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    • Little Mud River

      Little Mud River (Statute Mile 655, Georgia ICW)

      The Problem: The Little Mud River section of the ICW, particularly the section just north of the Waterway’s intersection with Altamaha Sound, is universally considered to be the WORST single stretch of the AICW, and this assessment is still very much the case – see comments below.

      The Solution: Time your passage through Little Mud River for high tide – NO FOOLING!

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Tom Hale -  September 15, 2017 - 2:01 pm

        The water depth in the Little Mud River is highly dependent upon the track you take, and being 50 feet either side of the center of the channel can result in very different water depths. April 8 we worked our way through using the Navionics Sonar Charts. At 2 hours past low water we were carrying +2.2 feet. We did not see any depths less than 6.4′ on the track we took. This would equate to 4.2′ at low water. This stretch certainly is about tied with Hell Gate for the shallowest water on the GA ICW. But I think if you are fortunate to find the deeper water you can still take 4 feet through there at low water. There was a large dinner cruise ship going south and a tug and barge coming north. They managed to pass each other without incident.

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