is doubtful.
    Sami and Bari

    I have stayed here a number of times over the last few years. It provides the only fuel on the 75 mile stretch between Elizabety City / Coinjock and Dowry Creek / Belhaven. It also provides a rest stop before or after you cross the Albemarle Sound and on a bad day, you are going to be glad it is there.
    Entrence is easy via a well marked channel just north of the Alligator River bridge. However the passage thru the breakwater can be a bit tricky during high winds. Once in the marina, protection is pretty good.
    Both gas and diesel fuel are available at reasonable prices. The slips are a bit narrow with short finger piers on one side. The slips have both electric and water. Showers and a lounge are just a short walk away as is the main building with its small restaurant. Food in the restaurant is limited, but what I have had has been very good.
    This is a marina, not a resort. They provide ll of the basics at a very reasonable price with no frills. Most of the staff is friendly and will help you, if you ask. They are not thrilled with pets, but I have never had a problem. One thing to keep in mind is that they may be closed during some winter months. It is always a good idea to call ahead and get the current conditions.
    Dave Boxmeyer

    My favorite “Miss Wanda” story, talking about “terse”, was I fueled up oneSunday morning and had an early BBQ lunch. I went to pay the fuel and lunch bill and her employee ran my credit card. He said it didn’t work! I thought that was strange so I gave him a second and then a third. No joy. He asked for cash and I told him I didn’t have that much cash, but if he called Miss Wanda she would be able to process the card on the phone with her bypass code since his machine was obviously broke.
    He said if he called her she would be pissed. I asked him if he would take a check? He said no, Miss Wanda doesn’t allow checks. I asked him if she would be more pissed if I cast off and promised to pay her on the way back north in the spring? He decided to call her and get her out of church.
    She arrived, over 6′ and dressed to the nines, processed the credit card charge and then began to tear the poor guy a new cloaca. Bottom line is don’t mess with Miss Wanda!
    Phil “TrawlerPhil” & Aven Rosch
    M/V “Curmudgeon” MT-44TC

    I have been there three times, usually for a berth and fuel. The first time we could not get to the fuel dock as a large sport fisher was hard aground at the dock waiting for a tow. I fueled up the next morning. The second visit was uneventful. The third was a touch-and-go for soda, ice and bread. I stayed with SAOIRSE; one of the crew went to the store and spent about $30.00 and the first mate went to the marina bathroom. The marina owner asked me if I needed fuel and I told him we topped off earlier that morning and were good. He then intercepted the first mate as he was coming back from the bathroom and demanded that he pay $5.00 for the privilege. I asked the marina owner why? He surely recognized me and the boat from previous visits. He did but got angry and told me that he was not running a free toilet facility. I looked around for the Candid Camera crew but did not see it. I looked for a grin on the owners face but no joy there either.Then I got angry. I handed him a 5-dollar bill but he would not accept it and said I had to pay it at the store. I left SAOIRSE, went to the store, and told the cashier I had to pay $5.00 because one of the crew had used the toilet. She laughed and said she never heard of such a thing. She said that people using the gas station used the bathrooms all the time. I assured her that her boss had required the payment and requested a receipt. That receipt is now pinned to SAOIRSE’S bulletin board and I wave it every time I pass the Alligator River Marina bye!
    Ed Powers
    M/V “SAOIRSE” 40′ MT Sundeck

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  • Good Words For A Stop In Columbia, NC (off the AICW, off Southern Albemarle Sound)

    The charming river village of Columbia lies along the Scuppernong River, which makes into the southern shores of Albemarle Sound, west of the AICW’s passage across this body of water. In addition to the free city docks, described by Captain below, there is also a private marina and boatyard known as Cypress Landing. The only disadvantage to this latter facility is their location on the opposite side of the river and Highway 64 bridges from Columbia’s downtown district.

    Cruising News:
    Columbia, North Carolina, is one of the most iconic small towns we have seen in a long time. Approach up the Scuppernong River is well marked and uneventful. Turn around in front of the Municipal Wharf is in 25 feet of water. There is 8 feet at the wharf. Cute little town with a main street of about 4 blocks long. Walk to the Food Lion was about ½ mile each way. Lots of cute little stores down town. Free tie up and water. No electricity. Really well protected from winds on all points. Supposed to register at the municipal building immediately adjacent to the wharf, but it’s closed on Sunday. Shower and head is also adjacent to the wharf, and is clean and neat. A pleasant stop over for a change of pace.
    Jim & Talley Powell

    Columbia on south shore of the Albemarle west of the Alligator River is a brief pleasant visit but very small. The local vineyard has a very nice tasting room/shop and the owner offers vineyard tours if not too busy. Also the nature center is a good visit, howeverColombia is no Edenton, but how can you resist cruising upa river called the Scuppernong!
    Joseph Pica

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  • Praise for Edenton Town Docks, off the AICW on the western tip of Albemarle Sound

    The Edenton Town Docks overlook the Edenton city waterfront, north of unlighted daybeacon #8. Edenton, one of the Colonial Capitals of North Carolina, lies well off the AICW, on the western reaches of Albemarle Sound, and at the eastern mouth of mighty Chowan River.

    You got to come see the Edenton, N.C. Town Dock. Big concrete breakwater with a narrow entrance to the West. Inside the wall is the quietest, calmest harbor we have ever seen. Little kids playing on the swings in the adjacent municipal park. City full of history, museums, and great restaurants. First two nights are free. 50 amp electricity is $6.00/night. Three or four city employees came by to see if there was anything we needed. If we didn’t have other places to go, we’d stay here for awhile.
    Jim and Talley Powell

    You didn’t mention that there is no fuel at downdown Edenton, has a pump out, but fuel should be at the old Albemarle Boat works on Queen street, call Scott Harrell first @ 252-337=5515.
    I hope you walked the town, nicest small town in the South with great restored houses.
    Proctor Baker

    Edenton, NC One of the Ten Prettiest Towns in the South. Walk up the main st away from the harbor and enjoy the history and the shops. There is a great library, coffee shop, several terrific restaurants. Enjoy the courthouse Square, St Paul’s church, Octagon House and blocks of homes from the 18th and 19th centuries. Don’t miss the classy consignment shop on Broad St. and dinner at the Waterman’s Restaurant.
    BTW I own an apt in the historic Cotton Mill In the Mill Village a few blocks east of town.
    Grocery shopping is a mile inland unfortunately.
    Gregory Han

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  • Mixed Review of Town Creek Marina (Beaufort, NC, Statute Mile 203)

    Town Creek Marina in Beaufort guards the northerly banks of Town Creek, southeast of the Gallants Channel’s flashing daybeacon #14. The damage noted below by Captain Lacroix is due to the recent passing of Hurricane Irene. We are told repairs are underway, but call ahead to make sure the services you need are in place before your arrival.

    Stayed at Town Creek Marina for a night. Staff were really nice and helpful. Unfortunately the marina was in need of repair; we had no power or water. I couldn’t recommend it.
    Eve-Marie Lacroix

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  • A Good Experience at Morehead City Yacht Basin, AICW Statute Mile 203

    Morehead City Yacht BasinMorehead City Yacht Basin, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located on the southern flank of the marked channel that runs west from the AICW, just north of the Morehead-Beaufort, Newport River high-rise bridge. We heartily agree with Captain Lacroix, that this is one of the finest facilities to be found anywhere on the Southeastern USA coastline!

    Cruising News:
    Moved to Morehead City Yacht Basin which was perhaps one of the best marinas we have encountered. This is a first class facility. Rented a car for 2 hours for $10. Staff Diana and Tom were great – gave us restaurant advice which couldn’t have been better. Ruddy Duck and Beach Bumz – worth a visit.
    Eve-Marie Lacroix

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  • Question about Albemarle Sound Wind Effect

    This question is directed at the person who knows NC waters better than anyone!

    Cruising News:
    What does a 17-20 mph south wind do to Albemarle southbounders from Elizabeth City?
    Jake Smith

    And Claiborne answers:

    Captain Smith:
    Normally, we have southwesterly winds, as opposed to winds out of the dead south here on the NC coastline. A 20 knot blow will make an AICW crossing of the Albemarle into a passage that may well jar the fillings out of your teeth. If at all possible, pick a day of light airs to cross the Albemarle.
    Hope that helps. Good luck and good cruising!
    Claiborne Young

    We have experienced trying to go north from Alligator River in the face of a 25-30 nne blow and lasted about an hour before turning around. We have also ridden a 20-25 nw down the Pasquotank with little discomfort. We are planning to go through Elizabeth City next week and keep watching the everchanging forecasts since we are on a fairly tight schedule.
    Jake Smith aboard s/v Ginger’s Mercedes

    We are here at Pelican Marina, trying to hang on while getting the stuffing knocked out of us.
    Tomorrow will be a much better day for our Edenton run.
    Jim Powell

    Watch the water depths, too. A steady south wind will empty out the southern parts and deepen the northern significantly. I found that out after I booked a slip for a few months and then couldn’t get into the marina for lack of about a foot and a half of water.
    Tugs Brotzman

    Thanks to everyone for your inputs. I guess Jimmy Buffett said it best — ”take the weather with you!”. Heres to great and safe cruising.

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