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    • Praise for Personally Yours and Seaside Gifts, Beaufort, NC, AICW Statute Mile 201

      Beaufort Municipal Docks - Click for Chartview

      Personally Yours and Seaside Gifts is located on the Beaufort municipal waterfront at 412 Front Street and their phone is 252-728-6461.

      I was in Beaufort NC just this past week from Norway and found a very small & inexpensive provisions store inside a gift store called Personally Yours Sea Side Gifts They had milk, eggs and fresh fruit along with a few other provisions items. They are right on the water across from the dock house. The Taylor Creek deli was closed at 7:00 pm and that was a bit upsetting. This shop was open and was very pleasant and what they did not have they got for us to our boat by the following morning at 5:00 am before we pulled to head up to Main. Very nice and personal. 4 stars, if they don’t have they will try to get it. Give them a try we will come back again and service there store Thank You for being on the water and delivering to our boat.
      Angie from Norway

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Beaufort Waterfront

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    • Good Words for Palm Island Marina, Western Florida ICW, Statute Mile 38

      Palm Island Marina - Click for Chartview

      Palm Island Marina is located near the southern foot of Lemon Bay, northwest of unlighted daybeacon #7.

      Excellent overnight stop! Very clean facility and modern, clean bath house. great pool and Leverock’s restaurant is wonderful. Capt Tim Lynch (general mgr) and his crew are fantastic!
      The Kellys

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      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Palm Island Marina

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    • A Good Experience at North Palm Beach Marina, AICW Statute Mile 1014

      North Palm Beach Marina - Click for Chartview

      North Palm Beach MarinaNorth Palm Beach Marina – A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! – lies on the southwestern banks of the ICW shortly after you pass under the restricted North Palm Beach/Parker bridge.
      Last weekend, we received a report from Captain Young that she had been overcharged for overnight dockage at North Palm Beach Marina. We passed these comments along to the management here, and within 24 hours, they were in touch with Captain Claudia, and a refund had been issued. Now, that’s what I call GOOD customer service.
      Mistakes can and do happen to all of us (I made a mistake just last year). The real mark of a quality operation is how well and how swiftly oversights are handled when they do happen. North Palm Beach Marina has passed that test with proverbial flying colors in our book!

      Spent the night on 3/13/13. Good place to stop for transients. They had some computer issues and the final bill turned out to be wrong. We were slightly overcharged. Chris, the marina manager got in touch with us the day after and refunded the difference. We will be back.
      Claudia Young

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      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of North Palm Beach Marina

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    • Good Rates at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, AICW Statute Mile 346

      Myrtle Beach Yacht Club is unmatched for its Lowcountry charm and gracious hospitality.

      Myrtle Beach Yacht Club Marina - Click for Chartview

      Myrtle Beach Yacht Club on Coquina Harbor has been a great stopping place and a friend to cruisers for years and low dockage rates are certainly good news for the spring migration!. Naturally, they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

      Cruising News:
      Just a friendly reminder that Myrtle Beach Yacht Club in Little River,SC has remained at $1.25 per foot regular and $1.00 per foot for Boat US members. Come see us and save some $$. Happy Boating!
      Bud Coonfield

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      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Myrtle Beach Yacht Club

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    • Good Times at Fort McAllister Marina (on the Ogeechee River, Near AICW Statute Mile 603.5)

      Fort McAllister Marina on Georgia's Ogeechee River></a><br style=Here’s a great recommendation for SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Fort McAllister Marina. Now that new owners Butch and Sherri, have taken over, and done a good job of marking the channel from the AICW to the marina dockage basin, there’s every reason to take a delightful cruise up the Ogeechee River to this excellent marina.
      I might also add, echoing Captain Warlick’s remarks below, that the revitalized, on-site restaurant is a real hit with the locals, a sure sign of GOOD food!

      If you are cruising up the Georgia coast nearing Savannah, Marian and I recommend Historic Fort McAllister Park It is 5 miles up the Ogeechee river from the ICW.
      You can dock at Fort McAllister Marina (and walk less than a mile to the Park. The owners are Butch & Sherri Broome. They also own the best seafood restaurant on the Georgia coast, Fish Tales, at the marina. Ask Butch if you can use their golf cart to ride to the Park. Our boat is docked at Fort McAllister so if you decide to stop tell Butch or Sherri that Marian & Mike Warlick sent you their way.
      Michael Warlick

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      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Fort McAllister Marina

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    • Dining Recommendations from Mariner’s Cay Marina/Manatee Pocket, Near Stuart, Florida and AICW Statute Mile 988

      Mariner's Cay Marina - Click for Chartview

      Mariner’s Cay Marina is located on the western shores of Manatee Pocket, near its northerly entrance. The recently dredged entrance to the pocket itself lies just west of the AICW/Okeechobee Waterway/St. Lucie River/St. Lucie Inlet intersection, known locally as “the crossroads.”
      In addition to Mariner’s Cay (see below), there are a host of of other marinas and repair facilities along the shores of Manatee Pocket. Captain DeFoor gives some GOOD ideas below about shoreside dining attractions, within walking distance of all the pocket marinas.

      Unfortunately, Finz Restaurant has closed. We miss their great pear salad with the home made vanilla bean dressing. There is a new restaurant there now (can’t remember the name). Also about a block away is the [King] Neptune (772-287-9630) which has great food but small (a local hangout for sure). Try their grouper Rubin. Across the street from there on the Pocket inlet is Manatee Island [Bar and Grill (772-872-7176). Have had good food there also. Down the street (A1A) to the left is the Whistle Stop (772-220-1020). Very good food. I personally suggest the Philly CheeseSteak.
      Fred DeFoor

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      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Mariner’s Cay Marina

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    • Great Dry Tortugas Photo Album

      Photo by Captain John Boone

      In response to the March 12 “Photo of the Week” here on the SSECN (see /?p=108282), Captain John Boone sent us the note below, and, most importantly, a link to his really superb photo album of a recent visit to the Dry Tortugas. If any of you are contemplating the (approx.) 70 nautical mile cruise from Key West to Garden Key and Fort Jefferson (or any of the other Dry Tortugas isles), then take a look at these images. They may whet your appetite, or help you decide the other way around.

      I came up on deck there one December morning in 2007 to get underway and came face to face with your a similar sight.
      We went back below and had another cup of coffee!

      Great shot, thanks for sharing’¦.
      John Boone

      Good evening Claiborne,
      Thank you for your kind words and posting of the link to my Tortugas album. What a great place to sail to and spend some time.
      I created that photo album in conjunction with a write-up I did on the Anything-Sailing forum, , as we were trying to build content for that site when it was new.
      Here is a link to that write-up if you are interested.
      Feel free to use any of the photos in the album. I’m honored to be included on your forum.
      Best Regards,
      John Boone

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    • Miami Marine Mechanic Recommended

      I’ve often said, but it’s worth repeating, recommendations by fellow cruisers of good service personnel, are worth their weight in GOLD. Here is a good one for the greater Miami region.

      Early on we crossed paths with Ivy and Bob Neubauer on Karma. They are just about done and on the last leg to crossing their wake in Cocoanut Grove, Miami, FL. Very nice and friendly people. Bob has come to our assistance a number of times with mechanical issues that were scary puzzlements to we rusty boaters and novice loopers. Bob is an expert boat mechanic with a very wide range of talents – engine,
      transmission, electrical, electronic, water, leaks, unidentifiable things, etc. Also, he is neat and leaves behind a clean boat. He runs a marine service and salvage company in Miami called Odd Job Marine (305 331 1670).
      One of his specialties is refitting large boats but he works for we small boat types also. We recommend him highly and will be getting a list of work done by him in Miami when we get there in a couple of weeks or whenever – depending on the weather.
      Marcia and Russ Barron
      Paper Moon
      Grand Banks 42 MY

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    • Steep 275% to 1025% North Carolina Boat Fee Registration Increases Proposed

      This important Action Alert concerning all recreational boat owners in North Carolina was issued to North Carolina BoatUS members this week. To contact your NC legislator, click on the link below.

      March 8, 2013
      Dear North Carolina BoatU.S. Member:

      The North Carolina General Assembly is considering legislation that would significantly increase registration fees on recreational boats to raise revenue for coastal dredging projects. BoatU.S. is dedicated to preserving access to waterways but S.B. 58 places an unfair financial burden on recreational boaters while ignoring the responsibility of commercial fishing boats and for-hire charter fishing and headboats.

      S.B. 58 will now go to the Senate Finance Committee and could be heard as early as Tuesday, March 12. Please contact your State Senator today and respectfully urge them to vote `No’ on S.B. 58.

      Here’s why:

      ‘¢Boaters who solely boat on the state’s lakes and rivers will be paying for projects they will never use.
      ‘¢The fee for a 20ft boat would jump 275% for a 3-year registration. For a 40ft boat, a 3-year registration will skyrocket 1025%!
      ‘¢SB 58 would make the Tarheel State the most expensive state in which to register a boat of its coastal border states.
      Please let your State Senator know that you oppose S.B. 58 as drafted and ask them to consider a more reasonable way to pay for dredging North Carolina’s coastal inlets and essential waterways.

      To take action, click here:

      Sincerely Yours,
      Margaret B. Podlich
      President, BoatU.S
      703-461-2878 x3201

      Great issue. I live in MI but am finally going to make it to the coast this spring. Did some research on the NC tax issue. Couple items left out. Documented boats do not have to be registered. And the current cost of registration is dirt cheap compared to most other states, at least Great Lakes states. In NC my vessel would be 40 for 3 years. In MI it is 244.
      I don’t want to see any government raise taxes. But NC will still be cheap relatively speaking.

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    • Report from Islamorada Anchorage, Inside Route Statute Mile 1160, Upper Matecumbe Key.

      Islamorada Anchorage - Click for Chartview

      Islamorada Anchorage is found in Barley Basin on the northwest side of Upper Matecumbe Key, north of Little Basin and southeast of marker #86. Lor-e-li Restaurant, Cabana Bar and Marina lies within dinghy distance, southeast of the anchorage on Upper Matecumbe Key.

      Anchored in the Southwestern part of Barley basin in light winds. Good holding and more than adequate depth for 5′ sailboat draft. Took 10 minute dinghy ride into Lor-e-li restaurant dock which was the quintessential beach restaurant/bar experience. Good food and service. Crowded at sunset. Live music on a Tuesday evening. Many more land patrons than boat patrons. All in all a very good experience.

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      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Islamorada Anchorage

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