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Archive For: NORTH CAROLINA – All Cruising News

  • Southport Marina (Statute Mile 309)

    Southport Marina is “the” place to stay, as you make your turn to the south from Cape Fear River, and, these good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    We stayed at Southport Marina. Very nice place with new docks and facilities and next to Cat dealer for service on engines and oil.  Wakes rock a bit in the marina.  $1.75/ft no discount
    Patty Mitchell

    Click Here For More Information On Southport Marina

  • Dudleys Marina A Good Deal (Statute Mile 229)

    Dudleys actually sits across the White Oak River Causeway/Bridge from downtown Swansboro, so it can be an interesting walk into the business/historic district, where you will find ALL the MANY wonderful restaurants, including Captain Charley’s Seafood Paradise (perhaps the best FRIED seafood in NC).

    Subject: Marina
    Cruising News: Dudley’s Marina in Swansboro,NC is a good deal!  Not in the cruising books but has docks for .75/ft and free electric 50a.They have clean restrooms and a van for going to store, etc.
    Patty Mitchell

    Click Here For More Information On Dudleys Marina

  • Joseph’s Bistro at South Harbor Village Marina (Statute Mile 311)

    Wow, sounds really good Captain Jane. After that linguini with white wine and garlic sauce, I guess you were safe from vampires for awhile!

    We did . . .  eat out the next evening further north at Joseph’s Italian Bistro. It is at South Harbor Village Marina and has not failed to serve up excellent, real Italian food since the day we ate there shortly after Hurricane Isabel when it first opened. This is no chain; it’s a “real” restaurant owned by a guy who truly knows how to cook. 
    I love their linguini with white wine and garlic sauce with clams or frutti di mare. For meatball lovers, Joseph’s mom makes a mean meatball.  It’s not only just like mama used to make– it’s a real Italian mama making it right now.  
    Their desserts look great but the dinner portions are so generous, I don’t think we’ve ever partaken. 
    S/V Lady Jane     

    Click Here For More Information On South Harbor Village Marina

  • New AICW Marina Near Carolina Beach (near Statute Mile 295)

    As Captains Jackie and Lynn note below, Joyner marina has risen from the one-time location of Oceanic Marina. This location is found almost due east of the AICW's easterly entrance into Snows Cut.

    For those who are planning on coming up the ICW through NC, the old Oceanic Marina has been totally rebuilt and very modern with new floating docks, fuel, pump out, marine supplies, free Wi-Fi, cable, etc. The marina is now named Joyner Marina and the phone number is 910-458-5053. Their web site is . If you dock there, I would recommend that you not dock on the fuel dock as considerable boat traffic goes by but they have good access to well protected docks inside the bulkhead and rock jetty.
    I have no association with the marina but with the Carolina Beach State Park Marina not operational this year, Joyner marina and Federal Point Yacht Club would be good choices.
    Hope the info is helpful.
    May you have fair skies and calm seas,
    Capt. Jackie and Capt. Lynn Millikin
    Nauti Dreams

  • Praise for McCotters Marina and Repair Yard (Pamlico River, Washington, NC)

    McCotters Marina, Washington, NCMcCotters Marina and Repair Yard is located on Broad Creek, a few miles downstream of the Washington, NC waterfront. McCotters is one of the largest marinas in North Carolina, and its repair capabilities, as you will see below, are impressive. And, they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Hello Claiborne:
    Just want to let you and everyone know that we just had some repair work done at McCotters Marina in Washington, NC. We could not be happier with the work, Everything was finished on time, and the price was fair. That’s a good recommendation for any repair yard. These good folks receive our hightest recommendation.
    Skipper Fowler

    Click Here For More Information On McCotters Marina

  • Galley Stores Marina (New Bern, NC – Neuse River)

    New Bern’s newest pleasure craft facility, Galley Stores Marina, is located on the Neuse River side of New Bern. And, I’m also glad to note they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST Galley Stores, on the Trent River in New BernCRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Announcing the opening of Galley Marina at Skipjack Landing, New Bern, N.C. We are now open specializing in transient boaters and we wanted to let all you know. We have more then 900 feet of protected dockage, pump out at 10 slips, fuel, a full market for provisioning and shower facilities. We also have decided to lease 12 slips of 45 our slips for permanent dockage.  If you are interested in moving your boat for long term or for just a few days let us know. Additionally we have a unique opportunity for groups. We have on our staff, an executive chef who can cater on the dock group meals or individual get always, great for day trips or larger gatherings. Give us a call or contact us at

    Click Here For More Information On Galley Stores Marina

  • GREAT Hardware Store in Morehead City, NC

    The "Ace Hardware" store described below is within easy walking distance of Morehead City Yacht Basin (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR), or several other marinas along the downtown Morehead City waterfront. I agree with Captains Ron, Peg and Jim. This is an excellent hardware/marine store, in a very advantageous location for cruisers.

    There is an amazing Ace Hardware [in Morehead City, NC] which is really a marine store. Perhaps the phrase "commercial chandlery" is more appropriate as they appear to support the local fishing trawlers."
    Ron Rogers

    Business's name is "Ace Marine and Rigging."  Their "primary" business is 1/2" and bigger wire rope and fittings for commercial fishing, workboats and dredges.  Manager is Mel Smith.  Business location is 600 Arundel Ave, MC, NC, 28557.  Contact number is (252) 726-6620, or (800) 622-7592.  Excellent stock of 316 SS connectors at the best prices I've seen anywhere; i.e., 5/8" 316 SS bolt 'n pin shackle for $25 bucks.  Also great prices on large boat cable in 2-0 and 4-0 sizes, Racor filters ($6 for the 500 size) and oil diapers.  They have excellent stock and pricing on bulk 3-strand nylon line for anchor rode and homebrew dock lines, and on chain.  It's also a full line ACE Hardware, complete with very large size tap and die in stock.  Call them if you know what you want, and Mel will ship.  He's a superb guy.  Ron is right!  It's a unique and amazing place!!!  By far the best on the east coast.
    No connection; just a very happy customer. 
    Peg and Jim Healy aboard Sanctuary,

  • Spooners Creek Marina (Statute Mile 210.5)

    The message below comes to us from Captain Keith Mackey, owner of CC Yacht Delivery (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, ). PLEASE patronize Captain Mackey’s service whenever possible.
    Spooners Creek Marina (252)  726-2060 - new condominiums, DEEP WATER SLIPS    Spooners Creek is my OLD home base on the North Carolina coastline. The facility is very different now than it was in the days when Bruce, Rene and John Fetzer manned the bastions here, but the new icarnation is very nice as well, and they are also a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR (! Spooners Creek’s entry channel lies off the southern flank of the AICW’s run through Bougue Sound, as short hop west of the Atlantic Beach high-rise bridge. See you there!

    I did a short little delivery trip on the ICW this past Sunday (1/24/09) from Morehead City to Wrightsville Beach.  I had my first opportunity to visit Spooners Creek Marina.  While I picked the boat up from a private residence back in Spooner?s Creek, I did have an opportunity to check out the marina before I departed.  This is a class “A” facility.  The entrance is deep and well marked.  The yacht basin is also very deep and the docks and facilities are new and top of the line.  While the marina is not on the main strip in Morehead City, it is a very reasonable walk (about a mile or so through the neighborhood) up to HWY 24 where the Super WalMart is located and an Outback Steakhouse is just another 2 or 3 blocks.  The marina is directly off the ICW and is well protected.
    I hope this is helpful.  With kind regards,
    Capt Keith

    Click Here For More Information On Spooners Creek Marina

  • Wintering Aboard on the NC Coastline

    Wow, check out the attached photo. I bet Bob and Becky wish they were in Florida at this point!

    Hi Claiborne:
    Bob & Becky Webster on SUNCATCHER. This is @ Sea Gate Marina Chipped ice for 2 days finally put table salt on the deck etc. so we did not get hurt coming off our boat. Thank you for your great web site. I still keep passing it along.

  • New B&B In Elizabeth City, NC

    Sounds like a great place for those who want to rest ashore, with solid ground under their feet, for a night or two!

    We opened the newest B&B in Elizabeth City (NC), the Grice-Fearing House Bed and Breakfast, in the oldest house in the City, ca. 1798.  Our website is: and we are located at:
    200 South Road Street
    Elizabeth City, NC  27909
    We are just five blocks from the waterfront, convenient to boaters.  We offer the only B&B in Elizabeth City with suites and jacuzzis. 
    We would appreciate your listing us in your accommodations section.
    Thanks!  Georgene and Vidal Falcon, Innkeepers
    Grice-Fearing House B&B
  • Why We Cruise

    Captain Scott Bulger has graciously allowed me to copy his note below from the T&T (Trawlers and Trawlering) list. His thoughts are truly one of the reasons that many of us are so hooked on the cruisng life!

    As I sit in Ft. Lauderdale waiting for Alanui to ship to Seattle I'm caught up reflecting on what a wonderful voyage it's been.  Without a doubt the most rewarding part of the journey has been the people you meet along the way.  From the other Nordhavn and trawler owners to the crew on various sailboats along the way, we have met some of the most amazing people in our lives. 
    I'm particularly in awe of those young families that choose to take their children on these adventures.  One family we met along the way is the Besemers.  David, Kathryn and Alya are telling their story on the internet via blogs and video. is the url where you can follow along.  I'm only mentioning this because so many on the list are considering these voyages and I can't think of a better way to see what it's like then through the eyes of a 12 year old.
    Anyway, to all of those we have met along the way, please accept our wishes for a joyous and safe 2009.
    Scott and Marian Bulger

  • Memorial Waterways

    What a WONDERFUL idea!

    Subject: Memorial Waterways?
    Cruising News: Good Morning, Claiborne
    After arriving safely in Vero Beach for the winter, thanks to your books, cruisernet, and weather underground, I rode the Greyhound back up to Belhaven to retrieve a car for use while we\'re here. I spent a lot of time on I-95, a large portion of which is named the Purple Heart Memorial Highway. I know that many of the bridges on the ICW are named in honor of someone (George Munson) or something (Memorial Bridge). As I was driving on I-95 I wondered if anyone had ever tried to get portions of the ICW named and signed as Memorial Waterways? I also knew that if anyone knew about it, it would be you. As someone whose son has made the ultimate sacrifice and has posthumously been awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and others, it would be most meaningful and gratifying to cruise the AICW with the addition of signage indicating the nation\'s honor and respect for those who kept us free. I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject of Memorial Waterways.
    Dave Friedrich

    Subject: Memorial Waterways
    Cruising News: As a veteran of 24 years military service I fully support this idea.  As a veteran of commuting for several years on sections of the Blue Star Memorial Highway in the DC area, I don't think we can stand for the waterways to be that dangerous/neglected.
    Chris Wain

  • Changes to Columbia, NC (Scuppernong River) Town Docks

    The charming, historic river town of Columbia, NC, sits on the banks of beautiful Scuppernong River. This stream, in turn, flows into the southern shores of Albemarle Sound, well west of the AICW’s crossing of this often rough body of water.
    Just received a note from Captain Ray Smith, which provided a link to a scanned newspaper article concerning changes to the Columbia town dock regulations. This scan is not really in a form easily displyed here on the Cruisers’ Net, so I’m going to summarize.
    Effective immediately, the first three nights at the Columbia town docks are free. Thereafter, a charge of $1.00 per foot, per night, will be levied. Free nights can only occur within the span of a single week. In other words, you can’t leave the town docks for one night, come back, and expect three more free nights.
    There is also a charge (as has been true all along) for waste pump-out!
    Hope everyone finds this helpful!

    Click Here For More Information On The Columbia Town Docks

  • Additional Dockage Space in Elizabeth City (Statute Mile 50.5)

    Click to learn more about our Little Loop programAs I said in the introductory remarks concerning another message I posted earleir today, “you learn something new on the Cruisers’ Net everyday.”
    I have met Elizabeth City’ s Mayor, Steve Atkinson, and I can tell you without any fear of spreading an inaccuracy, that he is SERIOUS about attracting the cruising community.  The messages below cite but one example, and another is that Elizabeth City is now a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    If you are looking for dock space in Elizabeth City and all the “in town places” are taken, for the price of signing a waiver you can dock North of the bridge on the West side next to the Jennette Bros Provision Co. building. Say hello to Eric the bridge tender.

    When we passed through Elizabeth City last summer, the docking looked a little tight for us and we were going to just anchor. But, “some guy” waved us over to the area just about 50 yards south of the free city docks and helped us tie up. I was a little concerned since the bulkhead had a sign “no docking”, but since the “some guy” turned out to be the mayor, we were all smiles. How many places do you know in which the town’s mayor grabs a line for visiting boats???

    We had the same experience in early Oct when pulling in late, about 1700, at Elizabeth City. The guy ran across the park and waved us in to where the tour boat used to dock. The pilings were a little treacherous, but we managed to tie and enjoy the evening. Our two dogs enjoyed the park as well as ourselves. The mayor is Steve Atkinson and he was heading to the Annapolis sailboat show the next day, so I gave him my card so he could use the Annapolis Yacht Club. A very nice fellow and a credit to the city.
    Bob and Claudia

    Click Here For More Information On The Mariner’s Wharf – Elizabeth City Docks

  • A Vist to Manteo and the NC Outer Banks

    Manteo Waterfront Marina is now run by the Town of Manteo.  It boasts 53 slips that can accommodate boats up to 140 feet.  The marina is situated right next to  historic downtown Manteo on a boardwalkI could not agree with Captains Susan and John more. Manteo is a great spot from which cruisers can explore the NC Outer Banks. Ditto for Manteo Waterfront Marina, and let me not fail to mention that these good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    John and I have just completed our visit to the Outer Banks, NC (after leaving Coinjock) and found it to be very interesting and well worth the stop.? We based our visit in Manteo, on Roanoke Island at the Manteo Waterfront Marina where Carl Jordan is the dockmaster (252-473-3320.)? This is very centrally located and many restaurants (our favorite, Full Moon Cafe, was right across the street) and shops were close by. We rented a car from local Ford Dealer R D Sawyer which picked us up and delivered us back to the marina–a la Enterprise.? (Enterprise is located ‘out on the island about 30 minutes away’.)?
    We drove out on the Island to Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Hatteras and saw most of the sites including the Wright Brothers Memorial. I would recommend this stop which is a little off the beaten ICW track.? From Hatteras we crossed the Pamlico Sound and Neuse River to join back with the ICW and ended this part of the journey in Beaufort, NC.
    Heading south–
    Susan and John Hauge and Lily
    on “La Garza Verde”

    We agree but make Ocracoke a stop going north to Manteo.  Do not miss the Ocrafolk Opry and if you see the movie, “Nights in Rodanthe” you will hear these folks sing.
    First & Ten anchored in the Little Aligator River heading back south

    Click Here For More Information On Manteo Waterfront Marina

  • Another Great Report On River Dunes Marina (Statute Mile 173.5)

    It's getting to be almost a weekly occurrence to post a laudatory message about River Dunes Marina. This is truly a wonderful facility, and they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR!

    We stopped briefly at Riverdune a development near Oriental NC off the ICW at Broad Creek They are offering to have transients stop and visit at a rate of $1/ft. They have a wonderful clubhouse, deck and pool available for use. They also have a courtesy car for trips to Oriental. The harbor is extremely well sheltered from any storm. It is like a high end yacht club.
    Prices may be higher in season.
    This is a good alternative to Oriental harbor for boats on the ICW.
    Greg and Susan Han
    Allegria — Krogen Whaleback

  • Columbia, NC (Scuppernong River. off southern Albemarle Sound)

    The Scuppernong River, on which the old, river town of Columbia is located, so impressed earlery European settlers on the North Carolina coastline, that they named it “Hearts Delight.” It remains pretty much the same today. I heartily recommend a trip off the AICW to the Scuppernong and Columbia.

    Subject: Coluimbia, NC
    Message: To those cruising Albemarle Sound, Columbia, NC on the beautiful Scuppernong River, is a great stop.  The Town has recently opened a first class reatroom/shower facility right next to the free Town dock.  There is a fine hardware store about a block from the dock, which is at the foot of the main street.  There is also a pharmacy and small department store. The Town’s
    museum, in an old theater, is great. There is about 8 feet of water at the Town dock, and potable water is on the dock.  We heartily recommend this pleasant and charming Town.
    Norman and Betsy Mason,
    MV “Peggy Sue”

    Click Here For More Information On the Columbia Town Docks

  • New Facility (Galley Stores Marina) In New Bern, NC

    I know that the addition of Galley Stores Marina at Skipjack Landing will be a GREAT addition to the cruising scene in New Bern, North Carolina. And, not just because this facility is our newest SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! I mean, after all, when is the last time you heard of a marina that “specializes” in transients vessels. Refreshing isn’t it!
    Galley Stores is located on the Neuse River side of New Bern, just upstream from the Comfort Inn. Old timers like this fellow, will remember this spot as where the now destructed Holiday Inn used to reside.
    Please stop in and welcome Mark and his fine staff to the North Caroliina cruising scene. And, don’t forget to thank him for his support of the cruising community through his sponsorship of the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net.

    Welcome to Galley Stores and Marina at Skipjack Landing, New Bern, NC. Located on the Neuse River in downtown New Bern, (GPS: 35*06’23″N 70*02’03″W) we Specialize in the transient boater. Skipjack Landing offers the Galley Store which is a full gourmet market, Marina and coming in the spring an upscale seafood restaurant.
    The store offers full provisioning with a full line of meats, groceries, produce, organic foods, seafood and a wide selection of beverages etc. Our staff includes and grocerer of 30 years in Gwen and our own executive chef in Chef Dawn, to offer helpful suggestions from our gourmet lines. ( additionally you can order on the web.
    Our marina is a full service facility with 30 slips open for transient travelers. We specialize in the boater moving from other areas and welcome any one looking for a short term stay, 6 months or less, needing to move their boat. The marina offers a pump out, up to 100amp service and slips ranging from 45 to 100 plus feet. Water depth ranges from 8 to 12 feet at normal tides. New Bern is a great place to leave your boat. Home of Hatteras Yachts, we offer a regional air port, many tourist attractions and civic activities. Additionally we offer a 400 foot day dock surrounding a restaurant to open soon. The day dock houses our fuel pumps which has high speed diesel and gas and is less then 100 feet from the channel. Volume discounts are offered. Our dock masters office is located in the tower over looking the marina and can watch for your arrival as you come up the Neuse. The view is more then five miles down the river.
    For more information please contact us at (252) 633-4648, or go on our website at We monitor channel 16 and look forward to hearing from you.

    Click Here For More Information On Galley Stores Marina

  • Watermans Restaurant – Edenton, NC

    I agree wholeheartedly with Greg and Susan. Watermans is a very good place to satisfy a healthy appetite, and it's within easy walking distance of the Edenton City Docks!

    We are looking forward to dinner at the Waterrman restaurant in Edenton and seeing friends there.  The special appetizer at Waterman is broccoli. I have never seen a dish offered like this. It does have a sauce but just the fresh vegetable is spectacular.
    Greg and Susan Han
    Allegria — Krogen Whaleback

  • Mackeys Marina and Crab Shack (Mackeys Creek, Off Southern Albemarle Sound)

    Mackeys Marina is  located on the South shore of the Albemarle Sound opposite Edenton. We offer full boatyard services, marine store and a Crab Bar & Grille.We had an earlier posting here on the Net’s “North Carolina” section about the WONDERFUL Mackeys Crab Grill and Marina on Mackeys Creek. This twin facility lies off the southern shores of Albemarle Sound, between the Roanoke and Scuppernong Rivers, on protected Mackeys Creek (also known as Kendrick Creek). Take my word for it, the food is WONDERFUL!!!

    For an off-the-beaten-path trip up the Albemarle, try Mackey’s Marina on  the south side [of Albemarle Sound] (252-793-5031) (  Joanne and Henry run it.  They have a great bar/seafood restaurant now  (local crabs) and transient slips.  Deep enough water if you stay in  the channel.  Very protected.  Good tackle shop.  Fuel.   Boat lift.  It’s a working crabbers dock, so be prepared for working boats,  not pristine cruisers.  Bald eagles nest up the creek and ospreys all over  – pretty spot if you like rustic.
    No connection, just a displaced local boy. 

    Click Here For More Information On Mackeys Marina and Crab Shack

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