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Archive For: –LNTM Northern Gulf News

  • Announcement: Northern Gulf Local Notice to Mariners Extracts

    Below you will discover extracts the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net has copied from the Local Notice to Mariners, that concern the waters of the Northern Gulf from Carrabelle, Florida to New Orleans. The choice of what to extract is based on our appraisal of news that is of primary interest to the cruising community, and should not in any way be considered a comprehensive relisting of all the information that is available in the Local Notice to Mariners’ various editions.
    Also, please note that LNTM extracts are listed below in chronological order, based on publishing date.

  • Depth Restrictions in Northern Gulf ICW between Panama City and Choctawhatchee Bay (Statute Mile 263)

    Dike at Mile 263

    Although very few cruising vessels will exceed these depth restrictions, caution in the shifting waters is mandated. For an earlier report on this same area, see

    FL – GIWW – MILE 254.0 – MILE 273.0, EHL – Obstructions Mudslide
    Due to severe weather, several mudslides have occurred on the GIWW between Mile 254.0 and Mile 273.0, EHL. These events have restricted and/or partially blocking the GIWW in these areas. At this time, the COTP Mobile has closed this area of the GIWW to all commercial traffic and has set a seven foot draft restriction for all other vessel traffic. The U.S. Coast Guard marked significant shoaling areas at Mile 257.0 and Mile 264.0 with a single green foam buoy with a quick flashing green light. All non-commercial vessels with a seven foot draft or less transiting the area are advised to utilize extreme caution, as shoaling conditions are subject to change. The Army Corps of Engineers is mobilizing a dredge to this waterway. Dredging operations will commence on or about Monday, May 5, 2014, and we anticipate the project to take approximately 2 weeks. For up-to-date information, mariners can contact the U.S. Coast Guard at (251) 441-5976. Chart 11385 LNM 18/14

    I passed this way yesterday. The dredges have left room to pass but I would say that anyone over 50′ might find it tight. Then again, the dredges move constantly.
    Randy Blake
    Black Tickle
    Endeavour TC36.

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Dike Collapse.

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