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    • Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff

      Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff Into Coosaw River (Statute Mile 517, South Carolina ICW)

      The Problem: In the past, severe shoaling along this canal’s southwestern mouth, markers #180 and #185 has earned the Problem Stretch designation. Recent reports indicate much improved depths. Some dead low water depths of 4 feet will be encountered between these two aids to navigation. And severe shoaling has also been reported hard by the Ashpoo – Coosaw Cutoff’s northeastern mouth, near marker #177!

      The Solution:  Time your passage through this section for mid to high tide. As you cruise through the northeastern entrance to the Ashepoo – Coosaw Cutoff, do NOT approach marker #177 closely. Favor the northern side of the channel somewhat as you pass #177. When navigating the Cutoff’s southwesterly mouth, try slightly favoring the northwestern side of the channel between markers #184 and #185.

      Click Here For Updates and To See What Your Fellow Cruisers Are Saying About the Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff Into Coosaw River

      Click Chartlet Below To Open A Chart View Windows Zoomed to the Location of This AICW Problem Stretch”

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Captain George Hospodar -  October 26, 2016 - 3:40 pm

        My wife Pat and I traveled through the Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff into the Coosaw River on 10/25/16 one hour and 40 minutes after low water, staying wide of G “177” then traveling through the middle of the waterway and then slightly favoring the northwestern side of the channel between R “184” and G “185”, we found no less than 7 ½ feet of water throughout the area.

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