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[EXPIRED] Harborwalk Marina (Statute Mile 403, Georgetown, SC) Offering Winter Layover Dockage Special

VHF 16 & 68   Located on the Sampit River, Harborwalk Marina is only a boardwalk away from Georgetown's Historic District, great food, shopping, etc. A safe harbor from bad weather and located in calmI would like to second the notion put forward below by Captain Carroll, Operations Manager at SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Harborwalk Marina, in downtown Georgetown, South Carolina. If I were going to leave a boat somewhere in the south, and not stay aboard, for the winter season, I could hardly think of a better place than Georgetown. Dockage rates are certainly less expensive that those found farther south, and I have to strain my brain to remember when last there was a really hard freeze in this part of the world.
And, you will simply not find a nicer or better managed small to medium sized marina operation anywhere than what you will discover at Harborwalk Marina. Click on the sponsorship panel at the above, left, t learn more, or follow the link link below for this facility’s listing on the SSECN “South Carolina Marina Directory.” Give Captain Chris a call, and tell him we sent you!

We will be offering winter layover rates for $10.00 per foot plus a flat fee of $50.00 for 50 amp power or $30.00 for 30 amp power, per month. (cheaper than 60 miles south of us)
If staying aboard full time, we will have to negotiate a different power charge. The months available will be December thru March. Everyone has to be out by April 1st.
We have found a lot of people just don’t want to move the boat all the way to Florida. None of our past customers have had to winterize here. Some opted to leave their thermostats set on 65 and some did nothing. I usually have 4 or so boats that always come back, but have room for a lot more. We keep an eye on everything and some customers leave keys for us to inspect the boat weekly. We also have local trustworthy mechanics that can work on the boat if need be.
Chris Carroll
Operations Manager
Harborwalk Marina

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