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    • Edenton Town Docks (western Albemarle Sound)

      On 7/23/09, as part of a “North Carolina Wish List,” I posed the following question:

      13. The historic city of Edenton, NC is located near the western extreme of Albemarle Sound. Several years ago, the city marina here was vastly expanded, and a new breakwater was built. The downtown business district is within easy walking distance. Who has berthed at Edenton City Marina? Did you have a good experience here? Did you find some good places to eat ashore? Did you experience any of Edenton’s historic attractions?

      Responses follow:

      We spent 3 days in Edenton. I would have spent a month if we weren’t trying to get to the Chesapeake before the end of the fall 2008 cruising season. We visited Oriental, Washington, Bath, Edenton, Hertford and Columbia. Edenton and Bath are not to be missed. Well, none are to be missed. We intended to spend a week in the rivers and sounds west of the Outer Banks and ended up staying for 25 days. The town dock master in Edenton took us grocery shopping. Clean restrooms. No laundry but the dock master will take you to a Laundromat if you ask. Frank is a very nice man who seems to really enjoy helping people. The restaurants and downtown stores were very nice. Too numerous to name them all. Sean’s was the best restaurant. Excellent food and chatty bar patrons. Waterman’s we found mediocre. The town is beautiful. We found new and interesting stuff around every corner and we walked a lot. I think we saw every historic building and marker within walking distance of the town dock. If it weren’t for cold winters, I would move to Edenton in a heart beat.

      We spent a few days in Edenton at the town dock. Again, information we gleaned from Skipper Bob’s book. The first 2 days at the dock are free, after that it’s a $1 a foot. Electricity $3 per night.
      When we were headed toward Edenton, after passing under the bridge, there are some electrical wires that the charts say are 80ft. of clearance. As we approached and saw the sag of the wires over the main channel, somehow they didn’t seem that high. We have about a 46ft. mast clearance. Needless to say we were a bit nervous going under. Also I should mention that squall was developing and coming our way. I was glad we plotted a waypoint on the GPS because as we got into the squall the laptop quit because the battery went dead. I wathched the wind go from about 12 knots and gust up to a little over 30 knots right on our nose. It was weird though because there wasn’t any rain with it. Our visibilty was hampered for about 15 to 20 min. so we just steered on that waypoint to the first entrance marker. The wind died down and cleared up so we could spot our entrance into Edenton. Once we got in and secure, the dockmaster a very cordial fellow offered to drive us into town for ice cream at that local Dairy Queen. We stayed for a few days there. I had to look into a mechanical problem before leaving. We also had a friend visit from home who took us grocery shopping and went to “Rocky Hock Playhouse” for a show. We kinda know the owners and they said we were the first to sail to come see one of there shows.
      The town of Edenton was splendid, we ate a Italian restaurant on main street and enjoyed walking around town the time we were there.
      Clif & Peta Lewis
      s/v Immanuel

      Click Here For More Information on the Edenton Town Docks

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