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  • Cruisers Net Welcomes Aboard Larry Dorminy

    The Salty Southeast Cruisers Net would like to welcome aboard Larry Dorminy as our new regional editor for the North and South Carolina coasts.

    After more than thirty years of cruising the Chesapeake in a variety of sail and power vessels, Larry and his wife Dona Jean have retired from teaching, sold their house and moved aboard their Marine Trader 50, Amilado, as full-time cruisers. Larry is a licensed USCG Captain, MTOA Port Captain for Charleston, SC, member of the Charleston USPS, associate broker with Intracoastal Yacht Sales and proud to be a regional editor of SSECN. Having visited Charleston on each of their three times down and back in the Ditch from the Chesapeake to Florida, Larry and Dona Jean have chosen Charleston as their homeport and love it.
    Please join with us in welcoming Larry as the Salty Southeast’s first regional editor. You can communicate directly with Larry at Send him a “Welcome Aboard” note if you have the chance.

  • AICW/Little Mud River Near Grounding – Late April, 2010

    I shuddered a bit as I read Captain Litchield’s message below. It’s a good thing he was able to keep up his speed and “plow through.” The Little Mud River section of the Waterway is truly out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even want to think what it would cost to get a tow here.
    And, once again, we see that Little Mud River is the #1 problem stretch of the Waterway, for the entire run between Norfolk, VA and Miami, FL. There is no magic bullet here. Time your passage for HIGH water! Good luck!

    On 4/23 we arrived at the southern entrance at 2 hours before MLW. Foolishly we decided to attempt a run through. We almost made it all the way to marker 190 when we began hitting soft mud. I revved up the engine to keep our speed from slowing and plowed through. I saw the depth meter reading 3.9′ but my wife says she saw it read 3.1′. Fortunately we had enough speed to `plow’ through. As we popped out of the mud, the depth meter display suddenly jumped to 4.5′, 4.9′ and then slowly climbed to 7′. Whew!! We made it but I won’t do that again. BTW we draw 4.5′.
    Dik Litchield

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Section” Listing For Little Mud River

  • Wi-Fi Antennae Easy Announces Rebate for System Purchasers Who Bring New Customers Aboard

    Access the Internet from over 5 miles from shore!  Operates on 12 volts; perfect for boats. We can not guarantee access to the internet, however, WIFI Antenna Easy does ensure you will see available transmitters.  To access the internet there must be an open transmitter. Wi-Fi Antennae Easy is, in our collective opinion here at the Cruisers’ Net, the BEST option for mariners cruising coastal waters, and seeking reliable, long-range Wi-Fi access. With one of their systems in place, particularly their “AS-2” system, it’s absolutely amazing how far away you can pick up a reliable/usable Wi-Fi signal. And, of course, Wi-Fi Easy is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!
    Now, as you will see below, these good people are announcing a rebate offer for those who purchase a system, and then successfully refer new customers to Wi-Fi Antennae Easy. What a deal!

    We wish to offer a $10 refund for referrals.
    “After you have purchased a system, successfully refer the buyer of a system to us, and we will send you a check for $10! We also continue to include Free Routers in selected Antenna Packages.”
    Thank you.

  • Welcome aboard, The Marina at Factory Bay

    The Marina at Factory Bay - Your Gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. No Bridges - Deep Water - Fast Gulf Access. Located only minutes to the Gulf of Mexico, right of the Marco River, The Marina at Factory Bay offers some of the finest first-class facilities of any marina in the area. Direct gulf access with no bridges, floating docks, a clubhouse with lounge, laundry, and showers, and some of the deepest water around, make it the idea place for a transient stopover whether you are power or sail. And if you are looking for that special full-time place to keep your baby, Factory Bay offers slip leasing and sales. The Marina at Factory Bay – Your Gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. No Bridges – Deep Water – Fast Gulf Access. You’ve heard the saying “I’d rather be boating”. Well, when it comes to marinas in Southwest Florida, it’s normal to hear “I’d rather be at Factory Bay.” Located only minutes to the Gulf of Mexico, right of the Marco River, The Marina at Factory Bay offers some of the finest first-class facilities of any marina in the area. Direct gulf access with no bridges, floating docks, a clubhouse with lounge, laundry, and showers, and some of the deepest water around, make it the idea place for a transient stopover whether you are power or sail. And if you are looking for that special full-time place to keep your baby, Factory Bay offers slip leasing and sales.

    If you get a little tired of listening to the fish jumping or watching the dolphins right from your boat, you’re just a minute from some of Marco Islands’ best restaurants. In addition, Factory Bay is convenient to local shopping, grocery stores, and six miles of beaches. World-renowned Naples is only 20 minutes away. Come join us, at the end of the day, you won’t want to go home!

  • Martins Marina

    Roland Martin Marina - Fishing Resort & Guided Fishing Trips We continuously strived to make our service and resort better for you. Our Lake Okeechobee bass guides continue to set industry standards, our resort accommodations are the best on the lake and you will never find a fishing destination like ours.

    Roland Martin Marina – Fishing Resort & Guided Fishing Trips. Since 1981 Roland Martin Marina and Resort has been family owned and operated and has been the # 1 Florida bass fishing location in the world. Lake Okeechobee is the most famous Big bass lake in the country and for many years, it has produced the best largemouth bass, blue gill and speck fishing in the world.

    Since opening their doors they have helped thousands of anglers catch there “bass of lifetime”, and  have been featured on many different Bass fishing TV  shows and in fishing magazine articles. Roland Martin Marina and Resort continuously strives to make their service and resort better for you. Their Lake Okeechobee bass guides continue to set industry standards, and their resort accommodations are the best on the lake.

  • Isle of Palms Bridge Sometimes Has Less Than Charted 65-foot Clearance (Statute Mile 459)

    Hmmm, the clearance at this bridge could be a problem at times for sailcraft skippers piloting vessels with particularly tall masts. Read on!

    Subject: Isle of Palms fixed bridge clerance
    Cruising News: Be advised that the Isle of Palms fixed bridge at SM 458.9 had, according to the height guage, only 63 feet clearance at the morning high tide March 30 (full moon) and that was not the highest of the two high tides that day. We need 64 and waited for 65 by the guage. We did not test it for accuracy! Judging by the marking board scunge line, the 65 foot mark is often under water, rather than being only occasionally covered under exceptional tide and surge. All you tall rigs beware
    John and Joan

  • GREAT List of “Friendly” Mooring Places

    Captain Jim Quince has done the cruising community a HUGE favor by putting together a list of “Friendly Mooring Places,” which are usually, but not always, free. Of course, Captain Jim’s list goes beyond the Southeastern USA waters we deal with here on the Cruisers’ Net, but there’s plenty of info here concerning “friendly” places from North Carolina to New Orleans.

    The list of free docks, etc. is now the Friendly Moorings List online at :

    Thanks to all of you that have provided input to the list. It has been updated almost daily since I first posted it and has had many additions and revisions. If I already have sent you a copy of the list, I suggest you delete that list as an out of date list and use this one. You can cut and paste it into a new document if you prefer….no strings attached!
    I will continue to add to the list as new information is provided and as we are lucky enough to visit many more places on the list. Please do send any information you think is valuable to other cruisers. I am also including good value stops with relatively low costs like some FL State Parks and Mooring Fields. (Note that we rarely eat at restaurants due to Vaughn’s food allergies. If you know of restaurants with dock space, tell me so I can include them too.)
    This Friendly Mooring List will hopefully be a good outcome from the change of status for the Venice “free” (overnight) dock!!
    Thanks, Jim

  • Wharf Landing Marina Now Open – Lies off the southern mouth of Chowan River, at the southeastern foot of the Edenhouse Bridge

    90 Luxury Condominiums · 100 Private Boat Slips · Full Service Marina · Protected Harbor · Convenient to the Intracoastal. 800-783-8289A brand, new facility, Wharf Landing Marina has recently opened on the waters of Albemarle Sound, and the Chowan River, just west and a bit north of Edenton. The harbor will be found a short hop south of the fixed, high-rise Chowan River – Edenhouse – Highway 17 bridge, along the easterly banks.
    And, Wharf Landing Marina is our newest SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! Please patronize Wharf’s Landing whenever possible, and don’t forget to tell the marina personnel that you appreciate their support of the cruising community, by way of their support for the Salty Southeast Cruisers” Net!
    And, note Captain Jeff’s special weekend getaway deal for boating and yacht clubs!

    Come visit Historic Edenton’s newest full service, deep water marina and waterfront restaurant. Wharf Landing is a short 10 minute boat ride from Edenton’s downtown docks located at the foot of the Chowan River bridge. Wharf Landing Marina offers 90 deep water boat slips with shower and bath facilities. Gas and diesel is available on site. Our waterfront restaurant, Mac’s Backdoor Oyster Bar and Grill is an easy walk from marina. Located directly on the waterfront Mac’s offers exceptional views of the Albemarle Sound and Chowan River. A full menu with nightly specials and oyster bar Mac’s offers something for everyone.
    Boaters and yacht clubs schedule a weekend getaway with us. Reserve our extra large pier, including cooking equipment, tables, chairs, umbrellas for an incredible sunset social.
    Package deals are available. Call for info.
    Check us out at and We look forward to seeing you!!
    Jeff Powell
    Wharf Landing Sales

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Wharf Landing Marina


    The two messages below from Captain Faughn are very good news indeed. Heretofore,  the city of Fort Lauderdale has consistently ignored Florida state law in regards to anchoring. Now, at least for the moment, they are complying. HOWEVER, there is a new threat to Florida anchoring rights on which we will shortly report!

    Subject: Ft. Lauderdale Anchoring
    Cruising News: Claiborne,
    We are currently anchored, and having a great time anchored in Sunset Lake in Miami Beach. We will be heading up to Ft. Lauderdale in a couple of days. So, I read with great interest your postings about the problems and potential problems with anchoring in Ft. Lauderdale. Since this has been a great stop for us in the past, I called the Ft. Lauderdale Marine Division of the Police Department to ask what they are enforcing right now. The officer told me they are no longer enforcing the 24 hour anchoring rule and you may anchor in Ft. Lauderdale and use your tender to land at a dock, which allows you to do so, and enjoy the town and provision your boat. They are in compliance with the new Florida state law with regards to anchoring and cruising boats. To us this was great news since we do enjoy visiting one of if not the largest West Marine Stores and of course Blue Water books not to mention many of the other attractions. I believe this is new information for you. By the way, thanks for all of the info you have on your website.
    Jim Faughn
    S/V Freedom a Gemini 105M

    Cruising News: I emailed previously that I had called Ft. Lauderdale Marine Police and they said they were in compliance with FL State Law. I am currently anchored in Lake Sylvia along with 8 other boats and everything is just fine except for the rain and front passing. It appears this should go back on the list of places you can anchor.
    Capt. Jim Faughn

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