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    • LNM: Relocated ATONs, Hatteras Inlet, Pamlico Sound, NC

      These charted lights have been relocated to indicate better channel depths. The Hatteras light is northeast of the inlet and Rollinson Channel connects Hatteras Village with Pamlico Sound.



      B. HATTERAS INLET CHANNEL BUOY 19A (LLNR 28765.1) HAS BEEN RE-ESTABLISHED AND RELOCATED TO APPROX POSIT 35-12-19.162N 075-43-15.036W (35°12.3194N / 075°43.2506W, 35.205323 / -75.720843) .

      C. HATTERAS INLET CHANNEL DAYBEACON 23 (LLNR 28775) HAS BEEN RE-ESTABLISHED AND RELOCATED TO APPROX POSITION 35-12-52.594N,075-42-36.295W (35°12.8765N / 075°42.6049W, 35.214609 / -75.710082) AND IS MARKED WITH A TRUB.

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    • LNM: AICW Daybeacon 80 Relocated, NC Statute Mile 330

      Daybeacon 80 is on the northwest shoulder of the ICW channel, on the north side of the Waterway/Shallotte Inlet intersection, a designated Problem Stretch which was dredged in April of this year.


      A. CAPE FEAR RIVER – LITTLE RIVER DAYBEACON 80 (LLNR 40335) TO APPROX POSIT 33-54-38.433N, 078-22-50.314W (33°54.6406N / 078°22.8386W, 33.910676 / -78.380643) .

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    • LNM: Upcoming NOAA ENC Online Web Map Service URL Change

      This information posted for anyone who might be connected to this service.

      July 16, 2019
      Dear Office of Coast Survey Customers, 
      In order to keep our Geographic Information System (GIS) infrastructure up to date, we must perform a hardware / software upgrade which will affect some of our GIS services and applications. As of July 20, 2019, the ENC Online Web Map Service (WMS) will change. The WMS is used in the NOAA ENC Viewer and provides a continuous depiction of all NOAA ENC® coverage over U.S. coastal waters and the Great Lakes. Due to this change, applications and maps that have the current link loaded and saved in them will be affected and the new link will need to be implemented by the user to ensure a seamless transition. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Below you will find the existing URL and the new URL that will be implemented on July 20, 2019. Until this date, please continue to use the existing URL. Please feel free to contact the Coast Survey GIS Team ( with any questions or concerns. 
      Existing ENC Service URL: 
      New ENC Service URL (effective July 20, 2019)
      Thank you for your continued support!
      NOAA Office of Coast Survey is the nation’s nautical chartmaker. Originally formed by President Thomas Jefferson in 1807, Coast Survey updates charts, surveys the coastal seafloor, responds to maritime emergencies, and searches for underwater obstructions that pose a danger to navigation.Follow Coast Survey on Twitter @NOAAcharts, and check out the NOAA Coast Survey blog for more in depth coverage of surveying and charting.  
      # # #
      NOAA Office of Coast Survey, 1315 East-West Highway, SSMC3 #6509, Silver Spring, MD 20906

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    • Dredging Complete, Coquina Harbor, Little River, SC ACIW Statute Mile 346

      Myrtle Beach Yacht Club is unmatched for its Lowcountry charm and gracious hospitality.

      Coquina Harbor is home to Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, A CRUISERS NET SPONSOR, occupying the northerly banks of Coquina Harbor; Coquina Harbor itself cuts into the northern banks of the Waterway, opposite marker #13. Our thanks to Bud Lloyd for this update.

      The dredging has been completed in Coquina Harbor, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach Yacht Club is once again accepting transient boats and long term rentals. Our fuel dock is open with the best prices in the area. Top notch facilities; including air conditioned and spotless restrooms and showers, swimming pool, cookout area and a very friendly staff. Reservations are recommended.
      Bud Lloyd

      Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers Net’s Marina Directory Listing For Myrtle Beach Yacht Club

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window Zoomed To the Location of Myrtle Beach Yacht Club

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    • Hurricane Holes in the Bahamas

      Explorer Chartbooks

      This timely discussion and advice re hurricane holes comes from “Bahamas Chatter” on Explorer Chartbooks’ webpage, Hurricane season is here, so if you have hurricane hole locations/advice to add, please do so. Explorer Chartbooks is A CRUISERS NET SPONSOR!

      Nassau/New Providence Hurrican Holes
      Published August 26, 2015 | By Strider
      Hello, first time cruising the Bahamas and I have Tropical Storm Erika threatening to upgrade to a Cat 1 hurricane and move towards New Providence. The Explorer Charts are great but don’t really point out or suggest any hurricane holes to set up in to wait the storm out. I am currently anchored off of Potter’s Cay, but don’t think that is the best bet. Thank you in advance for any help!

      Posted in Cruising Information, Latest, Nassau/New Providence, Questions for Fellow Cruisers
      2 Responses to Nassau/New Providence Hurrican Holes
      monty says:
      August 26, 2015 at 7:08 am
      You might consider Palm Cay Marina, Hurricane Hole Marina, or Lyford Cay Marina.

      denogail says:
      August 26, 2015 at 7:31 am
      Don’t forget Atlantis’¦yes, expensive, but you will have good peace of mind, and you can go on the giant slide, while you wait for the storm. Do not go into any marina that is exposed to the main harbor, such as Yacht Haven or Nassau Harbor Club, as the surge and wave action will destroy your boat on the dock. Get inside somewhere, and be ready to lengthen your dock likes if there is a surge in front of the storm. And, use all your dock lines, but save 2 in standby.

      Those inside marinas will fill up in a hurry with local boats, so don’t wait to long, and make sure if it is a local boat, and they are next to you, that they don’t use the black polypro lobster line to tie up there boat with which they all use. That is what the two extra lines of yours are for’¦..good luck

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    • Registration Reminder: NOAA 2019 Nautical Cartography Open House

      This NOAA Open House would be most interesting to attend. Be sure to register!

      July 17, 2019

      LTJG Sydney Catoire, 240-847-8069

      NOAA’s 2019 Nautical Cartography Open house is just around the corner. Don’t forget to register!
      Reminder: REGISTER NOW
      NOAA Office of Coast Survey is the nation’s nautical chartmaker. Originally formed by President Thomas Jefferson in 1807, Coast Survey updates charts, surveys the coastal seafloor, responds to maritime emergencies, and searches for underwater obstructions that pose a danger to navigation.   
      # # #
      NOAA Office of Coast Survey, 1315 East-West Highway, SSMC3 #6216, Silver Spring, MD 20906

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    • LNM: Certificate of Documentation (COD) Guidance During Application Processing Delays

      Cruisers Nets hopes that your documentation is up to date or already renewed.

      The National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) is experiencing delays in the time necessary to issue a Certificate of Documentation (COD) due to performance issues associated with its Information Technology (IT) System. The Coast Guard recognizes the need to minimize the effect on the maritime community. The following guidance is provided:

      Vessels Engaged on Domestic Voyages Only (Coastwise/Fisheries): Vessel(s) with an expired COD may continue to operate domestically on the previously issued trade endorsements provided a renewal application has been submitted to the NVDC. Vessel owners should be prepared to present evidence, upon request, to the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) or the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC), that a renewal application was submitted.

      New Construction/Initial Certification (All Trade Endorsements): In accordance with the Marine Safety Manual, Vol. II, an initial COI may be completed before the COD is issued provided the NVDC has received the application for documentation. Vessel representatives should be prepared to present evidence that the application was submitted to the NVDC to the OCMI.

      Engaged on International Voyage (Registry Endorsement): Vessel(s) with an expired COD that actively engage on international voyages and are subject to Port State Control may request a letter from CG-CVC for continued operation. Requests for a letter confirming vessel registry by the United States should be sent to and include objective evidence that a renewal application has been submitted to the NVDC.

      Recreational Vessels (Recreational Endorsement): Vessel(s) with an expired COD that actively engage in recreational use shall not be subject to COD related enforcement action, provided the vessel owner can present evidence that the renewal application was submitted to the NVDC.

      A list of cognizant OCMI / COTP contacts is available on the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance webpage.

      In order to ensure NVDC can process the maximum number of applications possible, we ask that you submit any questions via electronic mail to while the IT System is operating at reduced capacity. Responses can be expected within 24-48 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

      The latest NVDC Case Processing Report is available from the NVDC website at:

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    • LNM: Live-Fire Drills Continue, July 17, Neuss River near AICW Statute Mile 185.

      Hancock Creek and Cherry Point lie on the south side of the Neuss River west of the Waterway’s intersection with Adams Creek at Mile 185. Cruisers traveling upstream to New Bern should favor the north shore and expect to encounter some military traffic and possible delays. These on-going exercises were begun in mid-May.

      —- ———— ————- ————-
      17 JUL 1000-1300 19 33-49N9 076-30W6
      33-20N8 076-15W9
      33-00N6 076-42W9
      33-33N2 076-55W3

      17 JUL 1815-2015 3 35-13N2 075-05W7
      34-50N2 074-38W2
      34-32N2 075-05W7
      34-57N9 075-34W9

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    • LNM: Inlet Buoys Reported Missing, Shallotte Inlet, NC Statute Mile 330

      These missing uncharted inlet buoys are in the inlet proper and not the inlet/Waterway intersection.

      SEC NC BNM 259-19







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    • Gateway to the Gulf Newsletter from the City of Gulfport, Fl, July 15, 2019, Boca Ciega Bay

      Gulfport Marina includes dry boat storage, ship store, bathroom, public boat ramp, parking, fueling stations, lighted range markers and guest docking facility.

      Gulfport Municipal Marina, A CRUISERS NET SPONSOR, and the City of Gulfport always have a full calendar of events for all ages. The marina and harbor, found on the northern shores of Boca Ciega Bay, are easily accessible from the Western Florida ICW, just north of Tampa Bay.

      Week of July 15, 2019
      Gateway to the Gulf Newsletter
      Highlighted Events/Classes this Week
      Popcorn and a Movie
      Monday, July 15th
      Gulfport Senior Center
      1 p.m.
      It Came From Outer Space
      Monday, July 15th
      3 p.m.
      Gulfport Public Library
      Make an alien magnet, flying saucer and alien snot!
      For more information, please or
      Healthy Cooking Class
      Monday, July 15th
      Gulfport Senior Center
      3 p.m.
      Fresh Market
      Tuesday, July 16th
      Every Tuesday
      9 am – 2 pm
      Gulfport Fresh Market on Beach Blvd. S.
      The Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market, located along Beach Blvd. in Gulfport’s Historic Waterfront Arts District, is open year-round, from 9 am – 2 pm.
      With a roster of over 70 vendors, you will find a wide variety of products, including but not limited to, ready-to-eat and take-home foods, fresh produce, plants, herbs, jewelry, teas, art, clothing and live music.
      Ballroom Dance
      Tuesday, July 16th
      with Carol Baker
      Gulfport Casino Ballroom
      12 pm – 3 pm
      $8 admission
      Call 727-798-3660  
      Argentine Tango Dance
      Tuesday, July 16th
      with Kathleen & Steve Prucher
      Gulfport Casino Ballroom
      6:30 pm – 11 pm
      $8 admission
      Call 727-742-3368  
      City Council Meeting
      Tuesday, July 16th
      7 p.m.
      Gulfport City Hall
      Wednesday, July 17th
      Triple-Time Swing is the 6-7 pm lesson topic every Wednesday in July at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night. Triple-Time Swing forms the basis for most advanced swing dancing (including Lindy Hop, West-Coast Swing, Boogie Woogie, Ballroom Jive, Carolina Shag, and East-Coast Swing, to name a few), for the simple reason that if you add more steps, you can perform more intricate moves. So kick your dancing up a few notches with these lessons, and learn some very cool moves in the process! 
      The Strand Area Neighborhood
      Watch Meeting
      Wednesday, July 17, 2019
      Gulfport Recreation Center
      7:00 p.m.
      All meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and ANYONE CAN ATTEND!
      Contact Jim Wright, Volunteer   
      Coordinator at: 727-893-1022
      Visual Magic: Dali’s Masterworks in Augmented Reality brings Dali’s monumental canvases to life Before Dali: Goya-Vision & Inventions features two alternating suites of first-edition prints, alongside three significant paintings representing unique themes of Goya’s works. 
      The Dali Museum
      Thursday, July 18th
      $14 for GEMS Members
      $18 for Non-GEMS Members
      Price includes: Round-trip transportation, parking, and admission. Be prepared to walk longer than normal distances. Wear comfortable shoes. 
      Call (727) 893-2242 for more information and to reserve your seat. Trips are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.
      Gulfport Senior Center
      Introduction to iPad & iPhone
      Thursday, July 18th
      1:30 p.m.
      Gulfport Senior Center
      Alien Plushies
      Thursday, July 18th
      4 p.m.
      Gulfport Public Library
      Use felt, buttons, stuffing and needle & thread to make a one of a kind space buddy.
      For more information, please or
      Latin Night w/ Carol Rivera
      Thursday, July 18th
      6:30 – 11 p.m.
      Doors Open at 6 p.m.
      Gulfport Casino Ballroom
      $8 admission
      Thursday, July 18th
      7 – 9 p.m.
      Gulfport History Museum, 5301 28th Ave
      Join the Gulfport Historical Society as they take a stroll through history in Gulfport. The tour examines the creation of this small seaside hamlet; the tour guides, all Gulfport locals with a penchant for history and storytelling, share the town’s history and stories with the group. The tour starts at the Gulfport History Museum where you can take a peek at some of their historic photos.
      Please note that this event is on our “summer schedule”, from May through September, we’ll be offering walking tours every third Thursday at 7 pm.
      Tour free for Gulfport Historical Society members. All others pay $10 per person. Tickets can be purchased at We have a water cooler at the museum; please bring your refillable bottle to fill up before the tour.
      These tours sell out, so advance ticket purchase is highly suggested. Members should pre-register to ensure they have a spot. We don’t love turning people away, but when the group gets too large it’s hard for everyone to hear our tour guides.
      For more information, please visit: or call 727-201-8687.
      Gulfport Community Players Summer One Acts
      July 18 – 21
      Ten original short plays by Florida playwrights. All ten plays presented in the same evening. Comedies and light drama. 
      Catherine Hickman Theater, 5501 27th Ave. S.
      Thursday-Friday-Saturday @ 8 PM
      Saturday & Sunday @ 2 PM
      Third Saturday Art Walk
      Saturday, July 20th
      6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
      Visit Gulfport Florida for the Gulfport Art & Gallery Walk. Find your shopping and dining maps at and chart your course to our beachfront town!
      Shop for local art along Beach Blvd, visit a gallery, catch a live local band and dine at one of the locally owned restaurants along Beach & Shore Blvd’s.
      The Gulfport Art & Gallery Walk event, produced by the non-profit Gulfport Merchants Association, takes place from 6-10 p.m. every first Friday and third Saturday – rain or shine, all year round, and is home to dozens of artisans and craftsmen each month.
      There is never an admission fee for visitors and complimentary parking is available nearby with courtesy trolley rides available to and from off-site parking areas. Gulfport events are always pet and family friendly. GPS – 3101 Beach Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL 33707. 
      For general event information, visit, or call 727-322-5217. Interested artisans and craftsmen can view the guidelines at, under the vendor info tab.
      Upcoming Events
      Gulfcoast Legal Services
      Tuesday, July 23rd
      1 – 5 p.m.
      Gulfport Senior Center
      5501 27th Ave. S.
      Gulfport Lions Club Monthly Meeting
      Tuesday, July 23rd
      6 p.m. Social / 6:30 p.m. Dinner
      Gulfport Lions Club
      4630 Tifton Dr. S.
      Second & fourth Tuesday’s every month
      For more information, contact Rob Vincent by email at
      9/11: A Structural Engineering Failure
      Wednesday, July 24th
      2 p.m.
      Gulfport Senior Center
      5501 27th Ave. S.
      Stetson Area Neighborhood
      Watch Meeting
      Wednesday, July 24, 2019
      Stetson School of Law, Eleazer Hearing Room, 1401 61st St. S.
      7:00 p.m.
      All meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and ANYONE CAN ATTEND!
      Contact Jim Wright, Volunteer   
      Coordinator at: 727-893-1022
      Santana meets British Blues Rock
      Saturday, July 27th
      8 – 10:30 p.m.
      The music of Carlos Santana meets British Blues Rock!
      Two great bands share the stage as they pay tribute to the music that helped form a generation…and change music forever.
      The music and rhythms of Carlos Santana come alive as they are perfectly performed by Moonflower in this amazing tribute concert. Hear all of Santana’s greatest hits played by these master musicians as they flawlessly recreate the sound, feel and show of this Latin rock icon and find yourself immersed in the “Spirit of Santana”.
      Acclaimed International recording artist Alex Lopez and his band The Xpress will perform the classic British blues that started a music revolution along with music from his own award winning albums. Hear music from such British blues greats like Eric Clapton, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Gary Moore, Jeff Beck and many more…and Discover why music critics are saying Alex will rejuvenate the blues for the next generation and fans call his shows a can’t miss high-energy concert event.
      Tickets are $15 in advance at and $20 day of show.
      Contra Dance with Tampa Friends of Old Time Dance
      Sunday, July 28th
      3:30 – 7 p.m.
      Gulfport Casino Ballroom
      5500 Shore Blvd. S.
      $8 admission
      Friday, August 2nd
      8 – 9:30 p.m.
      Gulfport History Museum, 5301 28th Ave. 
      Sure, everyone’s heard of the ghost at the Peninsula, but what about other hauntings in Gulfport? Join one of our spirits as they lead you on a ghostly tour through Gulfport’s history. This tour was created by Deborah Frethem, who wrote the book “literally” on haunted Gulfport. Your ticket price benefits the Gulfport Historical Society, the nonprofit that runs the Gulfport History Museum, offers porch parties and can help research your home’s history.
      We have a water cooler at the museum; please bring your refillable bottle to fill up before the tour. Thanks for supporting local history and preservation efforts!
      This tour is free for Gulfport Historical Society members and $10 for everyone else. Members MUST register for the tour, and please make sure you have your photo ID and membership card on hand the night of the tour. Tickets can be purchased
      For more information, please visit: or call 727-201-8687.
      The Legacy Writing Group
      Monday, August 5th
      3 – 4:30 p.m.
      Gulfport Senior Center
      5501 27th Ave. S.
      Soul Night w/ Swing Time
      Friday, August 9th
      SOUL NIGHT 1990’s happens Friday August 9th (2019) at the Gulfport Casino! Dance 8 pm-midnight to the best of 1990’s Soul/R&B/Dance music! Arrive early for a Soul Line Dancing Lesson 7-8 pm. 1990’s attire is encouraged! Just $10 includes everything; students get $6 admission if they show up by 7 pm and take the lesson. Soul Night happens the second Friday of every month.
      August 9th’s lesson is Soul Line Dancing
      Special Guest Instructor Angie Causey from United Soul Line Dancers
      MUSIC & DANCING 8 PM-12
      All Ages~No Partners Needed~Doors Open 6:45 pm~Door Prizes~Cash Bar
      Lesson Info — Join special guest instructor, Angie Causey, and the United Soul Line Dancers for a Soul Line Dancing lesson at 7 pm. You’ll learn three new soul line dances, and you’ll get to dance them all later during the dance!  Dance instructor & choreographer, Angie Causey, is founder of the United Soul Line Dancers. She’s been dancing and teaching for over 10 years, and regularly travels and teaches all across the USA. 
      The Gulfport Casino Ballroom is one of the world’s top dance destinations, offering social dance excitement in a picturesque beachfront setting. It features a rich history, a grand dance floor, a full bar, a smoke-free atmosphere, and free parking. The Gulfport Casino Ballroom is located in the St. Petersburg, Florida area at 5500 Shore Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL 33707.
      Monthly Beach Clean up
      Saturday, August 10th
      9 – 11 a.m.
      Gulfport Beach, Shelter #4
      2nd Saturday of every month
      For more information, call the Gulfport Public Library at 727-893-1074.
      Welcome to Gulfport Workshop
      Tuesday, August 13th at 10:30 a.m.
      Thursday, August 16th at 6 p.m.
      Are you new to, returning to, or simply curious about Gulfport? If so, please plan to attend one of our upcoming sessions in August.
      Co-hosted by Gulfport Neighbors and Gulfport Public Library, this event will inform you about Library services, and also provide information on the City of Gulfport services and activities.
      Many topics of interest including identifying your ward and your council representative. Learn which bus routes serve this area and about the Pinellas Trail. We will also provide an overview of Gulfport Neighbors’ mission and activities.
      Marina District Neighborhood
      Watch Meeting
      Wednesday, August 14, 2019
      Lions Club
      4630 Tifton Dr.
      7:00 p.m.
      All meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and ANYONE CAN ATTEND!
      Contact Jim Wright, Volunteer   
      Coordinator at: 727-893-1022
      11th Annual Gecko Ball
      Saturday, August 24th
      6 – 11 p.m.
      Gulfport Casino Ballroom, 5500 Shore Blvd. S.
      The 11th Annual Gecko Ball has become known as Gulfport’s party of the year! In addition to the live auction of the artist’s geckos, the event includes dozens of silent auction items, costume contests, the annual coronation of the Gecko Queen, catered tapas, cash bar, live music, dancing and more.
      The Gecko Ball will be held at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom (5500 Shore Blvd.) on Saturday, August 24th from 6 – 11 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the Gulfport Beach Bazaar (3115 Beach Blvd. S.) and online at
      19th Annual GeckoFest
      Saturday, August 31st
      10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
      Downtown Gulfport Waterfront District
      Beach Blvd. / Shore to 28th
      The 19th Annual Gulfport GeckoFest promises a full day of free family-friendly fun on Saturday, August 31st from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. GeckoFest is preceded each year by the Gecko Art Show, Gecko Crawl and Gecko Ball. Events are hosted by the non-profit Gulfport Merchants Association. Free parking and admission. Pet and family friendly.
      2019 THEME: “Gecko’s of the Round Table” In the legend, the Knights (AKA: Geckos) are an order in the service of Arthur, tasked with ensuring the peace of the kingdom and sometimes also charged with leading the quest for the Holy Grail. The Round Table at which they met was created to have no head or foot, representing the equality of all the members.
      FREE Ride on the Gulfport
      Rays Trolley!
      Monday, September 23rd
      TB Rays vs. Boston Red Sox
      Monday, September 23 • 7:10 p.m. 
      Gulfport Casino Ballroom
      5500 Shore Blvd. S.
      Departure Loops Start:
      5 p.m. at the Gulfport Casino to First Pitch
      & 7th Inning Stretch to 10 p.m.
      Community Outreach
      The Gulfport History Museum has a New Number!
      Operating hours: Tuesday & Friday 10 AM to 2 PM
      Free lunches will be made available all Summer at the Gulfport Public Library (5501 28th Ave. S.) to children 18 years old and younger from Monday – Friday from 12 pm-1 pm. No library card required.
      The Summer BreakSpot provides free meals to kids under 18 all summer long. Find a location near you by visiting New sites are added daily so be sure to check back regularly.
      Catch A Ride With GEMS!
      GEMS door-to-door transportation has provided independence & freedom to elderly and disabled residents of Gulfport for over 40 years.
      Call for more information, 727-893-2242
      August Mentor Workshops
      Just thirty (30) minutes a week, can make a difference in a child’s life!
      Listen, encourage, be a friend to a child at a school closest to where you live or work.
      We’ve made it easy for you!
      • Attend a 90 minute mentor workshop
      • Register to volunteer and obtain a free level 1 background screening
      • Be matched with a student
      • Get all the resources to help develop a fun and meaningful relationship
      Do you love Gulfport and wish you could be here all the time? Check out our live streaming cameras to see what you are missing. From beaches and volleyball to dining and special events; Gulfport has it all! After all we are one of the most fun and exciting cities on the Gulf coast!
      Gulfport’s Safety Around Water
      The YMCA of Greater St. PetersburgCity of Gulfport FloridaStetson University College of LawJuvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County and Florida Blue have teamed up to provide FREE swim lessons to Gulfport youth ages 3 to 12.
      Each session spans five consecutive Saturdays (excluding July 6) and will be held at the Stetson University College of Law pool. Classes are 45 minutes long and begin at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM.
      For more information & to register,
      Safety Around Water Partnership with Florida Blue- YMCA of the Suncoast
      City of Gulfport’s
      FREE VPK Program
      Enrollment begins May 1st
      Classes start September 3rd
      Questions, please contact
      Register for VPK voucher
      Florida Department of Health is Providing FREE Hepatitis A Vaccines in Pinellas County
      Based on recent cases throughout the region, DOH-Pinellas is providing the hepatitis A vaccine at no charge at its five clinic locations; no appointment necessary.
      DOH-Pinellas’ Epi staff is available 24 hours a day for information about hepatitis A. Call (727) 824-6932.
      These centers are providing the vaccine:
      1. St. Petersburg: 205 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N.
      2. Pinellas Park: 6350 76th Ave. N.
      3. Mid-County (Largo): 8751 Ulmerton Rd.
      4. Clearwater: 310 N. Myrtle Ave.
      5. Tarpon Springs: 301 S. Disston Ave.
      PSTA Youth Summer Go Card
      Haul Pass
      Only $35, valid May 15 – August 31, 2019
      It’s a great, safe and economical way for kids to get around during summer!
      For more information or to purchase,
      Call for Applicants for its 2019/2020 “Rise and Shine” Grants for eligible artists currently residing in Pinellas County
      The Gulfport Merchant’s Chamber (GMC) has announced a call for applicants for its 2019/2020 “Rise and Shine” Grants for eligible artists currently residing in Pinellas County. The purpose of the grants is to support Gulfport’s and Pinellas County’s creative community and to promote Gulfport as an art destination. Preference will given to artists residing in Gulfport. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Two grants, including funding, marketing/advertising support, and exhibition space will be offered with a total value of $1000 each. Deadline to apply is July 31.
      Each grant includes $500 up front to be used exclusively for displays, materials and supplies related to the artist’s aspirations; $300 in 10 paid booth reservations at the twice monthly Gulfport Art and Gallery Walks within a one-year period, with direct professional social media and marketing support; quarterly mentorship with a professional artist board member and one-on-one consultations with the art committee throughout the year; and $200 after completing 10 events and a post grant report. All grant monies are expected to go directly into the artist creating work and creating a professional display that can be used for future festivals and shows.
      Applicants must furnish proof of residency, a resume, artist statement, digital images of previous work and online links. For complete details, go to and click on “Artist Grant” at the bottom of the home page. For questions, send email
      Household Electronics & Chemical Collection Schedule
      All events are on Saturdays
      9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
      For more information about household electronics & chemical collection, or
      call 727-464-7500.
      For more information, please visit
      Latest water quality information:
      For more information, please visit 
      Smoke Alarms Save Lives
      Free smoke alarms are available to elderly and low income households within Gulfport City limits. 
      Call Fire Chief James Marenkovic at
      893-1062 for more information.
      Gulfport on the Go!
      Get the City App
      City of Gulfport is proud to announce the launch of the new City of Gulfport app for iOS and Android mobile devices, the newest way to connect with its citizens.
      The Official City of Gulfport app offers citizens a simple way to submit requests-like reporting potholes, signs, trash or debris, code violations, and inquiring about an event venue. Users can include an address and description, GPS-specific location, as well as a photo of the issue. Once a request is submitted, you can keep track of pending and completed requests within the “My Requests” section. In addition, the City app has direct links to the online utility bill payment system, the City calendar, frequently asked questions, the city employee directory, the sanitation department, and the electronic newsletter signup.
      The City App allows residents to connect more conveniently with City government to report issues and request non-emergency services. Offering more ways for citizens to connect with the City, please email or call 727-893-1118 with questions or technical issues about the smart phone app.
      Reassurance Telephone Program
      Gulfport Senior Center
      5501 27th Ave. S.
      Let the friendly Volunteers of the Gulfport Senior Center chat with you on a daily basis. Sign up for the Gulfport Reassurance Program and choose between two call times: early-morning or mid-morning. This service is designed to help you feel secure and connected.
      For more information, call the Gulfport Senior Center at (727) 893-2237
      Get a FREE Amplified Phone
      Gulfport Senior Center
      5501 27th Ave. S.
      3rd Tuesday of every month
      9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
      You MUST call 727-399-9983 to qualify.
      Comfort Reading From the Circle Bookshop
      Gulfport Public Library
      5501 28th Ave. S.
      Curl up with a good book from the Circle of Friends Bookshop at the Gulfport Library. Popular novels, edgy science fiction, juicy mysteries and sentimental romances are all available for purchase at very attractive prices.  
      Prefer cooking or crafting, then check out the many recipe books and craft books. A new selection of quilting books will fly off the shelves so come in soon and come in often as we restock the shelves every day. 
      The Gulfport Library is located at 5501 28th Avenue N,. Please call Marilyn Field at 727-321-4035 if you have any bookshop questions.
      Online access to the City of Gulfport Municipal Code is provided at the following link: Gulfport, Florida – Code of Ordinances
      City of Gulfport Florida | 2401 53rd Street SouthGulfport, FL 33707

      Click Here To View the Cruisers Net Western Florida Marina Directory Listing For Gulfport Municipal Marina

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window Zoomed To the Location of Gulfport Municipal Marina

      Click Here To View the Western Florida Cruisers Net Anchorage Directory Listing For Gulfport Anchorage/Mooring Field

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window Zoomed To the Location of Gulfport Anchorage/Mooring Field

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